I’m here and not at school. Jee. x)

Came to school in the morning and Jaakko was like “Thank god it’s just a short day today.” “Wut?” What do I not know again?
Well, we got an email saying that Saris lesson is cancelled at 7:44am. I was on my way to the bus stop already at that time. I really hope we won’t ever get an email at 7:44am saying that the lesson at 8.30 is cancelled. O.ô xD

But yeah… no Introduction to Tourism. I won’t complain, even if it means no Dani either. Möh. xD
I’m dead tired anyways, I slept horrible.
Still I wanna go to try out Parkour with Alisa today. Wondering if its possible, I didnt know that we gotta sign up.
But well, we will see. :D

Okay, what else?
Our trip to Seitseminen on Thursday was really great and we got lots of good feedback from the echange students we took with us. :)
The rest of the weekend I did pretty much… nothing. Except cutting my hair on Saturday. xD Just for fun.
I like it a lot and people seem to agree actually. :D The only problem is that I probably have to get up an hour earlier from now on, as my hair looks like crap if I don’t wash it in the morning. ^.^

Yesterday I played nerd spending fucking 4,5 hours on school stuff. Yeah, call me insane. xD

Aaaaaaaaand… guess what!?
Two more days until Uniklubi’s new album. Yay! :D



  1. Aurelie Said:

    you forgot : you were at my place saturday evening, and we did, well, nothing XD :D

  2. LahjaDea Said:

    I like your hair, too. You nerd :)
    But it would look even better with the H&M skirt XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

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