Yep, I’m still alive.
Barely. xD

I’m just always so laaaaaazy. XD I’m sorry. I feel so bad.
What happened so far:

– lotsa parties
– one more UK Video shoot
– visit in Mäntyharju
– lotsa essays for school
– Parkour every now and then
– first snow
–  lots of colds.

Well… that was it in a nutshell. xD
Next (longer) entry is coming on Thursday after the trip to Lithuania with Janne, Jaana and Aleksi!
I promise! Maybe.

But for now all I gotta say is…

I’m not that kind of a wine lover, but this stuff is actually REALLY good. Not to talk about the bottle. Meow.
And it does the trick.
I’m blowing UK songs on the empty bottle.
Oops. xD


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