I’m bored, just to warn you beforehand.
I have 1,5 hours left until Chinese class and as it wasn’t worth to go home at all, I stayed in school and caught a computer in the library. ^.^

The day has been more or less senseless, except Marketing lesson.
Me and Anniina came there at 8.50. Normally we start at 8.30 but Annikki said last week, that we’d start at 9.15 today because of those Tursajaiset yesterday (half of the class was missing due to them anyways). All the people who decided to come to school + Annikki were already there. Since 8.30. And Annikki refused to believe she said anything bout 9.15…
Who cares, she wasn’t angry that we were late either. :D

We did some unimportant things and started to talk about our project then. Which was a problem cause neither the project manager nor the subgroup leaders were there.
And the posters my grou wanted to print already on Tuesday weren’t ready either. So how should we inform the exchange students?
But we got the poster problem solved during the lesson and Annikki gave me the email adress of the teacher who tales care of the exchange students. I mailed him and only a few mins later he had forwarded the mail to all his exchange students.
When I checked later I already had some people who wanted to join. Jee.

After a – again – way too short lunchbreak we had IT.
If we had to pay studyfees, I’d demand them back.
Really… the only IT-related thing we did (or the only thing he did as a part of “teaching” us) was how to create and print a both-side-printed nameplate in Word. Wow.
The rest of the lesson he spent with talking about which internet connection you should order when living in Tampere, which laptop you should get, whoch programmes, which printer and – as Miia told me, I didn’t hear it – the difference between laptop keyboards and normal ones.

After the lesson I met the teacher of the basic finnish course. I went there like “Hi, I sent you a message, I’m…” (in finnish of course) and she was like “Yeah, you are way too good for that course. You don’t need to attend, just takethe test together with the others in December.”
Okay! xD

Yeah… what more to tell?
Tursajaiset yesterday.
It was fun.
A bunch of animals, secret agents and tourists fooling around at Pyynikki (seeecret location), singing danish songs, playing games like “Freeze when you got hit by the dildo and be free when someone “fucks” you.”… O.o (I told the girl there, that her class seems weird somehow by making up games like that. She laughed. O.o xD)

We had not enough time to do all of the games, but at least it was fun. :D
Spent some time at Mira’s after that with again some REALLY wasted people. XD
And then we were off to Love Hotel. (After thinking about a student band. xD Trent and Sami want to found one and Joonas, Aurelie and me will maybe be a part of it xDDD maybemaybe as I didn’t play bass in ages, but if someone gives me the tabs I should be able to xD)
We left from Love Hotel quite early, due to school today.
But still it was an awesome day all in all.
Still happy not to have school tomorrow, I’m still tired and almost spending 12 hours in school today. x)

Noooow I’m gonna check if we got more participants for our trip to Seitseminen.
Somehow it’s SOOOOO much fun to plan and manage this. *.*
I guess I really chose the right degree programme.

And I’m still very satisfied with my classmates.
Yesterday at Mira’s Aurelie and me noticed, that it’s somehow so strange that people you know for 2 weeks are already such good friends, that it feels like you’ve known them for years! =)))

10STOURI forever. <3
I love you guys! xD



  1. Dad Said:

    Should I send your bass guitar? ;-)

  2. Dani Said:

    I already said I am somehow jealous. I wish we had started the same year :)
    Cos I really *do* like you a lot. Always looking forward now to those monday lessons. Hope you’ll keep the place for me again. ^^

    Big Hugs,

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