Yeah, 2.
The number is getting smaller and smaller and the feeling so weird, nobody could understand if they haven’t been in exactly the same situation.
I’m sitting in a room that looks like after a bomb explosion and not at all like my room anymore.
And with the empty walls and all the stuff packed (okay, almost, except the…. MESSSSSSSSS -.-) it really feels so close. Well… it IS close, but… yeah…
On the other hand when I’m downstairs with the family or swimming with the girls, like today, it feels like I always was and always will be here.
Weird. Really.

I took the posters off the wall already today and it was kind of symbolic.
It reminded me so much of December, when I went for a holiday to Germany and Inna was so sad about it. Kukka and me told her, that as long as those Uniklubi posters are still on my walls, I will definitely come back, as I would never go away without them.
Well… now they’re not on my walls anymore…

Jitta already asked what we are going to do tomorrow, if we could go to the lake, if I could come swimming, too, then and if we could maybe take some food or drinks with us, as it’s something special.
Sounds really nice, but maybe I really have to think it is a day like every other.
Just NOT think about that it’s the last day I spend with the girls.

Same like yesterday.
I had this little goodbye party and it was so much fun and so hard not to think of that it’s the last time for quite a long time.
But it really was great.

I told them to come at 8.
While I was fighting with pizza and mokkapala, not being ready at all – it was 7 – the door opened and Mikko, Kaisa, Kalle & Matti came  in.
Kaisa – as driver – sober, the guys drunk as hell.
Well, at least I got somebody to help out with the pizza. :DDDD

A while later Arttu and Santeri came, too.
We had lots of fun, eating, drinking, talking shit and making stupid pictures. :D
And I made a part of the pizza with FRESH spinach and it aaaalmost tasted like Ristorante. :DDD

We went to Krouvi later and yeah… there were Tellu, Inga, Noora, Hannele & Piia sitting on a table with us and Kukka and Tomi came, too.
We had SO much fun dancing and everybody probably thought we’re insane. Well. xD
They even played Uniklubi for me and Matti, Santtu and me were freaking out at the dancefloor. :DDD Yep, great.
Marko, Joni and Jonna were there, too, and even the Estonian Marko came talking to me. :D
Also Venla came for a short time, although she had to work late. And she brought me a signed Tuhkalehto CD as a goodbye present, as the drummer Matias is her cousin. :DDD <3
From Tellu I got a finnish-english dictionary. :)
Well, I really realized HOW damn much I am going to miss all of them. =(

And goddamnit, its half past 8, I have to go to the shower and should pack almost everything ready today, cause I am with the girls tomorrow and in the evening we’re going to Kukka’s mum, as it is her birthday.
And I should get the presents for my family ready either.


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  1. Fhina Said:

    Hehe, ich kann dich so gut verstehen…es wird komisch sein…
    Aber denk immer dran, du gehst dahin, wohin du wolltest! :)

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