It’s been a while again, but I’m SOO busy. =P

My Dad was here and we had the biggest festival EVER in Mäntyharju. Rantapuistorock. Or just Rock im Park, how I call it. XDDDD
Not much people there just like exspected.
Bands were ok, but I had other things in mind. xD

If you’re male, between 20 and 26, have chin-long, black hair with darkturquoise parts in it, wear make up, black nails, bondage trousers and a black hoodie with grey skulls on it, have been at Rantapuistorock in Mäntyharju and read this – COMMENT!!

Okay, one more senseless way of searching a guy of who I know like NOTHING done now. =P

Buuuut to come to more important things…
This blog is to tell about my new life in Tampere and things are slowly getting started.

I’ve been to IKEA on Sunday, bought dishes, lamps & bedding and some small stuff.
Yesterday I continued shopping at Tokmanni, cause Aurelie told me I will also need pots and all that other kitchen stuff. Sooo, that’s done, too.
Probably I still have to visit IKEA when I’m in Tampere.
Damn, I AM already there in a week.
Kinda weird feeling.
Somehow I look forward to, but sometimes it seems SO unreal and so far away that I can’t really look forward to.
Same with moving away from Mäntyharju.
I’m just not ABLE to imagine not living here anymore, not having the people around me and so on…
Therefore it doesn’t even feel so bad…
Just when I hardly try to get it in my mind and really think about it, I realize that it’s gonna be quite hard.
But well, some time left.

Today I was at the photographer to get the pics for my studentcard.
Just normal pics WITH smile, so I hope that the guys at Maistraatti don’t want to have pics AGAIN. Because they want those I’m-so-emo-my-life’s-so-bad-I-don’t-smile pics. *sigh*
We’ll see.
Then I found a goodbye present for the girls.
I was thinking about it quite long, had no idea.

Eventually I decided not to take Zhozho-pets (r they called like that? O.o) or littlestpetshop things, but bought a new version of this “Twister” game.
I guess the girls will have fun with that.
And I bought a funny question-answer game.
We have a similar and Jitta loves it. You just read the questions from the cards and someone else reads answers to them from other cards and it’s reeeeally funny.
And now that Inna slowly learns to read it’s fun for both of them. :)
Plus the new one is from moomins. it has the Moomin-bonus. :D

Today last finnish lesson. :/
I’m definitely gonna miss Tellu.
But hei, I’m coming back for visits! =)

Sooo… that’s all for now. =)
I’m continuing killing flies. v.v
They’re back, like last summer when I came.
Kill one, three new are coming.


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