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It’s been a while again, but I’m SOO busy. =P

My Dad was here and we had the biggest festival EVER in Mäntyharju. Rantapuistorock. Or just Rock im Park, how I call it. XDDDD
Not much people there just like exspected.
Bands were ok, but I had other things in mind. xD

If you’re male, between 20 and 26, have chin-long, black hair with darkturquoise parts in it, wear make up, black nails, bondage trousers and a black hoodie with grey skulls on it, have been at Rantapuistorock in Mäntyharju and read this – COMMENT!!

Okay, one more senseless way of searching a guy of who I know like NOTHING done now. =P

Buuuut to come to more important things…
This blog is to tell about my new life in Tampere and things are slowly getting started.

I’ve been to IKEA on Sunday, bought dishes, lamps & bedding and some small stuff.
Yesterday I continued shopping at Tokmanni, cause Aurelie told me I will also need pots and all that other kitchen stuff. Sooo, that’s done, too.
Probably I still have to visit IKEA when I’m in Tampere.
Damn, I AM already there in a week.
Kinda weird feeling.
Somehow I look forward to, but sometimes it seems SO unreal and so far away that I can’t really look forward to.
Same with moving away from Mäntyharju.
I’m just not ABLE to imagine not living here anymore, not having the people around me and so on…
Therefore it doesn’t even feel so bad…
Just when I hardly try to get it in my mind and really think about it, I realize that it’s gonna be quite hard.
But well, some time left.

Today I was at the photographer to get the pics for my studentcard.
Just normal pics WITH smile, so I hope that the guys at Maistraatti don’t want to have pics AGAIN. Because they want those I’m-so-emo-my-life’s-so-bad-I-don’t-smile pics. *sigh*
We’ll see.
Then I found a goodbye present for the girls.
I was thinking about it quite long, had no idea.

Eventually I decided not to take Zhozho-pets (r they called like that? O.o) or littlestpetshop things, but bought a new version of this “Twister” game.
I guess the girls will have fun with that.
And I bought a funny question-answer game.
We have a similar and Jitta loves it. You just read the questions from the cards and someone else reads answers to them from other cards and it’s reeeeally funny.
And now that Inna slowly learns to read it’s fun for both of them. :)
Plus the new one is from moomins. it has the Moomin-bonus. :D

Today last finnish lesson. :/
I’m definitely gonna miss Tellu.
But hei, I’m coming back for visits! =)

Sooo… that’s all for now. =)
I’m continuing killing flies. v.v
They’re back, like last summer when I came.
Kill one, three new are coming.



No, not days, degrees.
At least about I guess.
Should be glad about it, since it was over 30 the last days. Horrible.
Our house is a sauna. :(

For some days next week they said it will be just around 20-25. I so hope for it.

Whatever, I guess you want me to tell about Thurday. Or don’t you? ;D
I don’t care.
Well, I won’t tell anything about the content of the video here, before it is released.
Maybe I’ll tell some of my closest friends in private, but just with knowing they won’t tell anyone!
And I guess it won’t take that long until the clip is released, so…
But I can tell you that it is going to be great! And not just because I am in it, no. I love the idea, it fits perfectly and is somehow… different. <3

The shooting was long, tiring, but great! :D
I didn’t expect that we would see the guys much, I rather thought that they’re doing they’re thing and we ours.
Well, I was wrong. :D We were practically the whole time “together” with the guys. At least we saw one of them all the time during breaks and so one and also the shooting parts were together either with all of them or just with Jussi.

Of course there were some quite annoying girls who were like squeeing whenever they saw one of the guys or tried to joke around with them all the time. *sigh*
But I met Anette, Tanja and Aino-Kaisa and we had lots of fun! :D Sooo… some new friends also! =D Yayyay.

My biggest fear turned out to be nonsense as there weren’t any problems with the language at all. I begin to trust my finnish. :D
Jussi was a little irritated. At least he watched me in the beginning some times, probably he remembered I’m German (and Germans are, as you know, annoying and dangerous – especially for Uniklubi! xD). And then he heard me speaking finnish. xD
Yep, Jussi, I’m not as stupid as I seem. And I was NOT annoying! Ha. xD
I saved the reputation of the Germans. At least of the not annoing Germans. XD Because unfortunately there are good reasons why so many people/bands in Finland are annoyed by German fans.
But enough of that.

The shooting took almost 13 hours and I was really done afterwards. But it was worth it.
Anette and me even got a little extra “role” in there. :D And two other girls also, of which one was Antti’s little sister. :D

All in all it was great!
Lots and lots of fun (“sun täytyy taistella vaaasssss-” “Was! Was? But Jussi, I didn’t even know you speak German!” and Janne standing on a box to seem taller XD – just to name two things), new friends as mentioned before, a great experience to see how much work is behind such a short clip.
Teemu shaked everyones hand to thank them afterwards. <3
And I met Jussi in the hall when I left, said bye and he seemed to be irritated, then got that I meant him and was like “Oh… yeah, bye! … And hey, thanks a lot!” <3

i SO can’t wait to see the results. .________. xD

By the way…
[16] days until moving to Tampere – whaaat?
[5] days until my Dad comes here
no, nothing else. XD


Didn’t write anything in quite a long time, I know.
Shame on me.

Well, Sofo was here, so I was busy with other things. =D
She came last Tuesday evening.
On Wednesday I forced her to come to Mikkeli to watch Eclipse with Arttu and Santtu.
She wasn’t amused as she hates Twilight, but I had to give the ticket to Arttu as an early birthday present, as he gave the ticket for New Moon to me as a present.
Whatever… I liked it. I still hate Pattinson, but Taylor Lautner – holy shit! <3 xD This guy is hooooot!!

On Thursday Uniklubi were playing in Lahti and as it’s quite near I wanted to go there with Sofo. Problem was – it was k-18 and Sofo’s birthday is on Friday. :/
Buuuuut… I wrote an email to the guy who’s arranging the festival and Tadaaaa – he said Sofo can get in on my and his responsibility.
Soooo, we went to see Uniklubi on Thursday. :D It was the first concert with the orchestra… well “orchestra” and it was so funny as they were wearing suits and stuff…. in Jussi’s case firered. Horrible. :D
But still. We met Kati there, which was great! <3
And Marko was asking Jussi to the fence after the gig… without red suit, but topless and in jeans, with Jussi-typical smile – me dieeees. :D:D

Yesterday we went to Tampere just to show the city to Sofo.
With 32 degrees in the shadows. OUCH.

Well, we came home and I was still busy with realizing, that I will MOVE to Tampere in 3 weeks… and then I got an email from the producer of Uniklubi’s new video, that I get to help there. WHAH.
And I had to call this guy – in finnish. v.v
But it went quite well. So, Thursday again to Tre. :D
I’m spending ages in my car these days, really. :D

And noooow, I’m off for a shower, as its not thaaat hot anymore.

Know that feeling?

Maybe you do.
Maybe not.

It’s hard to describe and not as “simple” as it sounds.

I always loved living in Finland, I never felt as a stranger.
I love the nature, the people and their mentality, the language, SPEAKING the language, just like… everything. Almost…

But today when I went to S-Market the strawberrys sold in front of the shop were laughing at me. And even I am still a bit scared of buying at such market stalls, because I have to TELL them what I want then, the wish for fresh strawberrys for breakfast was stronger. :D
So I went there to order some strawberries and even joked a little with the guy who was selling them – in finnish, like I never spoke any other language.

And that was when I began to realise and I mean like REALLY realise, that I don’t just love Finland, but that I BELONG here.
That being here is the right thing and that it would be wrong to be anywhere else.
That’s a really incredible feeling…
Therefore I’m so happy, that I CAN stay here, at least for the next 3,5 years… and we will see what comes after that.

Like I said, it’s hard to describe it exactly.
This “omg, I love it because it’s finnish and everything that has to do with Finland is holy”-thing is something I put behind me like one month after I arrvied here.
Finland is not better than any other country all in all, it’s just a country like any other – but it is the country I want to live in.

I’m still hoping for sharing my appartment in Tampere with finns, because there’s nothing I’m more sure about than that I want to speak Finnish when I live in Finland and therefore I need somebody to practise with me, because that’s the only way to go – like I told already to everyone who asked how I was able to learn the language “that fast”. :D

I also realised another thing…
…that I will fucking miss this little village in the middle of nowhere. :(
The silence, the nature, seeing someone you know, whenever you go somewhere.
And of course my family here, who have become an important part of my life and are (and hopefully will ever be) my second family. :)

But well, I’ll come back for visits quite often, that’s for sure. :)

And yeah… then I was in K-market, just about to leave the shop, when I heard the song they were just playing “Hei, isn’t that Aikasi on nyt?” – yes it was, but I can’t stand around inside the shop for the whole song… would look stupid somehow. xD

[3] days until Sofo’s coming here.
[19] days until my Dad’s coming here.
[30] days until moving to Tampere.
[2] hours until watching the Germany-Argentina game with my Dad & co. via webcam. =P

I hope for Germany to win – but I’m pessimistic.
And I will again laugh if they lose, because it’s hilarious how all are “soooooo sure” they’re gonna win.
Will laugh also if they win – mostly at Marko. =P

[still 31]

I’m SO random.
No, there’s nothing new to tell, but Nora just told me how to connect wordpress with Facebook and I have to test if it really works. ^.^

And then I’m going tooooooo – right! Watch The Tribe.
I switched to watching in English now.
The original voices of the actors/actresses are much better and I like this kind of New Zealand “slang” in their English. :DD Can just help me to improve my English in another way.
PLUS I guess there are all (or at least more) seasons on YouTube. ^-^


Holy crap, there it starts. xD
I begin not to write anything in here anymore.

Probably I was too busy with watching The Tribe the last days. :D
My favorite programme as a child and now it’s on YouTube. Win!!

Well, today it’s still exactly 1 month until I move to Tampere. :) I so caaan’t wait, even if I’m gonna miss “my” family here damn much. :(
But still, it’s TAMPERE! =)

Not much happened the last days.
Juhannus was great by the way. ;)
Kukka is on holiday now, so I have more time off. When they were in Helsinki from Monday till Wednesday I checked out how it feels to sleep until 1 o’clock. :DD
Haven’t had that in quite a while.
Didn’t do much… some swimming and football playing with Arttu, Santeri and Sami.
It was really, really great. There are not much possibilities for me to do something with people who are my age, since Karmen left. :S
So I enjoyed the time with the guys quite much.
I like them a lot, it’s sooo fun to be with them! =)
We should do that more often.
Probably we’re going to Mikkeli with Arttu and Santtu to watch Eclipse next Wednesday. Sofo is forced to come with us without liking it at all. :D
But I have to go with Arttu, cause he gets the ticket as a birthday present from me, like I got the one for New Moon from him. :)
But I’m quite sure also Sofo will have fun! :D
Just FOUR days to go until she comes here by the way. =D YYAAYY!

Buuuut, to come to the most important thing –
Uniklubi’s new single “Aikasi On Nyt” was played on the radio for the first time yesterday morning. Of course I had to get up to listen to it and record it. :DDD
I decided to be as critical as possible, as I am soooo annoyed by those people who just immediately LOVE everything new done by their favorite band, just because it is by their favorite band!
But honestly – the song is great!
First impression was way better then the one of “Polje”, the first song of their last album.
It’s different… but it’s great.
I fought quite hard trying to translate it, as there weren’t even any finnish lyrics at first and Jussi’s mumbling awfully! >.>
Thank god there were lyrics as well as an English translation soon on the official forum.
However I decided to translate it on my own, just to show myself that I’m able to. And guess what – I AM!
I was told so by some finns and also the English translation on the forum had the same sense. :D YAY.

I’ve been at Pauliina’s with Jitta, Inna and Kukkas godchild Fiia, because it was Alisa’s birthday and Kukka and Tomi were in Heinola at the summer theatre.
It was fun!
Great strawberry cakes by Anniina and Sini. *.*

And Jussi was so fun. Last August when I got my Uniklubi posters he asked me what the guy’s names are. I told him and he was quite amused, that there’s a Jussi and that this Jussi is my favorite. :DDD
Well, today he was sitting towards me at the table, watched my Uniklubi-plec-necklace quite interested and then asked if it was from Jussi. :DDD
Unfortunately I had to disappoint him. It’s Pasi’s and Jussi’s not even playing the guitar. :D

Whatsoever, I’m continuing on watching The Tribe now! They are on there way to Eagle Mountain, it’s getting EXCITING! :D

And last but not least, for those who care…

Aikasi on nyt
Sun ei tarvitse nousta ylös öisin,
koska itket kaikki yöt…
Ja aamulla et muista,
miksi sun sydän raiskattiin,

Kuka riisui sinut valheillaan
ja puhkoi silmääsi,
niin että joka hetkessä elit täysillä
ja otit kaiken kerralla?
Sen tiesit itsekin…

Hei, silti jalkaasi jaksaa
yhden elämän kantaa, näin se on…
Sillä koko maailma roikku harteillasi,
sinun silmääsi painaa, sun täytyy taistella vastaan, näin se on…
Niin aikasi nyt on…

Sulle pelko on sairautta, jota pitää lääkitä,
valmiiksi kuopattuja haaveita,
kun et tahdo mitään, et enää tunne ketään…
Kuka tuntisi sut sellaisena kuin sinut veistettiin?
Niin että joka hetkessä vielä eläisit täysillä,
ettet lakastuisi niin kuin kaikki muut sun ympärillä…

Hei, silti jalkaasi jaksaa
yhden elämän kantaa, näin se on…
Sillä koko maailma roikku harteillasi,
sinun silmääsi painaa, sun täytyy taistella vastaan, näin se on…
Niin aikasi nyt on…

Nyt painot nilkoissa leijuu ilmassa,
unohtaen mihin minut tai hänet haudattiin…

Hei, silti jalkaasi jaksaa
yhden elämän kantaa, näin se on…
Sillä koko maailma roikku harteillasi,
sinun silmääsi painaa, sun täytyy taistella vastaan, näin se on…
Niin aikasi nyt on…

Now it’s your time
You don’t have to get up at night,
cause you cry all the nights…
And in the morning you don’t remember
why your heart has been destroyed.

Who undressed you with lies
and stabbed your eyes,
so that you lived every moment at its fullest
and took everything at once?
You knew it yourself…

Hey, still your legs are strong enough
to carry a life, that’s how it is…
Therefore the whole world hangs on your shoulders,
you have to fight against the pressure in your eyes, that’s how it is…
Yeah, now it’s your time…

To you fear’s a disease, that has to be medicated,
to finish buried dreams,
when you don’t want anything, don’t know anyone anymore…
Who would know you, the way you have been carved?
So that you would still live every moment at its fullest,
not fade like all the others around you…

Hey, still your legs are strong enough
to carry a life, that’s how it is…
Therefore the whole world hangs on your shoulders,
you have to fight against the pressure in your eyes, that’s how it is…
Yeah, now it’s your time…

Now the weight in your ankles is floating in the air,
forgetting where me and her were buried…

Hey, still your legs are strong enough
to carry a life, that’s how it is…
Therefore the whole world hangs on your shoulders,
you have to fight against the pressure in your eyes, that’s how it is…
Yeah, now it’s your time…
[free translated by me – no guarantee for correctness!!]