Didn’t write anything in quite a long time, I know.
Shame on me.

Well, Sofo was here, so I was busy with other things. =D
She came last Tuesday evening.
On Wednesday I forced her to come to Mikkeli to watch Eclipse with Arttu and Santtu.
She wasn’t amused as she hates Twilight, but I had to give the ticket to Arttu as an early birthday present, as he gave the ticket for New Moon to me as a present.
Whatever… I liked it. I still hate Pattinson, but Taylor Lautner – holy shit! <3 xD This guy is hooooot!!

On Thursday Uniklubi were playing in Lahti and as it’s quite near I wanted to go there with Sofo. Problem was – it was k-18 and Sofo’s birthday is on Friday. :/
Buuuuut… I wrote an email to the guy who’s arranging the festival and Tadaaaa – he said Sofo can get in on my and his responsibility.
Soooo, we went to see Uniklubi on Thursday. :D It was the first concert with the orchestra… well “orchestra” and it was so funny as they were wearing suits and stuff…. in Jussi’s case firered. Horrible. :D
But still. We met Kati there, which was great! <3
And Marko was asking Jussi to the fence after the gig… without red suit, but topless and in jeans, with Jussi-typical smile – me dieeees. :D:D

Yesterday we went to Tampere just to show the city to Sofo.
With 32 degrees in the shadows. OUCH.

Well, we came home and I was still busy with realizing, that I will MOVE to Tampere in 3 weeks… and then I got an email from the producer of Uniklubi’s new video, that I get to help there. WHAH.
And I had to call this guy – in finnish. v.v
But it went quite well. So, Thursday again to Tre. :D
I’m spending ages in my car these days, really. :D

And noooow, I’m off for a shower, as its not thaaat hot anymore.


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