Good Morniiiing xD

It’s 10 past 7 and I’m awake. Can’t believe it myself, but it’s true. xD
I’m almost ready either.
Actually I wanted to get up at 7, but I couldn’t sleep anymore from 6.20 on, due to headache. Still. ._.
Took a painkiller and it’s a little better already. But I’ll probably better take that stuff to school, too.

Probably I’m just not used to sit and listen anymore. xD
Anyways the first day at school was awesome.
Well, there weren’t any lessons yet, but still. My classmates are really great, there’s nobody of whom I thought Idon’t fing them likeable at first sight, so… good sign. :)
Actually I exspected more international people in my class. There are 2 Germans (*waves*), 1 American, 3 Russians, 1 French, 1 Danish and well, there are 2 more to come who weren’t there yet & who are from idontknowwhere. :D But the rest are finns.
Well, it’s okay with me, so I have finally people to speak finnish with again. :D Yay.
We’ve been to a bar in the evening, with almost all our class and lots of other students, so we could get to know each other a little better.
It was really great.
There are even German speaking finns in my class and I mean like reeeeeally good speaking. *pokes Aleksi and Outi* :D
And I spoke finnish agaaaaaain. :D I missed that. Really.
Jessica, our tutor, even said I wouldn’t sound like a German when speaking finnish. O.O
Not sure if she knows that that’s probably the biggest compliment I could get for my finnish. :D

Tonight there’s the Xchange Welcome Party, but as many of my class are going there I might join, although I’m no exchange student.
But I guess Sonja, Simone, Corinne, etc. will be there, too, so it might be really funny.
There’s also this funny thing called “pubround”, where you get a card and have to collect stamps for each drink you get.
But I’m not sure about that yet, there’s school tomorrow. XD

Well, next week it’s starting. On Thursday. And Friday’s off, as all Fridays are in the first period.
I’ll probably get Wednesdays off, too, cause there’s a swedish-course for the finns who had already some swedish and then a basic-finnish course for foreigners. Erm… nooo? :D
Dani said she could just do the test to prove that she’s too good already for a beginner’s course and then she got the credits right away and didn’t have to attend the course. Sounds like a plan. xD
And today I’ll probably see if there’s any chance to get a high-leveled finnish course and a basic swedish course for foreigners.
I want to learn swedish, yay!
(Shame on me, I’m not finnish enough yet then, as definitely NO finn wants to learn swedish. xDDD What was that, Janne? “Do we really have to taaaake that swedish course thing? v.v” xD)

I’ll meet Liza in one hour, she knows another bus stop, which is a little farer, but not too far. And there’s a bus


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