TAMK Status Report

Hello, I’m here again! :D
After a quite short time actually.
I am again doing nothing here, but I don’t feel bad about it. I finished the CRM essay on Friday (1,5 times actually) and I did a lot of Chinese stuff, too. :D So I am allowed to do something…senseless. :D

There’s not much to tell again, besides the fact that it’s snowing again and this time more. It even seems to stay. O.O
And that I finally found my Helloween costume. Not a boring vampire this year.
For one part of the costume – black gaffa tape – I was running through half of Tampere. But I found it in Prisma.
I’m still in desperate need of white powder and someone to lend me Doc Martens or similar boots in size 40. xD
But nooo, I won’t tell the costume yet. At least not public. :D Shall be a surprise on the party next Saturday. xD
If you want to guess, I give u advices: a song of Uniklubi (no, NOT Uniklubi itself. A song of them. One sentence in one song. xDDD), gaffa tape, Halloween. xD
Was it obvious? No? Hehehe… well, you will see next Saturday (or Sunday, I’m gonna take pictures.

The actual idea of this entry was to give a status report after the first half of the semester. :D
I present my personal Top 3 charts. xD

Top 3 Best Teachers
Sari – her English is really good, she as a person is really likable and… yeah… :)
Mikael – the “a little different” teacher… maybe that’s why I like him. He’s not that kind of typical teacher. ^^ Yes. XD
Yan – I can’t say why. somehow you have to like her. although everyone else thinks wire stupid when we’re sitting in the class and all together try to say the different forms of chinese “s”-tones XDDD

Top 3 Worst Teachers
Petteri – as a teacher he might be really good. He has an awesome English and I guess he really knows what he’s talking about. But I don’t get along with him as a person. He is strange. He scares me. Raaah. xD
Heikki – just the other way around. He is reeeeally nice, you almost feel sympathy for him. He probably also knows a lot about IT… the problem is: a) he doesn’t tell us. b) if he told us, nobody would understand cause he speaks soooo quietly and his English is horrible.
Mirja – maybe still because of the Tursajaiset thing, I don’t know…

Top 3 Best Subjects
Intercultural Communication Skills
Introduction to Tourism

Top 3 Worst Subjects
Operational Environment (Profitability-Part)

Top 3 Best Classmates
Haha. No, I won’t write anyone here. Not because there are no people I like or because I don’t dare to, because the others might see. No. Just for the simple fact: there are no top 3!
It might sound stupid, but after the first 2 months I still like all of them a lot. Really without exceptions. I still can’t believe it’s actually possible to have such an awesome class, but we do!
We still have gatherings at least once a week, just for some drinks, etc…
10STOURI – I’m so glad I have met you guys! <3 :D


Haha, that’s all for now.
Maybe you got a little idea of life as a Tourism student in TAMK. ^.^


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