Hellou there! :D
Yes, I am still alive.

I spent an awesome weekend in Mäntyharju, celebrating the girls birthdays and came back wondering why the people of VR are able to speak proper English and the ones from DB aren’t. ôO
We will never know it.

But yeah, Winter has arrived successfully. I mean, we have snow quite long already, but now the temperatures are again at around -20°C and I am happy about my Icepeak jacket, even though it’s poison-green. xDDD

We had the first real exam today, after the alcohol lesislation thing last week, which I don’t count as an exam.
Introduction to Tourism today and it was sooooo easy. A lot of people were going crazy being scared they are not prepared enough, I felt like in high school. x)
And afterwards I was damn glad, that I did successfully refuse to learn the details (she even said we don’t need to know them!), because we REALLY didn’t need them and so I didn’t spend hours of learning in vain. :D

Afterwards we got on the bus. Inka, Aurelie, me and also Trent and Michel, somewhere in the back. xD And the funniest thing ever happened. I know TKL is a bunch of idiots, the busses are either 10-20 minutes late or 5 minutes too early (like last Thursday, what made me “miss” it. -.-) But that they actually manage to GO THE WRONG WAY, stunned me. XD I was wondering why we didnt go straight onwards, but thought I might just not have paid enough attention to see where exactly we are, when some women shouted “Hey, isn’t this bus no. 6? It’s not supposed to go this way!” xDDDDDDDDDDD

Well,well, I went to DUO to get some groceries and new warm gloves at Seppälä.
I left the shop with new warm gloves, a new superwarm pullover and a dress for christmas. I am so finnish. I thought it’s funny that finns love to wear dresses on Christmas. Like those incredible pretty dresses. Too much, in my opinion. But then I saw this freaking cute dress for just 23 Euros instead of 40 and I had to get it. *.*

It is super-warm and can be used even as a jacket in autumn and spring. <3

Super-pretty creme-colored velvet dress to make sure to be overdressed on Christmas. =D

Oh yeah, some more pictures. My pens are somehow all empty at the same time. And then I found those pens at K-Market. Tribute to my cat. I needed them :D

AAAAAAND!!! On Wednesday we can open the first dooooooor:

Cheers. =>



  1. Ilka Said:

    Aaaaaaaah, Muumi-calendar! :D

    Wow… I’ve been Finnish all my life then… I always wear a dress or skirt for christmas^^

  2. Aurelie Said:

    yeah I m not the only one grown up who still has a Xmas calendar !! oh and i love your dress, and the warm thingy :D looks so soft and warm !!

  3. Hanna Said:

    Anniiiiiiiiiiiiii! Gibt es diese Stifte noch und wenn ja, gibt es meinen Namen? Ich find doch hier nix mit meinem Namen drauf :(
    Faaalls es noch was gibt, wenn du das nächste mal da bist. Magst du mir einen kaufen? Wir sehen uns doch um Silvester rum hoffentlich ;)

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