I do need…

…anger management.
Really, something has to be wrong with me! I got that phases every now and then (like right now) that I am just damn angry for no specific reason. Oo
Nothing has happened, I don’t have any reason to be angry and I’m actually not even angry on somebody in particular, not even myself. But I could explode about the simplest things.
(So – rather not post any oh-so-funny comments about this or I might freak out. For no reason, as mentioned XD but well)

Just came home from the first advanced finnish lesson. And it’s like really advanced. You’re totally lost if you’re not able to understand at least 90-95% of what people say.
But well, it was quite nice actually, even if I’m probably the only one thinking like that. XD

What else to tell, except like TONS?
The more I have to write, the lazier I get and the more it gets therefor. -.- Damnit.

Lets start with a little note to all the people in my house and the houses around.
“Dear whoever.
If you think it’s neccessary to randomly scream like insane and throw glass bottles from the windows into the yard in the middle of the fucking night, feel free to do that.
If I should have to wake up the next morning and can’t sleep cause of you, it might have consequences.
I don’t hesitate to put my alarm clock to 7.30 on Sunday mornings and vacuum the whole flat twice – including the ceilings!
Neither do I hesitate to ring your doorbell randomly or carry the vacuum cleaner over to your house to vacuum the floors, ceilings and doors in the hallway twice, if you shouldn’t live in my house.
NEITHER do I hesitate to call the police if it grows over the border of a normal “party”, which it did last night!
Much love,

So. That explains everything, I guess.

Then lets jump back to last Thursday right after the last entry.
I DID join pubcrawl and it definitely was a mistake. Well, not pubcrawl, but the consumed amouts of alcohol.
I was suffering Friday morning in school. Badly.
But it was lots of fun, as we got to know each other better and… yeah. <3

Friday evening I was at Nana’s and Dani’s place together with Anni. It was awesome. :)
We had barbecue and a great time.

Most to tell abou Saturday actually, but I’ll keep it short.
We’ve been to Särkänniemi in 12°C and rain with way too less clothes.
And I dared to go to rollercoasters. Like… ME. :D
To quite many actually and almost all of them were fun. :D
I also dared to go up the tower, although I hate elevators and it was worth it. ^^
We spent 9 hours there with rollercoasters, dolphinarium, aquarium, planetarium, tower, fireworks and of couuurse, the Uniklubi gig. <3 :D
No 8.
And I so fell in love with Pasi. xDDDDDDD
He was actually greeting me from stage. I thought he meant somebody behind me, but when I looked, there wasn’t anyone and when I turned back he was grinning and winking at me. *.*
He is awesome.
I mean, I knew that before… but… yeah. xD
I also met Milla there, after we knew each other for so long on the internet but never met. :) It was really nice to see her. <3

So after 9 hours me and Sylvi left (the rest of our group, we were 12-14 ppl at the beginning, was lost).
Then there was this second UK gig that day in Amarillo and it actually was K22.
But I tried and got in without any problems. :D
Met Nora, Kati and Naddu there. <3
And the guys played three of the new songs.
I’m waiting for the album even more now.
Exspecially Kultakalat is suuuuch an awesome song. <3

Jam session at Amadeus with Nana and Dani.

Being in the city with Ilka who left finland today :( and watching her and Lessa trying to get their suitcases packed. XD It was funny.
In the evening we’ve been to Pancho Villa to eat with Ilka, Lessa, Caitlin and Karen. :)

Oh, that was yesterday. Not much happened.
Overslept, missed half of my laundry shift – briiick. (Oh, got to explain that. It’s actually Lauries fault. In her comics (www.closet-inc.com) Janne loves to throw bricks when he’s annoyed by someone. xD
At some point me and Kerri started to write “briiiiiick” in MSN whenever something was going wrong or was annoying us. XD So don’t ask… xD)
In the evening Nora came and we made awesome food together. And she brought even more awesome cake.

Today I went to TAMK to get the school certificate, but noooo…. I’ve been there at 1.30, the student office closes at 1. Typical case of what? Correct. BRIIIIICK.
I’ll do that tomorrow.
Have enough time. 3 hours Marketing, 3 hours IT and 3 hours of *damdamdam* CHINESE. XD
I’m so stupid. I badly wanted to learn some other language but the only basic course taught in English is for – Germaaaan. -.-”
Well, so lets see what chinese brings. x)
And in the evening Alkumetri. Studentparty. XD Not that much alcohol this time, even if there’s no school on Friday. xD

Nothing more to tell I guess.
I’m a little annoyed by several things, which I won’t write in here, as I don’t want the people who are concerned to know about it. Yet.
Although they probably don’t even care anyways.
I’ll tell about that to those who are worth knowing it in person. So ask. or not.



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  1. Laurie Said:

    “Oh, got to explain that. It’s actually Lauries fault. In her comics (www.closet-inc.com) Janne loves to throw bricks when he’s annoyed by someone. xD
    At some point me and Kerri started to write “briiiiiick” in MSN whenever something was going wrong or was annoying us.”

    LOL XD I had NO idea XDXD
    I also didn’t know you had a blog. Thank you statcounter for the reverse stalking 8)

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