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Picture of the Day.


without words.

[Picture by Domdasensetzen who is my new hero since today, just because of this picture.]


Sad somehow. Or funny?

That people seem to have – still – a completely wrong image of me.
Or should I say that they dare to judge me, without knowing me and having any clue at all?

I just found this nice comment.


Wie eingebildet bist du eigentlich, dass du ein zweites Facebook-Profil brauchst? Entweder du machst das eine öffentlich oder du lässt es sein. Aber zwei Profile? Anscheinend hält sich jeder heutzutage für so wichtig, dass man etwas öffentliches und etwas privates haben muss. Es interessiert keinen Menschen auf dieser Welt, ob du nun öffentlich erzählst, dass du wieder unterwegs warst, oder ob nur deine Freunde im privaten Profil das zu lesen bekommen. Diese Arroganz, die ihr da oben in Tampere an den Tag legt ist wirklich fasziniert, verstörend und lächerlich zugleich.

Basically asking how arrogant “we” up here in Tampere are, that we need to have a private and a public profile and how hilarious it is.
I keep my opinion about hilariousness of wrong email-adresses and senseless accusations out of jealousy on my own now…

I have my reasons to have two profiles and arrogance is the very last one, if you believe it or not.
*I* neither think living here is something special or makes you something better and I never said anything like that – because it is completely bullshit.

But well, feel free to keep your opinions about me, even though they are far from true.
If you don’t bother to get to know me well enough to understand my reasons, it’s not my fault. ;)

Two weeks…

…until Germany. :)
And the shitload of stuff which was between me and the feeling of looking foward to it begins to decrease. Slowly.
I finished all the assignments already and we held our Chinese perentatio today. We got a 5, yay. :D

Then Annikki was making a lottery to choose two of the five applicants for Manchester, who are allowed to go there.
And yaaay, it’s me and Inka. <3
But it was damn unfair for Aurelie, Joonas and Liza. Because we all wrote this motivation letter and tried to convince them why they should take us… and then it’s a lottery. -.-”
But well, for once in my life luck was on my side.
Never been to the UK, so I’m really looking forward.
I could take my “I <3 UK” shirt with me and nobody would call me a fangirl. Omg, I’m so random. xD

Theeeeeen… I got an offer for an appartment in Hervanta, but it’s unfurnished, which sucks.
I guess I won’t spent the money for furniture, but try to apply for the two furnished buildings in Hervanta. Already wrote them an email, because you seemingly can’t apply for one certain building online. Gnarf.

What else?
I bought a Pikku Myy reflector. And I love -6 degrees, because after some days of -20 it feels SO warm. Honestly. I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true.

So, we will see how I manage to survive the next two weeks.

Friday, 3rd – sleeping in, doing nothing for at least one day in between & pikkujoulu at Jack the Rooser with Alisa in the evening… at least I’m most likely to go
Saturday, 4th – cleaning the flat, doing laundry, starting to read the marketing books
Sunday, 5th – laundry, marketing books, starting to study hygiene, probably Tourism pikkujoulut in the evening
Monday, 6th – hygiene, maybe some marketing, starting to study chinese, maybe Independence Day fireworks at Keskustori in the evening. Happy 93 birthday, Finland. xD
Tuesday, 7th – hygiene lecture & exam, having a look at the grammar sheets Mirja gave us
Wednesday, 8th – basic Finnish exam without having ever attended the course, Research presentation, advanced Finnish exam
Thursday, 9th – Marketing presentation, IT exam?, Chinese exam
Friday, 10th – doing NOTHINGNOTHINGNOTHING, in the evening 10STOURI pikkujoulu at Inka’s
Saturday, 11th – Marketing, Marketing, Marketing. in the evening maybe pikkujoulut at Dani’s n Nana’s if I didnt get sick of pikkujoulus before
Sunday, 12th – Maaaaaaarketing
Monday, 13th – ICC presentation
Tuesday, 14th – OE group presentation
Wednesday, 15th – nothing? o.O Marketing maybe. and maybe UK gig in the evening
Thursday, 16th – Marketing exam, a little trevor => OFF TO TURKUUUUUUUUU!!! :) Seeing Uniklubi, getting drunk & to Stockholm.
Friday, 17th – HOME.

Yeah. Quite a lot of Marketing, but its just because there is so much to read. The faster I get through the books, the less days with marketing might be there XD
And there’s a lot of partying in between :) xD