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Leffailta. -.-

Actually I wanted to be in Ama or Dokkari now, but noooo.
Randomly my left eye was red and hurting and I decided its better to put out the contacts and remove the make up.
I sooooo hope it’s no inflamation. v.v
But well…

I’m quite amazed about my new headphones right now.
Just cheap ones, but the old ones were so broken I wouldn’t hear anything anymore when walking on a crowded, loud street.
Some songs were so quiet, I couldn’t even hear them clearly when it was silent. :D
Now I hear them. Damn good. xD

I’ve been to the center with Ilka for a while today. :)
Got out of the bus and something bumped into me. Heard someone mumbling “sori” and thought that I know that voice from somewhere.
Looked up, saw a grinning Jussi, that was half a second later walking – or better running – on. ;)
Yepyep. xD
Well yeah… some walking through the city, looking in shops, eating lunch at rax and having awesome bananasplit-flavored icecream with my beloved Ilka then. :)) It was great.

Yesterday we’ve been to Kustaa III with Ilka, Sonja, Julia, Nora, Naddu, Kati & Marko to see the jamsession of Capri.
It was quite nice. She’s really an awesome singer.

Soooo… yeah. I guess that’s it.
Now I’m going to put some more ice on my eye and continue to watch anger management.

Oh, btw. I’m amused.
Just saw 2 rabbits in our yard. Like… wild ones…
Was used to that in Mäntyharju, but now I’m in a city. =D Well, that’s probably just Finland. =)