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It’s again 10.

Gotta get up in about 8 hours because i again have to take a shower in the morning.
And after that happy Marketing, IT and Chinese, yay.

Well, aaaaaaactually I planned to be home at 4 to do my laundry.
But after I dyed Miia’s hair at her place I decided to go to the cinema with her, Mira, Anniina and Outi. It was nice.
We watched Step Up 3, which is really a cool movie, even though I don’t like dance movies normally. :D
After that we had coffee at Miia’s place, so I was home around 8.30 instead of 4. x)
But well, it’s nice to do something with friends again after a too long time, so I won’t complain.

Actually my arms still hurt, as I just recognized, because I begin to be oh-so-sporty.
I went to try out Parkour with Alisa and Molski on Monday. It was something I always wanted to try and I am soooo happy I did. It’s definitely the coolest sport ever… like EVER ever!
It’s damn exhausting, but it’s actually not as hard as I thought. Basically everyone can do it, as long as they stay on their own level and don’t try to do stuff they’re just not able to.
The only thing I failed in, was getting up the 2,5 metres high wall next to Tammerkoski. But I’ll keep on practising and somewhen I’ll get up there. There even is a group which is meeting every now and then to just have some training together. I’ll so go there!
Yesterday I didn’t even have sore muscles, just blue knees. xD
But I went to play floorball in the evening, this time with sticks and with floorball. :D It was awesome, but today my whole body hurts so… yeah. =D

Today I had to get up at 7.45 to be at Anttila at 9.
Kultakalaaaaaat is out now! :D

My private album review here!!!

1) Ikuinen ☆☆☆☆★
First thought like: “What’s that supposed to be?”
It kinda scared me. It still does, somehow. Too many words in a too short period. Oô
One of those songs I have to listen more often and more closely to, to get “friends” with it.
For now I don’t like it that much…
Not good as a “starter”.

2) Aikasi On Nyt ★★★★★
I was about to give 4 stars, but actually. It IS an awesome song. Not just because it will always be something special for me personal, as it remembers me of the video shoot. :P
But it’s a song like “Kukka” is. Something special, something different like the others on the album. Nice difference between slow and fast parts, I like that.
Translated already looong ago. :D

3) Valvekooma ★★★★★
It is one of the best songs of the album, that’s for sure.
I was about to call it my favorite song. Right now I’m not dure if it is, or if it’s Kultakalat. x)
But… it IS awesome. It just puts you in a good mood and makes you wanna jump around. Jeeejeeee. :DDD
Translated – and cursed Teemu for the used cases! xD

4) Kultakalat ★★★★★
Yeah, participant no 2 for the “fave song”-battle. :D
I could cry after the first line. It is AWESOME. Aww, aww. Just one of those Tunnit-style songs.
Goosebumps and stuff.
I also really LOVE the lyrics. Not just the first line.
The image of this “groundless sea” is so…. can’t say. <3
Translated either.

5) Juhlahuone ☆☆★★★
Jep. I like it, but it’s not yet one of my faves.
Got to listen to it more often.
But I really do like the rythm and the guitars. And the beginning. :) I guess when I listen to it more often, I’ll like it much better.

6) Hopea ☆☆★★★
Also one of those, which I like, but there’s something missing (or not yet found) which makes me really fall for them. Oô
Somehow I like the beginning of the refrain though.

7) Maailman puhaltaa ☆★★★★
A slow song and I always love slow songs. The refrain is awesome, the melody is, too, and yeah… it is a really, really good song. “Only” 4 stars because… it is still not as good as Kultakalat etc. xD

8) Silkkiin käärittyinä ☆☆☆★★
The very first thing to notice about was “who is supposed to be able to write or pronounce “käärittyinä” in the right way? xD
Didn’t listen to it too much, so I can’t say much either.
But somehow its not staying in my mind that good, so theres something missing again. Although it has (as actually most of the album’s songs) a good refrain.

9) Poispäin minusta ★★★★★
Fave song no 3. :D
Just awesome, awesome, awesome. Don’t know what more to say. It’s direct, it’s exactly what you should scream into some peoples faces. Roooocks.
Up next to translate.

10) Sinä maalaat mieleni ☆☆☆☆★
I dont even know why, it just is. Because one song has to be, because it is the last song of the album, like the lasts albums weirdo song is too. xD Can’t say.
Have to listen to it more often either.

Yep. That was it.
Maybe I’ll take the booklet to school tomorrow, we dont do anything in IT anyways. XDDDD
Then I cant translate some more songs. :)



I’m here and not at school. Jee. x)

Came to school in the morning and Jaakko was like “Thank god it’s just a short day today.” “Wut?” What do I not know again?
Well, we got an email saying that Saris lesson is cancelled at 7:44am. I was on my way to the bus stop already at that time. I really hope we won’t ever get an email at 7:44am saying that the lesson at 8.30 is cancelled. O.ô xD

But yeah… no Introduction to Tourism. I won’t complain, even if it means no Dani either. Möh. xD
I’m dead tired anyways, I slept horrible.
Still I wanna go to try out Parkour with Alisa today. Wondering if its possible, I didnt know that we gotta sign up.
But well, we will see. :D

Okay, what else?
Our trip to Seitseminen on Thursday was really great and we got lots of good feedback from the echange students we took with us. :)
The rest of the weekend I did pretty much… nothing. Except cutting my hair on Saturday. xD Just for fun.
I like it a lot and people seem to agree actually. :D The only problem is that I probably have to get up an hour earlier from now on, as my hair looks like crap if I don’t wash it in the morning. ^.^

Yesterday I played nerd spending fucking 4,5 hours on school stuff. Yeah, call me insane. xD

Aaaaaaaaand… guess what!?
Two more days until Uniklubi’s new album. Yay! :D


Isn’t it funny?
People tend to laugh about internet-friendship, as it is “so unreal” and not as good as a “real” friendship.
Still those internet-friendships are the ones to last longer than the so called “real ones” and the friends won’t let you down, neither forget you as soon as you move away…
So what to prefer?
But well, it might be just naive to think that friendship lasts forever. Or maybe real friendship does, but we (me?) are too quick in calling somebody a friend?
I”m confronted with two categories of “friends” right now… some I knew for barely one year, the others I knew many years… neither of them seem to care of me anymore…
No, I’m not “oh so emo”, I just recognized it. And I’ll get along with it. In my classmates I have found new awesome friends – or, if you might say it’s too early to call them friends after 3 weeks, at least good friends to be.
And I’m quite happy to have at least one friend which is most likely to be an example for a friendship that lasts forever – or at least beyond a move. Thanks Sandi. <3

Buuuuuuuut enough of that.
I actually planned on playing Floorball today, as it is offered for free at TAMK. Buuuut… somebody borrowed the sticks without returning them. They decided to play Basketball instead and I am SO bad at Basketball. Thought bout going to the gym then, but there are like ONLY guys. :S

What else? School blah. Yeah, I so won’t tell you about every lesson.
But we have teachers that crawl around on hotel floors to check if there’s dirt under the carpets. Yep. Beat that.

It’s Tuesday.
That means tonight is probably party at my asocial neighbours place. They will scream like insane and throw glass bottles in the yard again. At 3 am. I’m so looking forward.

And my stomach hurts. So do my head and my throat.


I’m bored, just to warn you beforehand.
I have 1,5 hours left until Chinese class and as it wasn’t worth to go home at all, I stayed in school and caught a computer in the library. ^.^

The day has been more or less senseless, except Marketing lesson.
Me and Anniina came there at 8.50. Normally we start at 8.30 but Annikki said last week, that we’d start at 9.15 today because of those Tursajaiset yesterday (half of the class was missing due to them anyways). All the people who decided to come to school + Annikki were already there. Since 8.30. And Annikki refused to believe she said anything bout 9.15…
Who cares, she wasn’t angry that we were late either. :D

We did some unimportant things and started to talk about our project then. Which was a problem cause neither the project manager nor the subgroup leaders were there.
And the posters my grou wanted to print already on Tuesday weren’t ready either. So how should we inform the exchange students?
But we got the poster problem solved during the lesson and Annikki gave me the email adress of the teacher who tales care of the exchange students. I mailed him and only a few mins later he had forwarded the mail to all his exchange students.
When I checked later I already had some people who wanted to join. Jee.

After a – again – way too short lunchbreak we had IT.
If we had to pay studyfees, I’d demand them back.
Really… the only IT-related thing we did (or the only thing he did as a part of “teaching” us) was how to create and print a both-side-printed nameplate in Word. Wow.
The rest of the lesson he spent with talking about which internet connection you should order when living in Tampere, which laptop you should get, whoch programmes, which printer and – as Miia told me, I didn’t hear it – the difference between laptop keyboards and normal ones.

After the lesson I met the teacher of the basic finnish course. I went there like “Hi, I sent you a message, I’m…” (in finnish of course) and she was like “Yeah, you are way too good for that course. You don’t need to attend, just takethe test together with the others in December.”
Okay! xD

Yeah… what more to tell?
Tursajaiset yesterday.
It was fun.
A bunch of animals, secret agents and tourists fooling around at Pyynikki (seeecret location), singing danish songs, playing games like “Freeze when you got hit by the dildo and be free when someone “fucks” you.”… O.o (I told the girl there, that her class seems weird somehow by making up games like that. She laughed. O.o xD)

We had not enough time to do all of the games, but at least it was fun. :D
Spent some time at Mira’s after that with again some REALLY wasted people. XD
And then we were off to Love Hotel. (After thinking about a student band. xD Trent and Sami want to found one and Joonas, Aurelie and me will maybe be a part of it xDDD maybemaybe as I didn’t play bass in ages, but if someone gives me the tabs I should be able to xD)
We left from Love Hotel quite early, due to school today.
But still it was an awesome day all in all.
Still happy not to have school tomorrow, I’m still tired and almost spending 12 hours in school today. x)

Noooow I’m gonna check if we got more participants for our trip to Seitseminen.
Somehow it’s SOOOOO much fun to plan and manage this. *.*
I guess I really chose the right degree programme.

And I’m still very satisfied with my classmates.
Yesterday at Mira’s Aurelie and me noticed, that it’s somehow so strange that people you know for 2 weeks are already such good friends, that it feels like you’ve known them for years! =)))

10STOURI forever. <3
I love you guys! xD

4,5 weeks…

…in Tampere and I am already annoyed.
Not of the city or the life here, not at all. It’s this childish behaviour between all those people who have something to do with the local bands. No matter if they know them in person or are just normal fans…
It’s always like “You like her? OMG, she’s so stupid, if you like her, you have to be stupid, too.” – even if they have been friends with “you” for months. Now they will hate “you” because “you” is friends with “her” – a person they hate (no matter for what reason)!
Same thing if “you” starts not to like “her”, for what ever reason, but they are friends with “her”. “Why do you hate her, she’s my friend, now I hate you, too!”
[No, it’s not bad grammar “you” and “her” are seen as persons and you can put any name instead of “you” and “her”…]
Basically if you’re living in Tampere you have to exspect to be hated by people you don’t even know. Because you’re friends with the “wrong” people.
It’s like “Hey, you can’t be friends with him, he stole my shovel!”…
Don’t we all remember that?
No, actually I don’t think it is funny.
It’s rather sad.
Me personally… I don’t want to be hated for being friends with someone or for not liking someone or – also very popular in Tampere – for being German.
I want people to get to know me and when they know me and decide “OMG, this girl’s damn stupid!” THEN and just THEN they are allowed to hate me.
But well, I can write books about that, nothing will ever change, so…

Lets talk about more funny things…

Or rather yesterday…
What a day. I’m still stunned I survived! :D
My alarmclock rang at 6.30, as I wasn’t sure when Simone and Corinne have to leave the house, so I planned more time. 3 girls, 1 bathroom, ya know? :D
I also planned more time for getting to school, because the busses in Tampere love to be late. Of course then that I had lots of time, the busses were all exactly in time. Awesooome. XD

But okay, I had enough time to go to the students office again (which was opened for exactly 2 hours yesterday) and I got the school certificate. Yay.

After that – first Marketing lesson with Annikki.
In a room full of computers with internet access. Big fault. :D
Well, even if Annikki was talking about stuff we knew already concerning the school, etc, we didn’t yet dare to be in Facebook, etc. all the time. It was like “*check facebook quickly**close window*” every now and then.
And then we didn’t have time for that anymore because we got the first project!
Planning and carrying out a trip to a national park for us, some teachers, tutors and exchange students. That’s SO exciting. xD Because it’s the first task…
We’ll see how it works.

Short lunch break and then next lesson – IT with Heikki.
He was talking about aaaaaall the stuff we already knew, we were in Facebook – ALL the time. XD I wonder if he didn’t recognize everyone’s typing.
But I could imagine he did but didn’t care. I mean, why should he? It’s our fault if we miss something, we’re old enough… so…
After IT I went to the TAMKO office, to get the tickets for Alkumetri and Tursajaiset and after that to the center. I put the letter with the certificate to the post office and got the book for the finnish lesson.
Then I rushed home. Well, I didn’t because the bus left right in front of my nose. But still… xD
I had 45 minutes at home before I left to school again
Chinese lesson.
It was fun actually, but I’m scared though. There are 190 of these so called “radicals” which are the basis for the over 80.000 different symbols… like an alphabet…. and Yan said she’ll teach us at least 100 of them. O_O We will see…

After Chinese we went right to Trent’s place to have a little “party” before Alkumetri.
It was really nice. :) Thanks to Trent. :D

Alkumetri was fun, too. :D
Even without getting drunk. xD
Just dancing, partying and having an awesome time with the great people from my class.
Even if Janne got in a “fight” with some drunken idiot who broke his glasses then. -.-” But apart from that it was a great evening.
I still want that sitting-corner in Love Hotel with posters of Negative, Flinch and Uniklubi and guitars on the walls. :DDD
I was at home at half past 4 and awake again at 11.
Did the laundry, cleaned the bathroom & toilet and went to the center to search and not find the chinese book we need. v.v
Well, whatever…
By the way I had some nice chat with Kati about the things going on in Tampere (see top) while writing this.
Nice to see that somebody shares my opinion! :)
Thanks to you. <3

And now… I’m soon off to bed. :D

I do need…

…anger management.
Really, something has to be wrong with me! I got that phases every now and then (like right now) that I am just damn angry for no specific reason. Oo
Nothing has happened, I don’t have any reason to be angry and I’m actually not even angry on somebody in particular, not even myself. But I could explode about the simplest things.
(So – rather not post any oh-so-funny comments about this or I might freak out. For no reason, as mentioned XD but well)

Just came home from the first advanced finnish lesson. And it’s like really advanced. You’re totally lost if you’re not able to understand at least 90-95% of what people say.
But well, it was quite nice actually, even if I’m probably the only one thinking like that. XD

What else to tell, except like TONS?
The more I have to write, the lazier I get and the more it gets therefor. -.- Damnit.

Lets start with a little note to all the people in my house and the houses around.
“Dear whoever.
If you think it’s neccessary to randomly scream like insane and throw glass bottles from the windows into the yard in the middle of the fucking night, feel free to do that.
If I should have to wake up the next morning and can’t sleep cause of you, it might have consequences.
I don’t hesitate to put my alarm clock to 7.30 on Sunday mornings and vacuum the whole flat twice – including the ceilings!
Neither do I hesitate to ring your doorbell randomly or carry the vacuum cleaner over to your house to vacuum the floors, ceilings and doors in the hallway twice, if you shouldn’t live in my house.
NEITHER do I hesitate to call the police if it grows over the border of a normal “party”, which it did last night!
Much love,

So. That explains everything, I guess.

Then lets jump back to last Thursday right after the last entry.
I DID join pubcrawl and it definitely was a mistake. Well, not pubcrawl, but the consumed amouts of alcohol.
I was suffering Friday morning in school. Badly.
But it was lots of fun, as we got to know each other better and… yeah. <3

Friday evening I was at Nana’s and Dani’s place together with Anni. It was awesome. :)
We had barbecue and a great time.

Most to tell abou Saturday actually, but I’ll keep it short.
We’ve been to Särkänniemi in 12°C and rain with way too less clothes.
And I dared to go to rollercoasters. Like… ME. :D
To quite many actually and almost all of them were fun. :D
I also dared to go up the tower, although I hate elevators and it was worth it. ^^
We spent 9 hours there with rollercoasters, dolphinarium, aquarium, planetarium, tower, fireworks and of couuurse, the Uniklubi gig. <3 :D
No 8.
And I so fell in love with Pasi. xDDDDDDD
He was actually greeting me from stage. I thought he meant somebody behind me, but when I looked, there wasn’t anyone and when I turned back he was grinning and winking at me. *.*
He is awesome.
I mean, I knew that before… but… yeah. xD
I also met Milla there, after we knew each other for so long on the internet but never met. :) It was really nice to see her. <3

So after 9 hours me and Sylvi left (the rest of our group, we were 12-14 ppl at the beginning, was lost).
Then there was this second UK gig that day in Amarillo and it actually was K22.
But I tried and got in without any problems. :D
Met Nora, Kati and Naddu there. <3
And the guys played three of the new songs.
I’m waiting for the album even more now.
Exspecially Kultakalat is suuuuch an awesome song. <3

Jam session at Amadeus with Nana and Dani.

Being in the city with Ilka who left finland today :( and watching her and Lessa trying to get their suitcases packed. XD It was funny.
In the evening we’ve been to Pancho Villa to eat with Ilka, Lessa, Caitlin and Karen. :)

Oh, that was yesterday. Not much happened.
Overslept, missed half of my laundry shift – briiick. (Oh, got to explain that. It’s actually Lauries fault. In her comics ( Janne loves to throw bricks when he’s annoyed by someone. xD
At some point me and Kerri started to write “briiiiiick” in MSN whenever something was going wrong or was annoying us. XD So don’t ask… xD)
In the evening Nora came and we made awesome food together. And she brought even more awesome cake.

Today I went to TAMK to get the school certificate, but noooo…. I’ve been there at 1.30, the student office closes at 1. Typical case of what? Correct. BRIIIIICK.
I’ll do that tomorrow.
Have enough time. 3 hours Marketing, 3 hours IT and 3 hours of *damdamdam* CHINESE. XD
I’m so stupid. I badly wanted to learn some other language but the only basic course taught in English is for – Germaaaan. -.-”
Well, so lets see what chinese brings. x)
And in the evening Alkumetri. Studentparty. XD Not that much alcohol this time, even if there’s no school on Friday. xD

Nothing more to tell I guess.
I’m a little annoyed by several things, which I won’t write in here, as I don’t want the people who are concerned to know about it. Yet.
Although they probably don’t even care anyways.
I’ll tell about that to those who are worth knowing it in person. So ask. or not.