I’m not even quite sure bout that. Could be still 43 or 40. But rather 43.
Cause today I realized, that August 1st is a Sunday and I can pick up the keys for my room at workdays only.
Have to ask from TOAS again, but I’m likely to move there August 2nd.

Whatever…  Operation “Getting fit for Tampere’s good looking men” is in full swing! xD
I’m actually really proud of me!
Went for some jogging yesterday, walked to Tellu’s place today instead of going by car, went for some jogging again and walking with the dog. :D
PLUS – I’m eating quite much fruit and vegetables these days.
I noticed that I badly need my walking-trousers from Germany…
Because the pockets of my sweatpants fail to keep my iPod. x( And because real walking-trousers look better of course… XDD

I’m looking forward to tomorrow.
Firstly cause the weather seems to get better (shouldn’t write that probably, cause then it will rain all day xD)…
Secondly cause I really hope for the letter from TOAS to arrive tomorrow…
And last but not least… no, can’t tell yet. x) Juju knows. *pokes* And also some others do.
But yeah… for reasons I can’t write anything about it in public yet. xD
Maybe tomorrow… hopefully… xD

Now I’m going to feed the cat… it runs through my room “screaming”, as it knows quite well I’ll give it something…
Hell, that’s annoying. XD
Kill the cat.




  1. Sadako Said:

    Heheh! :D
    Good girl, good girl! :D

  2. Terry Said:

    In the end, curiosity always kills the cat. So don’t bother doing it yourself. ;)

  3. Aurelie Said:

    So you re coming soon to Tampere !! That ‘s great ! If you need help to move in I ll be around ;)

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