Finally here.

Hei there!

So now there it is, a little belatet, but still – the first post from my flat in Tampere.
Actually right now it IS my flat alone, as the other two girls aren’t here yet.
I’m the boss. :D Ha.

At first i found it completely ugly, but well, what can u exspect from a student room?
But for now, with my room decorated and everything it’s quite bareable. :D Actually I really like it.
Next door lives another German girl and in the appartment under mine is at least a German name at the door. Which has nothing to say, here were either names. ^^

Most important stuff was done already on Tuesday. After picking up the keys I went to Maistraatti and I thought it would be a fight, as this residence permission (which isn’t even a REAL permission, as I am from an EU country and allowed to stay anyways) was just for the year I “worked” here.
Buuut, after filling out exactly the same paper as in Mäntyharju two days before the woman there said it’s everything fine, as I not cancelled my “staying in finland-announcement” or how ever you want to call it. :)
I’m like officially a “permanent citizen of Tampere” now.
Maybe it was because I spoke finnish. :DDD Noo.
I even got my buscard already on Tuesday, so im quite mobile. :D

What to tell about life in Tampere?
On Tuesday I went to a small bar in Hervanta with Aurelie, which was really nice.

Yesterday I went to the center and was surprised – it takes me 15 minutes to go there! O.o ONLY! O.o
Did some shopping there, came back, made some food which tasted totally awesome and was soon off again to IKEA with Aurelie to buy more decoration stuff. :)

After coming home I checked out the shopping center in Hervanta. It’s 5 minutes by bus, right next to the bus stop and theres even a Lidl! Perfect! =)

In the evening we went to Amadeus to see Suicide Loveboat with Aurelie, Ilka and Karen.
Was quite nice, alcohol in Ama is surprisingly cheap. At least cheaper than in Mäntyharju. I thought cities are always more expensive. :) Whatever. I won’t complain.
The band was quite good, it was actually the first time I saw them live and I heard just one or two songs before… but… Tampere music. Can’t be bad. :D
There even was a really annoying German fan – but it wasn’t a screaming girl… it was a maybe 50 year old guy. O.o

Sooo… for now that’s all and I’m off to the center again. :)

Oh yeah, not to forget – and just because now it’s still exciting and it will be annoying in some weeks already, so I have to tell now – seen “Rockstars” aka. “Finns” (if I talk about a “FINN” than its not any finn, it is either a musician, somebody known or somebody reeeally good looking):
-Limette (he scares me Oo)
-Arttu (he’s not a musician, but everyone knows him… so :P)

P.S. If you want to see pics, I updated my photobucket!


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  1. Aurelie Said:

    Don’t be scared with Limette, he is like that, as I told you :) and get used to see those “Finns” :P

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