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…like hell. v.v

I actually don’t get WHY, cause I slept really long last night and it’s not thaaaat late yet.
Well, maybe it is because I was outside that much.

After doing the laundry I went to DUO again and had a little walk through the center of Hervanta, just to see. :D
Back home I made some food. I decided to try making an omelette, as there were still some eggs left in the fridge.
Well… it looked more like a tomato-pepper-mushroom-ham-egg…hurricane… than like an omelette, but it tasted really good. :D
Tomorrow I’ll try to make polenta with kohlrabi (o.o now I’m puzzled… Kohlrabi is kohlrabi in English? *had to look it up* That’s…funny. XDDDD)… my mum used to do it every now and then and I liked it quite much.
Lets see if I am able to do that stuff too. :D

After lunch I walked to the center again. I made it in one hour. :D But I still can’t believe the walking-path is really 9 kilometres from here to the center. Oo I mean. I’m not able to walk 9km within one hour. oO
Took the bus back home. :) It’s fun, I’ll do that more often.
A while later I saw one of my neighbors from another house going to do some jogging. And I decided after failing last Friday I might try it again.
I did and I was really surprised about myself! I managed to run half an hour and even quite easily. Oo Strange.
Maybe it is because it’s really getting colder.
At least in the evenings.
At daytime it can still get really hot in the sun, but you can feel more and more that autumn is coming. I’m already sitting here in pullovers and even closed the little narrow window, which used to be open all the time. :)
But I like autumn. Not as much as spring, spring is still my favorite… but autumn is great, too.
I don’t like those extremes like summer and winter. ^^
Or well, I would like summer, but I hate when it is too hot, so… noo. :D

Actually I wanted to go to bed. Buuut I should write some fanfic, now that I finally had some ideas again. And then there are more and more people moving in here, even if it’s already midnight.
All the time new people coming. Even saw someone moving in to Sonjas appartment next door. But here… noooobody.
Well, who knows. If they’re coming that late, maybe there will be more. xD

Last but not least and somehow dedicated to my mum… ;)
I found one finnish song from the “The Man Without A Past” soundtrack today and I felt like translating it.

Might be mistakes in it, cause even if it’s actually “really easy finnish” there’s one or two words which confused me, cause they can have 567823245 meanings XD
But it’s a free translation anyways, so who cares? ;D

The Evil Lurks (Paha Vaanii)

Devil’s lying in wait for me behind every corner,
a devious voice is whispering, whereever I gain ground,
at the bottom of the glass of beer his eyes are staring at me,
I see his smile on the lips of the girl next to me.

Devil’s lying in wait for me behind every corner,
this feeling’s following me, whereever I go to,
my luck’s lying in the scale pan all the time,
if he doesn’t come in, he’s waiting at the door.

Lord, help me, keep me in discipline,
on a narrow road, far from all temptations.
Lord, help me, pull my hair,
keep my mind sane and my shirt clean.

This shadow’s always concealing a part of the sun,
his wings are dancing also into more beautiful dreams.
Today I walk smiling, even if I know what’s coming,
how our game’s progressing every day.

Devil’s lying in wait for me behind every corner,
this feeling’s following me, whereever I go to,
I’m susceptible, when my mind’s sad,
it’s easier to flee to my darling’s place.


I can live like I want, if I just stay alert,
nobody’s taking it by force, each you can choose.
From time to time it’s just challenging to control one’s mind,
suicide-pilots aren’t awarded with roses.


Hell, this is melancholic. XD