Little Luxuries

After half a year of living in a flat with a window which was not officially allowed to be opened and could be opened only with huge efforts and only a little side-window which you could open but which was too small for real air to come in, I realized lately how awesome it is to have a balcony-door which you can just OPEN. And not just some centimetres.
Fresh air as much as you want and whenever you want. <3
Especially now, that it got strangely “warm”.
We have had +1°C today and yesterday, which is not normal for Finland in January (last January we had under -10 basically the whole time).
The air is awesome and you can just keep the window open for a while without freezing to death. :D

Still I don’t think ut’s good that it’s that warm, because the snow is getting wet and muddy, so the street conditions worsen, like they did in March last year. The problem is, that it will get really cold again and everything freezes then.
It’s already now horrible slippery, worse than it usually is. But when it freezes it will get even worse. :/

Well, I went to school today only for the Basics of German class.
I decided to talk to the teacher before the class, as I thought it’s fairer that way.

Also Allie, Aleksi and some others talked to her and she seemed to be… well… scared of us.
She was like “Oh. Is it compulsory? Are you sure? You should go and talk to Heikki. Yeah, talk to Heikki. NOW!” O.o Ooooukay.
Heikki was – as always – not helpful at all, so I’m gonna see what I am doing.
I might not be able to transfer the credits, as I didn’t take a “Basics of German” course at the unicersity.
Hilarious, isn’t it? Yes it is. But that’s TAMK. “Sorry, we can’t transfer your credits as you are not able to proof that you know the basics of German” or sth like that. WHAAAAT?

We talked to Annikki because of the Marketing grades. which was weird.
Because I was really scared of Marketing, I was so overtired in the exam and didn’t remember anything. And she told the others who asked all the different grades they got and what the final grade is and to me she was just like “fiiiive.”
HÄ? That’s somehow not possible, so I might just wait until she puts them on winha and then see again. =P
Not being happy to early. Because honestly – it is NOT possible. Only if I had 5 in the CRM AND the exam and I simply don’t. I know that. Oo

Tomorrow first class of “Finnish law”. Not looking forward to. At all.
Because law is incredible boring, at least I assume so. And then the class starts at 5pm. Whole day of being lazy and doing nothing, sleeping in and then going to school at 5? Horrible. Bah.

Oh, by the way.
I dared to change my earrings. I was scared as hell, especially because it hurt or like prickled when changing them.
But they are perfectly fine, not hurting, not red and I don’t seem to be allergic to the material. :D Jee.
Little stars in my ears now.

Yeah and I finally got the lense for my new camera. :D I only tried it inside so far, but it looks reeeeally promising. :)
Probably I’m gonna go to a gig on Thursday with Alisa and Nora and then I try it there. :D *.*


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  1. Fhina Said:

    See you @ JTR for Day Eleven! :)
    Oh, btw. Alisa suggested, we could meet before and she could tell us some more things about the settings/ show it on the cams.
    But, congrats, the lens is great! :)

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