I was quite happy my left eye healed that fast and I could already wear my contact again on Monday.
And then yesterday evening the right eye started to hurt and get red.
But I’m quite sure that it has got something to do with my contact lenses. I put out the right one right away when recognizing the pain and it’s muuuch better than the left one was…
Maybe I should start to change them MONTHLY *coughs* like I should actually do always.
But so far there never was any problem.

Yesterday was quite awesome.
I met Marilu in the center, she’s on holiday in Finland with her family right now.
We made a little sightseeing tour through Tampere, met Ilka, went to Dogs Home, because Mallu HAD to taste Lonkero, saw unwashed people (again oO) xD, laughed our asses off due to stupid ideas… yeah.
I came home somewhen arround 8 and actually wanted to stay there as I was damn tired.
We also cancelled the plan of going to see Essentia in Amadeus, as Aurelie was a bit ill and Ilka wasn’t well either.
But then I brought the parcels I took from the postman for Sonja over to her place and she and Sylvi (who arrived yesterday) were just about to go to the center just for one drink or something, so I joined.
We met two nice spanish girls there, also exchange students and eventually ended up sitting at Keskustori the whole evening. :) But we had lots of fun.

Today’s plans… doing the laundry, then once again to Lidl and if my eye’s okay maybe getting some drink in the evening… we’ll see. xD



  1. Fhina Said:

    Hehe, so you ate wearing your contcats longer then 1 month, too XD
    I do the same especially as I don’t wear them daily xD

  2. Terry Said:

    Haha yeah I know that problem with the contacts as well. I can only tell you that you should really change them monthly and don’t wear them too long in one day because otherwise you’ll end up like I did. I got a really bad infection, had to sit in the dark for a week and was under quarantine for another 3 weeks. That really sucked. It also caused some permanent damage to my eyes, which is probably the worst part of it. So be careful with that stuff xD

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