Isn’t it funny?
People tend to laugh about internet-friendship, as it is “so unreal” and not as good as a “real” friendship.
Still those internet-friendships are the ones to last longer than the so called “real ones” and the friends won’t let you down, neither forget you as soon as you move away…
So what to prefer?
But well, it might be just naive to think that friendship lasts forever. Or maybe real friendship does, but we (me?) are too quick in calling somebody a friend?
I”m confronted with two categories of “friends” right now… some I knew for barely one year, the others I knew many years… neither of them seem to care of me anymore…
No, I’m not “oh so emo”, I just recognized it. And I’ll get along with it. In my classmates I have found new awesome friends – or, if you might say it’s too early to call them friends after 3 weeks, at least good friends to be.
And I’m quite happy to have at least one friend which is most likely to be an example for a friendship that lasts forever – or at least beyond a move. Thanks Sandi. <3

Buuuuuuuut enough of that.
I actually planned on playing Floorball today, as it is offered for free at TAMK. Buuuut… somebody borrowed the sticks without returning them. They decided to play Basketball instead and I am SO bad at Basketball. Thought bout going to the gym then, but there are like ONLY guys. :S

What else? School blah. Yeah, I so won’t tell you about every lesson.
But we have teachers that crawl around on hotel floors to check if there’s dirt under the carpets. Yep. Beat that.

It’s Tuesday.
That means tonight is probably party at my asocial neighbours place. They will scream like insane and throw glass bottles in the yard again. At 3 am. I’m so looking forward.

And my stomach hurts. So do my head and my throat.



  1. mustaenkeli Said:

    I so can refer to this thoughts.
    I also often ask myself, if I am naive and call people too fast friends and I don´t make any differences between “online” and “real” friends.

    Grübel nicht zuviel, das macht es leider auch nicht besser *hug*

  2. Dani Said:

    I didn’t know that it is possible to do sports at our school xD. What else do they offer? Do you have a plan or a link to some site?

    And about the friend-thing. I think it refers to a person’s character and how you really connect to him/her. Sometimes somebody already is a friend when you barely know him and it lasts forever. Nowadays people are mostly only friend-collecting and just because you get along quite well for a while it does not mean you really “tied” yourself together.
    Don’t get too upset. Try to talk – maybe you can something figure out or just set a “done”-mark behind his/her name…
    Even it hurts. It seems the person is not worth your caring.

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