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“What’s with the overalls?”

Sometimes it indeed is good to have a blog.
I got asked this questions now several times, mostly from German friends or exchange students, so I will explain it here, then I don’t need to tell it 500 times.

The overalls.
It a tradition in Finland that every study programme has those overalls in a specific colour with the name of school and programme written on the back.
I think it’s pretty awesome, as you can design the overalls with patches as shit as you want and the city looks just so awesomely colorful if there is an event where most students where them.
Of course most colors are the same for many study programmes, as there are just too many fields for everyone to have their own color.
We Tourism students are the lucky ones who happen to have a quite unique color. I dare to say that I guess we are the only students in Tampere who have this very bright limegreen. Or the other ones are hiding.
But it’s cool, cause in every party at least 6 people come and ask “Hey, what are you studying, you have such great colored overalls!” =D
Yes, we know we do.

So… to get a closer look…

…to my ass…

So this is how they are worn.
Normally. So you actually don’t wear it like a real overall, but tie the sleeves around your hips.
IMO it’s perfect when you can read school and programme name perfectly. Which is quite tricky at points.

Our very green class on 1st of May (Vappu), the biggest student party day in Finland.

Markus and my overalls with exchanged leg parts. :)
Lots of couples/friends/siblings/etc. do that to show that they “belong” together.
It’s kinda cute I think.

Yeah, so that’s with the overalls.
I was wearing them quite often lately, because they are also a good sign for the 1st year and exchange students to recognize their tutors.
Buuut… most of the orientation stuff is done, I have a free weekend behind and tomorrow also for me school will start again. I am somehow looking forward. :D
Oh and then next week we are already going to visit Zsofi in Hungary for one week. :D It’s gonna be awesome. :)


This is what Lousie would say and this is what I will say.
I’m kinda ashamed not having posted anything for so long, but I’ve been kinda busy with my practical training.
I’ve been working in Stuttgart in the Maritim Hotel for the past three months, for those who still don’t know.
It was awesome, a great experience and I met a bunch of great people, but it was also very stressful and brought me close to freakin’ out at points.
Anyways, I got back last Tuesday and since then I am rotating with my tutoring stuff.
New exchange students are here, they had to be picked up (by me with a VW Transporter – just to mention it again, I am still so proud xD), then they had the orientation and stuff and today also the new 1st year tourism students arrived and I have to take care of them.
I was spending more time at school, at TKL busses and my bf’s place than here in the past week… but yeah, it’s a lousy excuse. v.v
That’s why I never actually wanted a blog. Things to write about are happening, I am too lazy to write, then I wait, things are piling up and I want to write even less! Grah.

But I really try to change that and post sth at least every now and then… maybe it’d help if I wouldn’t always write 500 pages, if I decide to write. :D
So this is why I am keeping it short today, but at least it is a start! I wrote! Applause! Thanks.
This – and then the laundry waiting in the dryer. (I’m not managing to get that done, either.)

But yeah, when coming back to this page after like ages, I figured that there is this nice putapictureandwritesomeshit feature for the side bar.
So I got a very funny task for you:
Tell me key words that describe me, so I can put them there!! I already have a few, but I bet there are a lot more! :D

And yeah, I hope I manage to write again anytime soon. :P

-xxx, Anni