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It’s been a week…

Well, as it’s Tuesday now… it’s really been a week.
One week since I left from Mäntyharju. Wow, how time’s running… and I miss it somehow, even if I love my life here.

Today was the day of all days. :D
FINALLY Uniklubi’s Aikasi On Nyt video was shown for the first time. And well, I think it’s quite awesome, even if I just don’t get the sense of those incredible ugly and random flames Jussi’s standing in. But oukay. :D
Stunning to finally see the result of a long and hard working day! =)

(If it doesnt work, ask me to send it directly!)

I got up at 7 in the morning to see it. :D
Well, at least I had some time to clean the cupboards in the kitchen then. Or not really clean, but I put all the dishes and stuff that the previous tenants left into the two smalles cupboards, so that there will be enough free space for my future flatmates.
I am SO social.
And then I tried our laundry room and it passed the test. :D
It’s damn fast (machines are much bigger) and the clothes seem to be clean and smell good. :D What more do you want?
I went to Lidl then to get some groceries. I found so much stuff I used to eat in Germany. *.*
Nürnberger Bratwurst *.* and oven-camembert <3 and FINALLY salami which is light AND cheap!! =D Win!
And spring rolls :D well, I didnt use to eat those in Germany, but they looked so great! =D
And more noodles (tricolore ftw!).
And last but not least I got one spinachpizza from K-Market :D
I just NEED to eat it again somewhen.

Then I met up in the centre with Ilka and Hanna. We went to Pyynikki and…yeah.
On the way back home I finallyfinallyfinally found exactly that kind of sandals I wanted! And even in my size! Winwinwin!

And now in the evening I’ve been to Amadeus for a while with Laurie, Hanna, Ilka, Aurelie and her boyfriend Ville! =)
It was nice, we had lots of fun!

Aurelie and me will go alone again tomorrow as its SUPER TIISTAI which means there are the most popular drinks for just 2.50 €!! :DDD Winwinwinwinwin!

Probably I’ll go to town again tomorrow at daytime. I still have this H&M coupon and then I would like to have another look into the Second Hand Shop I’ve been to with Hanna and Ilka on Sunday.
I found an incredible great jacket there already! :D

But for noooow… I’m soon off to bed.
Don’t foget to have a look at my pics…