It’s again 10.

Gotta get up in about 8 hours because i again have to take a shower in the morning.
And after that happy Marketing, IT and Chinese, yay.

Well, aaaaaaactually I planned to be home at 4 to do my laundry.
But after I dyed Miia’s hair at her place I decided to go to the cinema with her, Mira, Anniina and Outi. It was nice.
We watched Step Up 3, which is really a cool movie, even though I don’t like dance movies normally. :D
After that we had coffee at Miia’s place, so I was home around 8.30 instead of 4. x)
But well, it’s nice to do something with friends again after a too long time, so I won’t complain.

Actually my arms still hurt, as I just recognized, because I begin to be oh-so-sporty.
I went to try out Parkour with Alisa and Molski on Monday. It was something I always wanted to try and I am soooo happy I did. It’s definitely the coolest sport ever… like EVER ever!
It’s damn exhausting, but it’s actually not as hard as I thought. Basically everyone can do it, as long as they stay on their own level and don’t try to do stuff they’re just not able to.
The only thing I failed in, was getting up the 2,5 metres high wall next to Tammerkoski. But I’ll keep on practising and somewhen I’ll get up there. There even is a group which is meeting every now and then to just have some training together. I’ll so go there!
Yesterday I didn’t even have sore muscles, just blue knees. xD
But I went to play floorball in the evening, this time with sticks and with floorball. :D It was awesome, but today my whole body hurts so… yeah. =D

Today I had to get up at 7.45 to be at Anttila at 9.
Kultakalaaaaaat is out now! :D

My private album review here!!!

1) Ikuinen ☆☆☆☆★
First thought like: “What’s that supposed to be?”
It kinda scared me. It still does, somehow. Too many words in a too short period. Oô
One of those songs I have to listen more often and more closely to, to get “friends” with it.
For now I don’t like it that much…
Not good as a “starter”.

2) Aikasi On Nyt ★★★★★
I was about to give 4 stars, but actually. It IS an awesome song. Not just because it will always be something special for me personal, as it remembers me of the video shoot. :P
But it’s a song like “Kukka” is. Something special, something different like the others on the album. Nice difference between slow and fast parts, I like that.
Translated already looong ago. :D

3) Valvekooma ★★★★★
It is one of the best songs of the album, that’s for sure.
I was about to call it my favorite song. Right now I’m not dure if it is, or if it’s Kultakalat. x)
But… it IS awesome. It just puts you in a good mood and makes you wanna jump around. Jeeejeeee. :DDD
Translated – and cursed Teemu for the used cases! xD

4) Kultakalat ★★★★★
Yeah, participant no 2 for the “fave song”-battle. :D
I could cry after the first line. It is AWESOME. Aww, aww. Just one of those Tunnit-style songs.
Goosebumps and stuff.
I also really LOVE the lyrics. Not just the first line.
The image of this “groundless sea” is so…. can’t say. <3
Translated either.

5) Juhlahuone ☆☆★★★
Jep. I like it, but it’s not yet one of my faves.
Got to listen to it more often.
But I really do like the rythm and the guitars. And the beginning. :) I guess when I listen to it more often, I’ll like it much better.

6) Hopea ☆☆★★★
Also one of those, which I like, but there’s something missing (or not yet found) which makes me really fall for them. Oô
Somehow I like the beginning of the refrain though.

7) Maailman puhaltaa ☆★★★★
A slow song and I always love slow songs. The refrain is awesome, the melody is, too, and yeah… it is a really, really good song. “Only” 4 stars because… it is still not as good as Kultakalat etc. xD

8) Silkkiin käärittyinä ☆☆☆★★
The very first thing to notice about was “who is supposed to be able to write or pronounce “käärittyinä” in the right way? xD
Didn’t listen to it too much, so I can’t say much either.
But somehow its not staying in my mind that good, so theres something missing again. Although it has (as actually most of the album’s songs) a good refrain.

9) Poispäin minusta ★★★★★
Fave song no 3. :D
Just awesome, awesome, awesome. Don’t know what more to say. It’s direct, it’s exactly what you should scream into some peoples faces. Roooocks.
Up next to translate.

10) Sinä maalaat mieleni ☆☆☆☆★
I dont even know why, it just is. Because one song has to be, because it is the last song of the album, like the lasts albums weirdo song is too. xD Can’t say.
Have to listen to it more often either.

Yep. That was it.
Maybe I’ll take the booklet to school tomorrow, we dont do anything in IT anyways. XDDDD
Then I cant translate some more songs. :)



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