4,5 weeks…

…in Tampere and I am already annoyed.
Not of the city or the life here, not at all. It’s this childish behaviour between all those people who have something to do with the local bands. No matter if they know them in person or are just normal fans…
It’s always like “You like her? OMG, she’s so stupid, if you like her, you have to be stupid, too.” – even if they have been friends with “you” for months. Now they will hate “you” because “you” is friends with “her” – a person they hate (no matter for what reason)!
Same thing if “you” starts not to like “her”, for what ever reason, but they are friends with “her”. “Why do you hate her, she’s my friend, now I hate you, too!”
[No, it’s not bad grammar “you” and “her” are seen as persons and you can put any name instead of “you” and “her”…]
Basically if you’re living in Tampere you have to exspect to be hated by people you don’t even know. Because you’re friends with the “wrong” people.
It’s like “Hey, you can’t be friends with him, he stole my shovel!”…
Don’t we all remember that?
No, actually I don’t think it is funny.
It’s rather sad.
Me personally… I don’t want to be hated for being friends with someone or for not liking someone or – also very popular in Tampere – for being German.
I want people to get to know me and when they know me and decide “OMG, this girl’s damn stupid!” THEN and just THEN they are allowed to hate me.
But well, I can write books about that, nothing will ever change, so…

Lets talk about more funny things…

Or rather yesterday…
What a day. I’m still stunned I survived! :D
My alarmclock rang at 6.30, as I wasn’t sure when Simone and Corinne have to leave the house, so I planned more time. 3 girls, 1 bathroom, ya know? :D
I also planned more time for getting to school, because the busses in Tampere love to be late. Of course then that I had lots of time, the busses were all exactly in time. Awesooome. XD

But okay, I had enough time to go to the students office again (which was opened for exactly 2 hours yesterday) and I got the school certificate. Yay.

After that – first Marketing lesson with Annikki.
In a room full of computers with internet access. Big fault. :D
Well, even if Annikki was talking about stuff we knew already concerning the school, etc, we didn’t yet dare to be in Facebook, etc. all the time. It was like “*check facebook quickly**close window*” every now and then.
And then we didn’t have time for that anymore because we got the first project!
Planning and carrying out a trip to a national park for us, some teachers, tutors and exchange students. That’s SO exciting. xD Because it’s the first task…
We’ll see how it works.

Short lunch break and then next lesson – IT with Heikki.
He was talking about aaaaaall the stuff we already knew, we were in Facebook – ALL the time. XD I wonder if he didn’t recognize everyone’s typing.
But I could imagine he did but didn’t care. I mean, why should he? It’s our fault if we miss something, we’re old enough… so…
After IT I went to the TAMKO office, to get the tickets for Alkumetri and Tursajaiset and after that to the center. I put the letter with the certificate to the post office and got the book for the finnish lesson.
Then I rushed home. Well, I didn’t because the bus left right in front of my nose. But still… xD
I had 45 minutes at home before I left to school again
Chinese lesson.
It was fun actually, but I’m scared though. There are 190 of these so called “radicals” which are the basis for the over 80.000 different symbols… like an alphabet…. and Yan said she’ll teach us at least 100 of them. O_O We will see…

After Chinese we went right to Trent’s place to have a little “party” before Alkumetri.
It was really nice. :) Thanks to Trent. :D

Alkumetri was fun, too. :D
Even without getting drunk. xD
Just dancing, partying and having an awesome time with the great people from my class.
Even if Janne got in a “fight” with some drunken idiot who broke his glasses then. -.-” But apart from that it was a great evening.
I still want that sitting-corner in Love Hotel with posters of Negative, Flinch and Uniklubi and guitars on the walls. :DDD
I was at home at half past 4 and awake again at 11.
Did the laundry, cleaned the bathroom & toilet and went to the center to search and not find the chinese book we need. v.v
Well, whatever…
By the way I had some nice chat with Kati about the things going on in Tampere (see top) while writing this.
Nice to see that somebody shares my opinion! :)
Thanks to you. <3

And now… I’m soon off to bed. :D


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  1. mustaenkeli Said:

    Naaa not for that.
    I told you what I was told and why I am sick and tired of this BS.
    Another reason for me to stay in HKI… Far away from sand throwing, shovel fights and “U destroyed my sand cake I hate you”

    Nighty night <3

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