Sad somehow. Or funny?

That people seem to have – still – a completely wrong image of me.
Or should I say that they dare to judge me, without knowing me and having any clue at all?

I just found this nice comment.


Wie eingebildet bist du eigentlich, dass du ein zweites Facebook-Profil brauchst? Entweder du machst das eine öffentlich oder du lässt es sein. Aber zwei Profile? Anscheinend hält sich jeder heutzutage für so wichtig, dass man etwas öffentliches und etwas privates haben muss. Es interessiert keinen Menschen auf dieser Welt, ob du nun öffentlich erzählst, dass du wieder unterwegs warst, oder ob nur deine Freunde im privaten Profil das zu lesen bekommen. Diese Arroganz, die ihr da oben in Tampere an den Tag legt ist wirklich fasziniert, verstörend und lächerlich zugleich.

Basically asking how arrogant “we” up here in Tampere are, that we need to have a private and a public profile and how hilarious it is.
I keep my opinion about hilariousness of wrong email-adresses and senseless accusations out of jealousy on my own now…

I have my reasons to have two profiles and arrogance is the very last one, if you believe it or not.
*I* neither think living here is something special or makes you something better and I never said anything like that – because it is completely bullshit.

But well, feel free to keep your opinions about me, even though they are far from true.
If you don’t bother to get to know me well enough to understand my reasons, it’s not my fault. ;)



  1. mustaenkeli Said:

    Isn´t this just cute?
    Seriously I pitty those people who need a fake E Mail (and in my case don´t even dare to write their name) just to accuse and trashtalk people.

    My advice for those poeple:
    Get a life and thanks for making me feel important, because it seems like my life is more interesting then yours.

  2. Sofo Said:

    Funny that whoever is the author of this cute little text uses the plural form. Funny that she obviously doesn’t know you just a little bit.
    Simply funny.

    Btw you could try to find out from which region the person COULD be by following the IP-Adress. If it’s not faked. Ask Google…

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