[40] and a ♥ for Mesut Özil x)

So Germany has won the football game against Ghana and I’m again just rolling my eyes about German fans…
If Germany loses (as seen in the game against Serbia) it’s not their fault, but the fault of the “stupid” other team, the referee or whoever.
If Germany wins (as seen today) they still haven’t played well enough.
Somehow strange…
And even if I was told, that I don’t have any clue bout football and should therefore not talk about it, still one thing: be on that field and play and shoot goals yourself, before you blame players for not kicking goals, when they had the chance.
No, I don’t just say that because Özil is my favourite player, but because I guess it’s physically and mentally much harder to be on that field, than sitting on the sofa watching the game from far away! MY opinion!
But well, as mentioned before, I have no clue, so enough bout that. xD

What more to tell?
13 days to go until my beloved Sofo comes to visit me.
Juju and the others told her the big surprise on Monday and it was obviously a success. :D
Great! :D

I went for some jogging again today and I was so motivated that I decided not to stop after about 12/15 minutes for some while, as I normally do.
No, I ran 30 minutes without stopping.
Almost collapsed but was quite proud of me afterwards.
Too bad my “beloved” *hands irony in plasticbags to everyone* former sports teacher Mrs. Boncol couldn’t see me.

Actually I should go to bed now, as I have to wake up about an hour earlier tomorrow to take Jitta to her speech therapy at 9.

Take care and have a nice Juhannus/Midsummer/Sommersonnenwende everyone, if I’m too lazy to write again before Saturday. =P


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