2 Wins & a flooded shopping center

2nd post today. xD
Yeah, if there’s something to tell, then…

I went to shopping center DUO in Hervanta – again.
And I wore my new shoes – and SURVIVED! WIN 1!

(Here’s a pic, taken by Hanna.

(No, I normally DON’T wear socks in them, it was at home. xD)

Yeah, I wanted to leave again quite soon but within half an hour an incredible thunderstorm had started (it was almost sunny, when I left).
So I went to K-Market and met – guess who – Aurelie. :D
And I found out, that Ristorante Spinaci does not just exist in Helsinki, like Nora told, but also in Tampere. <3
WIN 2!
Life’s good. xD

We were leaving K-Market, when some of the people working there were running around, telling each other water was coming inside through the door, not knowing if they should laugh about or be worried. :D

So Aurelie and me went – again – for a coffee, until it stopped raining. xD



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  1. Aurelie Said:

    that water pool was quite funny !! and when driving , on the road near Duo there was also a huge pool :D

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