The Fun-Side of being a Tourismstudent!

It exists!
Not that the programme wasn’t awesome so far (for me at least), but today was really cool.
We went to taste different kinds of alcohol.
Actually it was always just a drop out of a straw, but there was a lot of different stuff and some were so good that we had to “try” it more than one time. x)
(And someone *eyes Jari and Trent* had to make sure that the rest of the stuff left in the glasses doesn’t get bad.^.^)
We had a loooot of fun. Even though Petteri is still creepy and Pirkko’s English sucks.

(This happens to my mind when she pronounces the word “spice” like “space”.)

Some more pics of the day, taken by INKA. <3


Creep-teacher and alcohol.

I didn’t have too much alcohol – I was BORED! xD

Jaakko likes it!


Yeap. Just so that u will get an idea. xD

Today was the first part of the international tutor trainings. It was a lot of fun, I guess it was the right choice to do that job.
Actually I want to be also a “normal” tutor, who guides the new students next year and not just the exchangler.
There are almost only Finns in that job, but maybe by being a foreigner in an international programme I have even more chances. :D
I’ll apply at least. =D


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