Know that feeling?

Maybe you do.
Maybe not.

It’s hard to describe and not as “simple” as it sounds.

I always loved living in Finland, I never felt as a stranger.
I love the nature, the people and their mentality, the language, SPEAKING the language, just like… everything. Almost…

But today when I went to S-Market the strawberrys sold in front of the shop were laughing at me. And even I am still a bit scared of buying at such market stalls, because I have to TELL them what I want then, the wish for fresh strawberrys for breakfast was stronger. :D
So I went there to order some strawberries and even joked a little with the guy who was selling them – in finnish, like I never spoke any other language.

And that was when I began to realise and I mean like REALLY realise, that I don’t just love Finland, but that I BELONG here.
That being here is the right thing and that it would be wrong to be anywhere else.
That’s a really incredible feeling…
Therefore I’m so happy, that I CAN stay here, at least for the next 3,5 years… and we will see what comes after that.

Like I said, it’s hard to describe it exactly.
This “omg, I love it because it’s finnish and everything that has to do with Finland is holy”-thing is something I put behind me like one month after I arrvied here.
Finland is not better than any other country all in all, it’s just a country like any other – but it is the country I want to live in.

I’m still hoping for sharing my appartment in Tampere with finns, because there’s nothing I’m more sure about than that I want to speak Finnish when I live in Finland and therefore I need somebody to practise with me, because that’s the only way to go – like I told already to everyone who asked how I was able to learn the language “that fast”. :D

I also realised another thing…
…that I will fucking miss this little village in the middle of nowhere. :(
The silence, the nature, seeing someone you know, whenever you go somewhere.
And of course my family here, who have become an important part of my life and are (and hopefully will ever be) my second family. :)

But well, I’ll come back for visits quite often, that’s for sure. :)

And yeah… then I was in K-market, just about to leave the shop, when I heard the song they were just playing “Hei, isn’t that Aikasi on nyt?” – yes it was, but I can’t stand around inside the shop for the whole song… would look stupid somehow. xD

[3] days until Sofo’s coming here.
[19] days until my Dad’s coming here.
[30] days until moving to Tampere.
[2] hours until watching the Germany-Argentina game with my Dad & co. via webcam. =P

I hope for Germany to win – but I’m pessimistic.
And I will again laugh if they lose, because it’s hilarious how all are “soooooo sure” they’re gonna win.
Will laugh also if they win – mostly at Marko. =P



  1. Dad Said:

    Hi Annika,

    reading this causes two opposing feelings inside of me…

    Of course I am glad that you love to be in “your” land.
    On the other hand I feel a bit blue when thinking about the consequences.
    Maybe you will stay there forever…
    and this means I (and your German friends and relatives) can only see you once a year or so…

    But thanks to the internet it is possible to video-phone to each other

    And finally, it was me (and Sandy) who took you to Finland for the first, time so I could as well blame myself ;-)

    Looking forward to seeing you on 22. July.

    Your Dad

  2. Sadako Said:

    Well, I know the feeling! Very well! And I can totally understand it!
    It’s a great feeling, isn’t it! :)

    And we made it!! YESSSS!!!

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