HämyVestarit and other stuff…

Good Morning everyone! =D
*eyes clock*

I guess the switch from living-in-Mäntyharju to living-in-Tampere is already done.
At least I slept until 2 o’clock. I can’t remember the last time I slept this long.
In Mäntyharju I always thought that somehow I have to get up not too late, so I always woke up between 9 and 11 (at the latest), no matter what time I went to bed.

But somehow – when I have time to think of it, shame on me .__. – I really miss Mäntyharju and “my” family there. :(
Now I have the friends around me, the going-out, the city life, whatever.
It is what I missed most in Mäntyharju.
And now there’s so much of it and no family at all anymore.
That’s strange somehow. :(

But well…
Yesterday I was – again – to the shopping center in Hervanta. It’s somehow great. And so close.
I bought some groceries and met up with Aurelie for some coffee.

Then – it was Friday and when I lived with my Mum, Friday was cleaning day – I cleaned the flat for the first time. Like everything. :)
I just hope I won’t get some “uh, I’m to pretty to clean toilets”-girlie thing as a flatmate. Or something like that.
Well, in the afternoon Hanna and Ilka came to visit me and we has some “sausage soup” and Karjalanpiirakka with eggbutter. Nom.

Later we went to Hämeenkyrö with Aurelie.
Hämyvestarit was great. <3
We watched Klamydia while sitting in the grass and later got nearer to the stage with Nora, Naddu, Kati & Marko to wait for Uniklubi. :)
It was my 7th concert (I guess I was on just 6 of the Kellys, so Uniklubi are the most-seen now) and the first one, where I didn’t take pictures at all. O.o
I had my camera with me, but I was too lazy.
And it turned out to be a good idea, because the concert gets even better when you don’t have this camera all the time.
Or maybe the concert was just the best I’ve seen so far, as it was in Uniklubi’s hometown and they seem to give their everything there.
We even saw Teemu rapping. It was great! =D
And Jussi was so funny. Somewhen in the middle of the gig he said “You know, it’s the last gig we play with our orchestra, so… I’m gonna be a bit of a hippie now and take those fucking ugly shoes off!” :D So he did. He took off his redpink patent shoes and continued the rest of the gig singing barefoot. xDD
And to top it all – they did play Tunnit.
Jussi alone on stage just with the orchestra.
Thanks for being the first one ever who brought me to tears on a concert, Wuschelchen. xD

So, for now I’m off to the shower. :D Badly needed. :D


  1. Fhina Said:

    Jajaja, die Jungs. Gammel-Assi-Rapper und Happy-Hippie-Jussi XD

  2. mustaenkeli Said:

    XD Ja ja Rapper Tese und Hippie Jussi XD
    War schon seeeeehr geilo und deswegen LIEBE ich das Hämy.
    Heimspiel für die Jungs und sie geben sich noch gleich doppelt soviel Mühe <3
    Ich bin auch eben erst aufgestanden und die Mücken in H:kyrö sind dreist.
    Sie erwischten mich 3 !!! Mal durch die Leggins … ins Knie -.-"

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