No, not days, degrees.
At least about I guess.
Should be glad about it, since it was over 30 the last days. Horrible.
Our house is a sauna. :(

For some days next week they said it will be just around 20-25. I so hope for it.

Whatever, I guess you want me to tell about Thurday. Or don’t you? ;D
I don’t care.
Well, I won’t tell anything about the content of the video here, before it is released.
Maybe I’ll tell some of my closest friends in private, but just with knowing they won’t tell anyone!
And I guess it won’t take that long until the clip is released, so…
But I can tell you that it is going to be great! And not just because I am in it, no. I love the idea, it fits perfectly and is somehow… different. <3

The shooting was long, tiring, but great! :D
I didn’t expect that we would see the guys much, I rather thought that they’re doing they’re thing and we ours.
Well, I was wrong. :D We were practically the whole time “together” with the guys. At least we saw one of them all the time during breaks and so one and also the shooting parts were together either with all of them or just with Jussi.

Of course there were some quite annoying girls who were like squeeing whenever they saw one of the guys or tried to joke around with them all the time. *sigh*
But I met Anette, Tanja and Aino-Kaisa and we had lots of fun! :D Sooo… some new friends also! =D Yayyay.

My biggest fear turned out to be nonsense as there weren’t any problems with the language at all. I begin to trust my finnish. :D
Jussi was a little irritated. At least he watched me in the beginning some times, probably he remembered I’m German (and Germans are, as you know, annoying and dangerous – especially for Uniklubi! xD). And then he heard me speaking finnish. xD
Yep, Jussi, I’m not as stupid as I seem. And I was NOT annoying! Ha. xD
I saved the reputation of the Germans. At least of the not annoing Germans. XD Because unfortunately there are good reasons why so many people/bands in Finland are annoyed by German fans.
But enough of that.

The shooting took almost 13 hours and I was really done afterwards. But it was worth it.
Anette and me even got a little extra “role” in there. :D And two other girls also, of which one was Antti’s little sister. :D

All in all it was great!
Lots and lots of fun (“sun täytyy taistella vaaasssss-” “Was! Was? But Jussi, I didn’t even know you speak German!” and Janne standing on a box to seem taller XD – just to name two things), new friends as mentioned before, a great experience to see how much work is behind such a short clip.
Teemu shaked everyones hand to thank them afterwards. <3
And I met Jussi in the hall when I left, said bye and he seemed to be irritated, then got that I meant him and was like “Oh… yeah, bye! … And hey, thanks a lot!” <3

i SO can’t wait to see the results. .________. xD

By the way…
[16] days until moving to Tampere – whaaat?
[5] days until my Dad comes here
no, nothing else. XD


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  1. Naddu Said:

    aaah, hört sich jut an… =) freut mich echt, dass das Shooting so klasse war und du nen paar nette Leute getroffen hast.^^
    oh jaaa… bei mir sind es auch nurnoch 18 Tage *hibbel* will endlich looos. :D

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