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Air ftw!

“The windows are not meant to be opened.”
That’s what TOAS told to Sonja when she went to ask.

“I’m not meant to die due to lack of air.”
That’s what I say, so I went to get an opener for the window.
Finnish window-system ftw! XD

Had to move the desk a little, but at least I can breeeaaaathe now! <3 xD

Yesterday we’ve been to Amadeus as it was Super Tiistai – 15 drinks just 2,50.
We went earlier, cause we thought it might be full, but there was nobodyyyy.
Well, I recognized Melanie on another table somewhen.
Wasn’t sure if it’s her at first, as I never seen her in person, but I had enough drinks to dare going to ask.
And it was her. :D
So Aurelie and me spent the rest of the evening with Melanie and Sanni and yeeep.

Today we’ve been to the city together, some second-hand-shop-shopping (I found the Anger Management DVD for 4 euros XD) and almost-falling-asleep at a bench next to Tammerkoski. xD

Juuuupp, well, that was quite everything. :D
No bar today, neither tomorrow.
Maybe tomorrow again to the center, as it’s Hanna’s last day. =/

And on Friday we’re going to Kusta III, to see Capri playing.
At least Nora, Kati and Naddu are coming. <333
And I just talked to Sonja, she will join to. =)
“It’s gonna be totally awesome!”