Damnit! O_o

I can do whatever I want, somehow this blog always is left behind. I can’t say why. There’s always something else (and of course completely senseless) to do. O.o It’s like a curse.
Actually I should be sleeping already, but I can promise u, if I don’t write this now, I’ll NEVER do it. Or maybe again in like 4 weeks! -.-”

Soooo… Lithuania with Janne, Aleksi and Jaana behind.
It was quite awesome, although it was strange sometimes.
After arriving on Monday night and a scary taxi drive through Kaunas with destination Metropolis hotels dark backyard (Oo) we went to see what’s going on in the city. Result: nothing.
Honestly, it looked like a ghost town, there was NOBODY on the streets.
We finally met some girls and asked if they spoke English. Yes, they did. Yay. But they couldn’t help us, as they just arrived theirselves. Janne asked were they were from. Finland. Awesome.
So we were standing there, talking in Finnish about where we could go and that seemingly EVERYTHINGS already closed (around midnight Oô) when two other groups of people walked past us, also being annoyed about nothing going on – in Finnish, of course.
It seemed there were just Finns living and no Lithuanians.
But well, we finally found a pizza place, with awesome pizza (+ sour cream XD) and beer – for both together just a little over 4 Euros. OMG, it IS cheap! xD
Also Hesburger is like the same price as in Finland – but in Litas. Oo

Okay… so on Tuesday morning after a strange breakfast we started a real city trip. It was raining like hell, but who cares. And actually there were LITHUANIANS existing. xD
We’ve been to about 1000 churches, an awesome café and a devil-museum and eventually ended up in Akropolis shopping center – HEAVEN.
Deichmann, New Yorker and two of Jaana’s favorite clothing stores. And lots more…
I ended up with new jeans, skirt and top, Jaana with lots of new clothes and new shoes, Janne with new shoes and a new jacket and Aleksi with new shoes – and all of us with alcohol of course. Cheap alcohol. VERY cheap alcohol. xD And CHERRY cider. *.* I NEED cherry cider in Finland. It is awesome. Especially for about 90 cents. xDDDDD

We started earlier that evening, as we knew everything closes so early. Pizza again at some other place and then to the bar next door, which belonged to the pizza place and where we – once again – recognized how unfriendly Lithuanians are, as the woman there just slammed the door right in front of Jaana’s face. WTF?
Well, we were used to it already. Lithuanians are also rolling eyes as soon as you ask them to speak English (also the staff in restaurants, etc) and so on.
The bar closed at 12, but they refused to give us drinks already at 11.30 – because they were closing so soon. God damnit!
But the cocktails were awesome! =D

We spent the rest of the evening with rest alcohol, spooky TV news and Van HelsingAS at the hotel.

Wednesday – rain again and city tour again. No churches, but a café where NOBODY spoke anything else than Lithuanian at all, which was quite an experience and an absolutely awesome but crazy (as the name said – “Crazy House”) restaurant with even more amazing parmesan-covered, spinach-filled chicken breast – for 4 euros. XD whoho, I miss the prices already.

We also met at least one really friendly Lithuanian – the guy in out hotel – before we experienced the next thing that sucks: Kaunas airport.

Please take off your shoes at the security control. -.- Okay, people told me it’s quite normal, but at least in Tampere, Helsinki, Stuttgart, Frankfurt Hahn, Düsseldorf and Rome you don’t have to put off your shoes. -.- Then they took away my deospray. Which I woooould understand – if it hadn’t been in my cabin baggage already on the flight TO Kaunas – without problems. -.-
Okay, everything fine then. Duty free alcohol shopping and the handbags out of the big bags, because nobody cares anymore anyways – that’s what we thought.
Boarding was about 40 minutes later than planned already and then the nice ladies didnt let us go on the plane before all bags were put into one and 1000 suitcases fit in the checking-baskets again. I mean. We were delayed already, what are they gonna do if some bag is too big? Wait for another hour?
Finally on the plane, we were the last and the seat searching began. Nothing else left then those next to the emergency exits => ALL bags HAVE to be in the boxes ABOVE the seats. But as we are late the fucking steward forces us to put them there IMMEDIATELY. No iPod, no book, no chewing gum and Jaana’s mobile stayed switched on. Idiots. Plus an everyting better knowing wannabe business man Lithuanian next to me. I was about to fucking freak out!
If this damn plane crashes, please tell me WHO CARES if there are bags in front of the fucking emergency exits?!?!?! And what does it matter if I wear my jacket or put it in the box above OR behind me on the seat?? Honestly!!! That’s so hilarious.

Whatever. We arrived savely back home in Tampere.
And at least for the first time I could come (back) to Finland and say that “Finally I understand the people again!” Really. :D I didn’t realize that well before that I indeed do understand what people say and what’s written on signs, etc. And that everything just looks so familiar. Home. <3

Sooo and today I didn’t get anything done again. (Besides my laundry and -wohoooo- this blog entry. O.o) I wanted to do school stuff, rah. My chinese book finally arrived. XD
Tomorrows plan is flat cleaning, CRM essay writing, at least thiiinking about what I could say in the Finnish speech and then Chinese homework and vocabulary.
At least theoretically.
I will probably again end up watching Schillerstraße videos all day. Awesome. -.-
Motivation, would you please come back?

And noooow I’ll go to bed, because if I don’t I really won’t get anything done tomorrow. O.o


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