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Hellou there! :D
Yes, I am still alive.

I spent an awesome weekend in Mäntyharju, celebrating the girls birthdays and came back wondering why the people of VR are able to speak proper English and the ones from DB aren’t. ôO
We will never know it.

But yeah, Winter has arrived successfully. I mean, we have snow quite long already, but now the temperatures are again at around -20°C and I am happy about my Icepeak jacket, even though it’s poison-green. xDDD

We had the first real exam today, after the alcohol lesislation thing last week, which I don’t count as an exam.
Introduction to Tourism today and it was sooooo easy. A lot of people were going crazy being scared they are not prepared enough, I felt like in high school. x)
And afterwards I was damn glad, that I did successfully refuse to learn the details (she even said we don’t need to know them!), because we REALLY didn’t need them and so I didn’t spend hours of learning in vain. :D

Afterwards we got on the bus. Inka, Aurelie, me and also Trent and Michel, somewhere in the back. xD And the funniest thing ever happened. I know TKL is a bunch of idiots, the busses are either 10-20 minutes late or 5 minutes too early (like last Thursday, what made me “miss” it. -.-) But that they actually manage to GO THE WRONG WAY, stunned me. XD I was wondering why we didnt go straight onwards, but thought I might just not have paid enough attention to see where exactly we are, when some women shouted “Hey, isn’t this bus no. 6? It’s not supposed to go this way!” xDDDDDDDDDDD

Well,well, I went to DUO to get some groceries and new warm gloves at Seppälä.
I left the shop with new warm gloves, a new superwarm pullover and a dress for christmas. I am so finnish. I thought it’s funny that finns love to wear dresses on Christmas. Like those incredible pretty dresses. Too much, in my opinion. But then I saw this freaking cute dress for just 23 Euros instead of 40 and I had to get it. *.*

It is super-warm and can be used even as a jacket in autumn and spring. <3

Super-pretty creme-colored velvet dress to make sure to be overdressed on Christmas. =D

Oh yeah, some more pictures. My pens are somehow all empty at the same time. And then I found those pens at K-Market. Tribute to my cat. I needed them :D

AAAAAAND!!! On Wednesday we can open the first dooooooor:

Cheers. =>


It seems to be kind of a trend these days to put different recipes into one’s blog!
So after the famous “Beccy Cookies” (credits to my friend Beccy <3) got their first fans here in Finland and I was ask to put the recipe to my blog, here it is! =D

150 g butter
2,5 dl sugar
2 ts vanilla sugar
1 egg
3 dl flour
1/2 ts baking powder
1/4 ts salt
2-3 dl chopped chocolate (e.g. Mister Choc Milchschokolade Streusel or 1 bar Fazerin Sininen Maitosuklaa + hours of hard work ;D or find ready made chocolate flakes somewhere in Finland. I didn’t.)

Variations ad libitum
~ 1 dl chopped hazelnuts
~ 1-2 dl sliced almonds
~ 1 dl cacao powder
~ 1/4 dl instant coffee powder
~ vanilla/lemon/rum/bitter almond flavouring

Beat butter and sugar until fluffy.
Add vanilla sugar and the egg and mix thoroughly.
Mix flour, baking powder and salt and stir it in, then fold in the chopped chocolate.

Put baking paper on a griddle and put small heaps of the dough on it.

Bake at 175°C approx. 12-14 minutes.


From now on I’m gonna shut up and keep my own opinion in my mind, just to avoid people understanding me completely wrong and feeling insulted.
I also apologize for not being perfect in English and using bad words all the time.
Sorry, right now I just have enough!

And I know very well, that I’m very sensitive when it comes to people criticising me. At least when I don’t really get the reason.
I know it’s childish, but it has reasons of which I wish myself they would not exist.

So feel free to roll your eyes on this “change” here…

Just to switch the topic…
I have a new Facebook profile!
It’s for everyone, whilst the old one stays for closest friends/important people.
=> Lillian Marie Jill DeVille
Feel free to add me. =D

When talking about this name, which is actually the full name of “Lil” from the Rugrats, I used to love as a child, I got to show you something awesome I found the other day…

If the Rugrats were real kids…

I think it is just PERFECTLY fitting!! <3

The Fun-Side of being a Tourismstudent!

It exists!
Not that the programme wasn’t awesome so far (for me at least), but today was really cool.
We went to taste different kinds of alcohol.
Actually it was always just a drop out of a straw, but there was a lot of different stuff and some were so good that we had to “try” it more than one time. x)
(And someone *eyes Jari and Trent* had to make sure that the rest of the stuff left in the glasses doesn’t get bad.^.^)
We had a loooot of fun. Even though Petteri is still creepy and Pirkko’s English sucks.

(This happens to my mind when she pronounces the word “spice” like “space”.)

Some more pics of the day, taken by INKA. <3


Creep-teacher and alcohol.

I didn’t have too much alcohol – I was BORED! xD

Jaakko likes it!


Yeap. Just so that u will get an idea. xD

Today was the first part of the international tutor trainings. It was a lot of fun, I guess it was the right choice to do that job.
Actually I want to be also a “normal” tutor, who guides the new students next year and not just the exchangler.
There are almost only Finns in that job, but maybe by being a foreigner in an international programme I have even more chances. :D
I’ll apply at least. =D


After I had a really useful *drowns in irony* discussion about my opinion towards snow, which is obviously wrong, or at least containing things I didn’t even know about, I decided that it’s a perfect topic for a blog entry.
It was snowing all evening yesterday and we have about 5cm now.
I was amused by the exchange students, especially the Spanish ones, who are not used to that amount of snow in the beginning of November, who were jumping through he snow like little kids having a lot of fun.
No. I do NOT see myself as something better as them and neither as a Finn. I don’t know if people are jealous of me living here or whatever, but for me it’s nothing that special and nothing that makes me feel like I’m better than others. Oô But yeah…
I just thought it was so cute, because I was exactly the same one year ago!

And yeah, it starts to get annoying when you hear every German (or whoever not in Finland and without snow) scream that they want snow too – no matter if you like snow or not. I even heard it from finnish people who love snow, that it gets annyoing.
Mostly because of the fact, that 99% of those are 100% sure that their opinion would never ever change! That’s the hilarious thing, because I was exactly as crazy about snow as they are. It needed one winter to change.
Doesn’t mean that EVERYONE who is in Finland or any other snowing country for a while will hate snow! That’s bullshit and I never said that either! But it’s nothing that special anymore. And it also MIGHT change and that’s what people refuse to believe.
I know a lot of finnish people. And I know a lot of finnish people who love snow.
I know also Russian people who love snow, even though they have enough over there. xD *pokes Maria*
And I also do know Finns who hate snow more than everything else. *pokes Inka and co.*
And they are still not moving away from Finland, like I was told I should think of.
Finland is not just about snow and coldness, I thought people know that finally! -.-”
Plus also the snow just belongs to Finland and makes it what it is.

I don’t hate snow. It can just be really annoying, if busses are late, you can neither drive nor walk, you get all wet and whatever. (Note the big difference between Germany and Finland here either please! NOT comparable.)

BUT to avoid future arguments, I decided I will beginn to like snow again.

And here are my pro-snowliking points:

  • it makes dark nights lighter
  • it looks pretty on trees, grass, etc.
  • it belongs to winter & christmas
  • it’s at least a lot better than rain
  • it’s hides the ugly brownish late-autumn colors
  • you can build snowmen named Jussi
  • you can build snowcastles with your au pair kids
  • it’s a shitload of fun to make hole-digging competition in 2m-high snowhills on the soccer field behing your house
  • it’s even more fun to try to get out of your 1,5m deep snow hole on you own
  • tobogganing is AWESOME
  • (especially down a just 2 meter long but almost 90-degree-angle hill XDDD)
  • it’s a good excuse for being late
  • you can feed birds
  • you can wear your fancy green icepeak jacket
  • you can wear your awesome Hervanta-bobblehat
  • there’s nothing better than walking on actual ASPHALT for the first time after more than 4 months!
  • it’s fun to just randomly jump into a snowhill
  • it’s fun if you want to get out of someones way while being tobogganing with your Dad, therefore step aside onto a ditch filled with snow and “crash” half a meter downwards xDDDDD (it’s YEARS ago, but I still remember that very moment. xD)
  • it’s fun if your Dad tries to stick the firework rocket on New Years Eve in the snow instead of putting it into a bottle, it explodes on the ground, your Mom gets almost a heart attack and the snow is black. XD
  • it’s fun to throw snowballs at people and then pretend it wasn’t you xD
  • it’s awesome to drink tea and eat cookies while it’s snowing outside
  • Snowboarding rocks, even though I fail.
  • the best game ever is to listen to the wheels of the cars on the streets in spring and say if they have winter or summer tires. :DDDD (not too closely related to snow itself, but still)

Yes… that’s quite a lot.
YAY for snow!!

And YAY for everyone having their OWN opinion about it.
Thank you!

What more?
ICC Skills was awesome today. I really loved it, it was sooo interesting. =D Just needed to say that…

Tomorrow alcohol testing with school. xD YAY.

And I got a lot of compliments for my finnish the last days. *.*
I was even told I sounded completely like a finn. Doubt that though. xD