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Good Morniiiing xD

It’s 10 past 7 and I’m awake. Can’t believe it myself, but it’s true. xD
I’m almost ready either.
Actually I wanted to get up at 7, but I couldn’t sleep anymore from 6.20 on, due to headache. Still. ._.
Took a painkiller and it’s a little better already. But I’ll probably better take that stuff to school, too.

Probably I’m just not used to sit and listen anymore. xD
Anyways the first day at school was awesome.
Well, there weren’t any lessons yet, but still. My classmates are really great, there’s nobody of whom I thought Idon’t fing them likeable at first sight, so… good sign. :)
Actually I exspected more international people in my class. There are 2 Germans (*waves*), 1 American, 3 Russians, 1 French, 1 Danish and well, there are 2 more to come who weren’t there yet & who are from idontknowwhere. :D But the rest are finns.
Well, it’s okay with me, so I have finally people to speak finnish with again. :D Yay.
We’ve been to a bar in the evening, with almost all our class and lots of other students, so we could get to know each other a little better.
It was really great.
There are even German speaking finns in my class and I mean like reeeeeally good speaking. *pokes Aleksi and Outi* :D
And I spoke finnish agaaaaaain. :D I missed that. Really.
Jessica, our tutor, even said I wouldn’t sound like a German when speaking finnish. O.O
Not sure if she knows that that’s probably the biggest compliment I could get for my finnish. :D

Tonight there’s the Xchange Welcome Party, but as many of my class are going there I might join, although I’m no exchange student.
But I guess Sonja, Simone, Corinne, etc. will be there, too, so it might be really funny.
There’s also this funny thing called “pubround”, where you get a card and have to collect stamps for each drink you get.
But I’m not sure about that yet, there’s school tomorrow. XD

Well, next week it’s starting. On Thursday. And Friday’s off, as all Fridays are in the first period.
I’ll probably get Wednesdays off, too, cause there’s a swedish-course for the finns who had already some swedish and then a basic-finnish course for foreigners. Erm… nooo? :D
Dani said she could just do the test to prove that she’s too good already for a beginner’s course and then she got the credits right away and didn’t have to attend the course. Sounds like a plan. xD
And today I’ll probably see if there’s any chance to get a high-leveled finnish course and a basic swedish course for foreigners.
I want to learn swedish, yay!
(Shame on me, I’m not finnish enough yet then, as definitely NO finn wants to learn swedish. xDDD What was that, Janne? “Do we really have to taaaake that swedish course thing? v.v” xD)

I’ll meet Liza in one hour, she knows another bus stop, which is a little farer, but not too far. And there’s a bus

I have to…

…interrupt my DVD-evening, because I just HAVE to post this incredible funny movie quote, although probably all of you know it:

Murtogg: This dock is off-limits to civilians.
Jack Sparrow: I’m terribly sorry, I didn’t know. If I see one, I shall inform you immediately.
[Jack makes to continue but is blocked by Murtogg and Mullroy]
Jack Sparrow: Apparently there’s some sort of high-toned and fancy to-do up at the fort, eh? How could it be that two upstanding gentlemen, such as yourselves, did not merit an invitation?
Murtogg: Someone’s got to make sure that this dock stays off-limits to civilians.
Jack Sparrow: It’s a fine goal, to be sure. But it seems to me… that a ship like that one, makes this one here seem a bit superfluous, really.
Murtogg: Oh, the Dauntless is the power in these waters, true enough. But there’s no ship as can match the Interceptor for speed.
Jack Sparrow: I’ve heard of one, supposed to be very fast, nigh uncatchable: The Black Pearl.
Mullroy: Well, there’s no real ship as can match the Interceptor.
Murtogg: The Black Pearl is a real ship.
Mullroy: No, it’s not.
Murtogg: Yes it is, I’ve seen it.
Mullroy: You’ve seen it?
Murtogg: Yes.
Mullroy: You haven’t seen it.
Murtogg: Yes, I have.
Mullroy: You’ve seen a ship with black sails that’s crewed by the damned, and captained by a man so evil that Hell itself spat him back out?
Murtogg: No.
Mullroy: No.
Murtogg: But I have seen a ship with black sails.
[Jack quietly slips passed them unnoticed]
Mullroy: Oh, and no ship that’s not crewed by the damned and captained by a man so evil that Hell itself spat him back out could possibly have black sails, therefore couldn’t possibly be any other ship than the Black Pearl. Is that what you’re telling me?
Murtogg: [nods] No.
Mullroy: Like I said, there’s no real ship as can match the Interceptor.

I LOVE Pirates Of The Caribbean and I LOVE Murtogg nodding while saying “no”. xD

But I’m not just watching DVD, nonono…
I’m learning at the same time!
Because I’m watching the movie with Estonian subtitles. XD
No, I am not insane.

Yesterday evening was quite strange:
I was meeting Aurelie and we went to Dogs Home for a drink. There was some band with a guitar playing rabbit. O.o
Ilka said that they were going to Ale Bar, so Aurelie and me walked there (whole Hämeenkatu – on High Heels -.-) – to meet them and hear that the bar is full and they go somewhere else.
Whole Hämeenkatu back…
Aurelie and me went to the other Ale Bar then, while Ilka & co. ended up in Dogs Home. Why did we leave again? xD

Today was kinda chilled…
I got up late (feeling a little sick these days), went to DUO, went back, walked to the center to go back by bus (it’s becoming a hobby somehow XD), tried to make the great cheese-ham/salami-pepper-salad-wraps I had at Sini’s on my last day in Mäntyharju (they were REALLY good, but not as good as Sini’s :() and went for some jogging again.
Wanted to go half an hour, as I did the last two days… well… eventually I went a whole fucking hour. I can’t explain why, neither can I believe I did. XD
But I did. XD I mean really… one hour jogging without stopping one time. ME!
Can you believe that?
I should call Mrs. Boncol. xD

Well, was home, still full of sweat when the door opened.

Flatmate ftw! :D
She just said hi and left to get groceries. I went to shower and when I was done the door opened again. xD
Next flatmate ftw! :D
Said hi, had a little talk (still in English) with her and her tutor (very nice girl from Latvia), then she went to talk to other just-arrived tenants.

When she came back, we found out we both speak German. :D
She’s from Switzerland, as the other girl, too. (They knew each other before.)

Well, I’m not alone anymore.
And Corinne and Simone seem to be really, really nice! :)

I had to lend my desk-lamp to Corinne, as the light in her room is broken. :D
I guess we will get along quite well. :)
Now they left to the city to have some drink with the others who arrived today.
And I continue watching Pirates Of The Caribbean. xD

No, at first I’ll put some new pics to Photobucket. :D

And, not to forget, as long as it’s still Saturday:

It’s his 20th birthday today! :D


…like hell. v.v

I actually don’t get WHY, cause I slept really long last night and it’s not thaaaat late yet.
Well, maybe it is because I was outside that much.

After doing the laundry I went to DUO again and had a little walk through the center of Hervanta, just to see. :D
Back home I made some food. I decided to try making an omelette, as there were still some eggs left in the fridge.
Well… it looked more like a tomato-pepper-mushroom-ham-egg…hurricane… than like an omelette, but it tasted really good. :D
Tomorrow I’ll try to make polenta with kohlrabi (o.o now I’m puzzled… Kohlrabi is kohlrabi in English? *had to look it up* That’s…funny. XDDDD)… my mum used to do it every now and then and I liked it quite much.
Lets see if I am able to do that stuff too. :D

After lunch I walked to the center again. I made it in one hour. :D But I still can’t believe the walking-path is really 9 kilometres from here to the center. Oo I mean. I’m not able to walk 9km within one hour. oO
Took the bus back home. :) It’s fun, I’ll do that more often.
A while later I saw one of my neighbors from another house going to do some jogging. And I decided after failing last Friday I might try it again.
I did and I was really surprised about myself! I managed to run half an hour and even quite easily. Oo Strange.
Maybe it is because it’s really getting colder.
At least in the evenings.
At daytime it can still get really hot in the sun, but you can feel more and more that autumn is coming. I’m already sitting here in pullovers and even closed the little narrow window, which used to be open all the time. :)
But I like autumn. Not as much as spring, spring is still my favorite… but autumn is great, too.
I don’t like those extremes like summer and winter. ^^
Or well, I would like summer, but I hate when it is too hot, so… noo. :D

Actually I wanted to go to bed. Buuut I should write some fanfic, now that I finally had some ideas again. And then there are more and more people moving in here, even if it’s already midnight.
All the time new people coming. Even saw someone moving in to Sonjas appartment next door. But here… noooobody.
Well, who knows. If they’re coming that late, maybe there will be more. xD

Last but not least and somehow dedicated to my mum… ;)
I found one finnish song from the “The Man Without A Past” soundtrack today and I felt like translating it.

Might be mistakes in it, cause even if it’s actually “really easy finnish” there’s one or two words which confused me, cause they can have 567823245 meanings XD
But it’s a free translation anyways, so who cares? ;D

The Evil Lurks (Paha Vaanii)

Devil’s lying in wait for me behind every corner,
a devious voice is whispering, whereever I gain ground,
at the bottom of the glass of beer his eyes are staring at me,
I see his smile on the lips of the girl next to me.

Devil’s lying in wait for me behind every corner,
this feeling’s following me, whereever I go to,
my luck’s lying in the scale pan all the time,
if he doesn’t come in, he’s waiting at the door.

Lord, help me, keep me in discipline,
on a narrow road, far from all temptations.
Lord, help me, pull my hair,
keep my mind sane and my shirt clean.

This shadow’s always concealing a part of the sun,
his wings are dancing also into more beautiful dreams.
Today I walk smiling, even if I know what’s coming,
how our game’s progressing every day.

Devil’s lying in wait for me behind every corner,
this feeling’s following me, whereever I go to,
I’m susceptible, when my mind’s sad,
it’s easier to flee to my darling’s place.


I can live like I want, if I just stay alert,
nobody’s taking it by force, each you can choose.
From time to time it’s just challenging to control one’s mind,
suicide-pilots aren’t awarded with roses.


Hell, this is melancholic. XD


I was quite happy my left eye healed that fast and I could already wear my contact again on Monday.
And then yesterday evening the right eye started to hurt and get red.
But I’m quite sure that it has got something to do with my contact lenses. I put out the right one right away when recognizing the pain and it’s muuuch better than the left one was…
Maybe I should start to change them MONTHLY *coughs* like I should actually do always.
But so far there never was any problem.

Yesterday was quite awesome.
I met Marilu in the center, she’s on holiday in Finland with her family right now.
We made a little sightseeing tour through Tampere, met Ilka, went to Dogs Home, because Mallu HAD to taste Lonkero, saw unwashed people (again oO) xD, laughed our asses off due to stupid ideas… yeah.
I came home somewhen arround 8 and actually wanted to stay there as I was damn tired.
We also cancelled the plan of going to see Essentia in Amadeus, as Aurelie was a bit ill and Ilka wasn’t well either.
But then I brought the parcels I took from the postman for Sonja over to her place and she and Sylvi (who arrived yesterday) were just about to go to the center just for one drink or something, so I joined.
We met two nice spanish girls there, also exchange students and eventually ended up sitting at Keskustori the whole evening. :) But we had lots of fun.

Today’s plans… doing the laundry, then once again to Lidl and if my eye’s okay maybe getting some drink in the evening… we’ll see. xD

Leffailta. -.-

Actually I wanted to be in Ama or Dokkari now, but noooo.
Randomly my left eye was red and hurting and I decided its better to put out the contacts and remove the make up.
I sooooo hope it’s no inflamation. v.v
But well…

I’m quite amazed about my new headphones right now.
Just cheap ones, but the old ones were so broken I wouldn’t hear anything anymore when walking on a crowded, loud street.
Some songs were so quiet, I couldn’t even hear them clearly when it was silent. :D
Now I hear them. Damn good. xD

I’ve been to the center with Ilka for a while today. :)
Got out of the bus and something bumped into me. Heard someone mumbling “sori” and thought that I know that voice from somewhere.
Looked up, saw a grinning Jussi, that was half a second later walking – or better running – on. ;)
Yepyep. xD
Well yeah… some walking through the city, looking in shops, eating lunch at rax and having awesome bananasplit-flavored icecream with my beloved Ilka then. :)) It was great.

Yesterday we’ve been to Kustaa III with Ilka, Sonja, Julia, Nora, Naddu, Kati & Marko to see the jamsession of Capri.
It was quite nice. She’s really an awesome singer.

Soooo… yeah. I guess that’s it.
Now I’m going to put some more ice on my eye and continue to watch anger management.

Oh, btw. I’m amused.
Just saw 2 rabbits in our yard. Like… wild ones…
Was used to that in Mäntyharju, but now I’m in a city. =D Well, that’s probably just Finland. =)

Air ftw!

“The windows are not meant to be opened.”
That’s what TOAS told to Sonja when she went to ask.

“I’m not meant to die due to lack of air.”
That’s what I say, so I went to get an opener for the window.
Finnish window-system ftw! XD

Had to move the desk a little, but at least I can breeeaaaathe now! <3 xD

Yesterday we’ve been to Amadeus as it was Super Tiistai – 15 drinks just 2,50.
We went earlier, cause we thought it might be full, but there was nobodyyyy.
Well, I recognized Melanie on another table somewhen.
Wasn’t sure if it’s her at first, as I never seen her in person, but I had enough drinks to dare going to ask.
And it was her. :D
So Aurelie and me spent the rest of the evening with Melanie and Sanni and yeeep.

Today we’ve been to the city together, some second-hand-shop-shopping (I found the Anger Management DVD for 4 euros XD) and almost-falling-asleep at a bench next to Tammerkoski. xD

Juuuupp, well, that was quite everything. :D
No bar today, neither tomorrow.
Maybe tomorrow again to the center, as it’s Hanna’s last day. =/

And on Friday we’re going to Kusta III, to see Capri playing.
At least Nora, Kati and Naddu are coming. <333
And I just talked to Sonja, she will join to. =)
“It’s gonna be totally awesome!”

It’s been a week…

Well, as it’s Tuesday now… it’s really been a week.
One week since I left from Mäntyharju. Wow, how time’s running… and I miss it somehow, even if I love my life here.

Today was the day of all days. :D
FINALLY Uniklubi’s Aikasi On Nyt video was shown for the first time. And well, I think it’s quite awesome, even if I just don’t get the sense of those incredible ugly and random flames Jussi’s standing in. But oukay. :D
Stunning to finally see the result of a long and hard working day! =)

(If it doesnt work, ask me to send it directly!)

I got up at 7 in the morning to see it. :D
Well, at least I had some time to clean the cupboards in the kitchen then. Or not really clean, but I put all the dishes and stuff that the previous tenants left into the two smalles cupboards, so that there will be enough free space for my future flatmates.
I am SO social.
And then I tried our laundry room and it passed the test. :D
It’s damn fast (machines are much bigger) and the clothes seem to be clean and smell good. :D What more do you want?
I went to Lidl then to get some groceries. I found so much stuff I used to eat in Germany. *.*
Nürnberger Bratwurst *.* and oven-camembert <3 and FINALLY salami which is light AND cheap!! =D Win!
And spring rolls :D well, I didnt use to eat those in Germany, but they looked so great! =D
And more noodles (tricolore ftw!).
And last but not least I got one spinachpizza from K-Market :D
I just NEED to eat it again somewhen.

Then I met up in the centre with Ilka and Hanna. We went to Pyynikki and…yeah.
On the way back home I finallyfinallyfinally found exactly that kind of sandals I wanted! And even in my size! Winwinwin!

And now in the evening I’ve been to Amadeus for a while with Laurie, Hanna, Ilka, Aurelie and her boyfriend Ville! =)
It was nice, we had lots of fun!

Aurelie and me will go alone again tomorrow as its SUPER TIISTAI which means there are the most popular drinks for just 2.50 €!! :DDD Winwinwinwinwin!

Probably I’ll go to town again tomorrow at daytime. I still have this H&M coupon and then I would like to have another look into the Second Hand Shop I’ve been to with Hanna and Ilka on Sunday.
I found an incredible great jacket there already! :D

But for noooow… I’m soon off to bed.
Don’t foget to have a look at my pics…

2 Wins & a flooded shopping center

2nd post today. xD
Yeah, if there’s something to tell, then…

I went to shopping center DUO in Hervanta – again.
And I wore my new shoes – and SURVIVED! WIN 1!

(Here’s a pic, taken by Hanna.

(No, I normally DON’T wear socks in them, it was at home. xD)

Yeah, I wanted to leave again quite soon but within half an hour an incredible thunderstorm had started (it was almost sunny, when I left).
So I went to K-Market and met – guess who – Aurelie. :D
And I found out, that Ristorante Spinaci does not just exist in Helsinki, like Nora told, but also in Tampere. <3
WIN 2!
Life’s good. xD

We were leaving K-Market, when some of the people working there were running around, telling each other water was coming inside through the door, not knowing if they should laugh about or be worried. :D

So Aurelie and me went – again – for a coffee, until it stopped raining. xD


HämyVestarit and other stuff…

Good Morning everyone! =D
*eyes clock*

I guess the switch from living-in-Mäntyharju to living-in-Tampere is already done.
At least I slept until 2 o’clock. I can’t remember the last time I slept this long.
In Mäntyharju I always thought that somehow I have to get up not too late, so I always woke up between 9 and 11 (at the latest), no matter what time I went to bed.

But somehow – when I have time to think of it, shame on me .__. – I really miss Mäntyharju and “my” family there. :(
Now I have the friends around me, the going-out, the city life, whatever.
It is what I missed most in Mäntyharju.
And now there’s so much of it and no family at all anymore.
That’s strange somehow. :(

But well…
Yesterday I was – again – to the shopping center in Hervanta. It’s somehow great. And so close.
I bought some groceries and met up with Aurelie for some coffee.

Then – it was Friday and when I lived with my Mum, Friday was cleaning day – I cleaned the flat for the first time. Like everything. :)
I just hope I won’t get some “uh, I’m to pretty to clean toilets”-girlie thing as a flatmate. Or something like that.
Well, in the afternoon Hanna and Ilka came to visit me and we has some “sausage soup” and Karjalanpiirakka with eggbutter. Nom.

Later we went to Hämeenkyrö with Aurelie.
Hämyvestarit was great. <3
We watched Klamydia while sitting in the grass and later got nearer to the stage with Nora, Naddu, Kati & Marko to wait for Uniklubi. :)
It was my 7th concert (I guess I was on just 6 of the Kellys, so Uniklubi are the most-seen now) and the first one, where I didn’t take pictures at all. O.o
I had my camera with me, but I was too lazy.
And it turned out to be a good idea, because the concert gets even better when you don’t have this camera all the time.
Or maybe the concert was just the best I’ve seen so far, as it was in Uniklubi’s hometown and they seem to give their everything there.
We even saw Teemu rapping. It was great! =D
And Jussi was so funny. Somewhen in the middle of the gig he said “You know, it’s the last gig we play with our orchestra, so… I’m gonna be a bit of a hippie now and take those fucking ugly shoes off!” :D So he did. He took off his redpink patent shoes and continued the rest of the gig singing barefoot. xDD
And to top it all – they did play Tunnit.
Jussi alone on stage just with the orchestra.
Thanks for being the first one ever who brought me to tears on a concert, Wuschelchen. xD

So, for now I’m off to the shower. :D Badly needed. :D

Finally here.

Hei there!

So now there it is, a little belatet, but still – the first post from my flat in Tampere.
Actually right now it IS my flat alone, as the other two girls aren’t here yet.
I’m the boss. :D Ha.

At first i found it completely ugly, but well, what can u exspect from a student room?
But for now, with my room decorated and everything it’s quite bareable. :D Actually I really like it.
Next door lives another German girl and in the appartment under mine is at least a German name at the door. Which has nothing to say, here were either names. ^^

Most important stuff was done already on Tuesday. After picking up the keys I went to Maistraatti and I thought it would be a fight, as this residence permission (which isn’t even a REAL permission, as I am from an EU country and allowed to stay anyways) was just for the year I “worked” here.
Buuut, after filling out exactly the same paper as in Mäntyharju two days before the woman there said it’s everything fine, as I not cancelled my “staying in finland-announcement” or how ever you want to call it. :)
I’m like officially a “permanent citizen of Tampere” now.
Maybe it was because I spoke finnish. :DDD Noo.
I even got my buscard already on Tuesday, so im quite mobile. :D

What to tell about life in Tampere?
On Tuesday I went to a small bar in Hervanta with Aurelie, which was really nice.

Yesterday I went to the center and was surprised – it takes me 15 minutes to go there! O.o ONLY! O.o
Did some shopping there, came back, made some food which tasted totally awesome and was soon off again to IKEA with Aurelie to buy more decoration stuff. :)

After coming home I checked out the shopping center in Hervanta. It’s 5 minutes by bus, right next to the bus stop and theres even a Lidl! Perfect! =)

In the evening we went to Amadeus to see Suicide Loveboat with Aurelie, Ilka and Karen.
Was quite nice, alcohol in Ama is surprisingly cheap. At least cheaper than in Mäntyharju. I thought cities are always more expensive. :) Whatever. I won’t complain.
The band was quite good, it was actually the first time I saw them live and I heard just one or two songs before… but… Tampere music. Can’t be bad. :D
There even was a really annoying German fan – but it wasn’t a screaming girl… it was a maybe 50 year old guy. O.o

Sooo… for now that’s all and I’m off to the center again. :)

Oh yeah, not to forget – and just because now it’s still exciting and it will be annoying in some weeks already, so I have to tell now – seen “Rockstars” aka. “Finns” (if I talk about a “FINN” than its not any finn, it is either a musician, somebody known or somebody reeeally good looking):
-Limette (he scares me Oo)
-Arttu (he’s not a musician, but everyone knows him… so :P)

P.S. If you want to see pics, I updated my photobucket!

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