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Goodbye, social life…

There’s no much need of explanation…

Picture will do.

Et voila –

I don’t celebrate Thursdays…

I hate Thursdays. I always hated them.
I have no idea what’s about Thursdays, but already back in high school it was always the longest day with the stupidest subjects. Continued in Mäntyharju that on Thursdays everything went wrong and now in school again…
I’m definitely not a Thursday person.

Credits go to Jan Ammann, Lidl fruit cocktail and plain jogurt, that this blog entry is not completely full of hate.
Those three in combination kinda managed to calm me down. I’m greatful.

I mean, at least it’s weekend, I survived a superboring day at school… I should be happy about it.
Plus it’s the first weekend in like one month which is not completely full of things from the beginning to the end. Time for mememe and myself.
Means I will be horrible bored by tomorrow morning at the latest, but don’t tell me that. It could ruin my mood. Again.

I went to Sonera today to ask about changing the contract to unlimited internet. Wanted to do that some time ago already, but I was too lazy.
But now I heard that hightech-country Japan is not able to use simple SMS on their mobiles, but emails. So it might be about time to get the fucking unlimited shit.
Anyways, I went there and they told me I couldn’t change it, as the contract was not made by me.
Of course it wasn’t, Kukka made it. But it’s my phone, it (should) say my name, I pay the bill – what the heck?
Gotta love Sonera. Or phone services in general.

When I went home by bus I witnessed once again the most funniest thing (for Germans) ever.
Finns and traffic-jam(mies).
I call it traffic-jammy, cause it wasn’t a traffic-jam. It was not even a traffic-jammy. It was 1-2km stop and go on Hervannan Valtaväylä, the big street towards Hervanta, because they renew the street there or something, so there was one short point where the 3 lanes had to go into 1 lane.
I know the problem, it’s not like Germans would be dealing too well with that kind of problems when it comes to taking care of other cars…. but Finns…. it is indiscribable.
The cars from all three lanes try to get into that one lane in the middle at the same time. It seems they get blind for everything around them in that minute. “Close your eyes, push the gas through and hope to survive!”
And if one of the cars decides to stop and let others into the lane, it often enough happens that two drivers get this very idea on the same point. So they both/all three stop, then they see that the others stop, too and think “Oh, they stop! So I can drive!” and then they all three start to drive again just to brake sharply a second later because they would crash otherwise.
It’s better than cinema.
I have never seen it taking so much time to switch to one lane as here in Finland.

And that’s not the only funny thing. Even more entertaining is the reaction from the Finnish people in the bus! (And I bet also in the cars, if they are not the ones who are just fighting for the lane. xD)
There is the busdriver screaming through the bus “Yeah! This is why the bus was late at Keskustori! The street is completely blocked!!!”… yeah. This is always and the only reason that TKL busses are late. Sure. Never happens otherwise.
Then people on the phone “Hey, it’s me. I’ll be late, we’re in a huuuuge traffic jam.” or “Hi, I have no idea when I will be home, nothing is moving here, it could take a while!”… remember: it’s still the 1-2km stop and go. Nothing more. No 13-20km stop without go as we like to have in Germany sometimes.
The shy and not talkative finns, who need their private space (and a lot of it!) suddenly start to talk to the random stranger next to them, about the traffic jam of course, they fall onto the laps of the person next to them when trying to see through the aisle out of the front window of the bus.
They are TAKING PICTURES… of the traffic jam! Which isn’t one. I’m serious. I’m not kidding you.
It’s amazing!
I had such a hard time not to burst out in laughter. xD

But yeah… that was that.

I’m surprised to see that I apparently have some readers and not even that few. :D
I’m working on the “Worth a Visit” menu in the sidebar atm.
So if you think your blog is worth a visit, just let me know the address! :) No re-linking required. ;)


New layout for the blog, yay.
No, it is not done by myself. I would love to be able to make one and I would be technically. The problem is wordpress where you have to be premium member to use own layouts. BLAH.
Anyways I hope you like it…

I was wondering lately if anyone is reading this crap here at all? I know I write very rarely, but my motivation might be bigger if I know that people are interested. O.o

Anyways, I need to say that I love Lidl. If I didn’t yet.
Yesterday I went there for groceries and when I saw the corner where they have the German food if there’s German food week I thought how nice it would be if that week would be sometime again… soonish.
So I walked on and in another corner I suddenly saw Bread Dumplings, German Sausages (Landjäger & Debreciner, similar to salami) aaaand – MAULTASCHEN!! As if Lidl could read my mind. I was missing the fresh egg noodles (Spätzle) though. :/

Today after school I went there again, to get some more Maultaschen for the freezer. I also took some dry Spätzle (at least they can be stored ages) and soup pearls and stuff like that. I was still missing the fresh Spätzle, Schupfnudeln and the bavarian Obazter-cheese.
I went again in the later afternoon because I forgot something aaaand – tada – in a completely different corner I found the rest of the stuff. :D I also found pickled herring… I need to try it some time, becausits said to be a good hangover-cure-food. I never had the chance to try, the last time I ate it I was 8 or sth. xD

But yeah, now I have food for the rest of my life … almost. :D

Yesterday I bought tickets for Hämeenkadun Appro, the biggest student event all over Finland, which is here in Tampere. Students from all over the country are coming there and its frikkin hard to get tickets. The online sale opened yesterday and it was the last opportunity. I was fast enough, thank god, the tickets were all gone in 5 minutes. o.O

Talking about tickets, I’m seriously planning to see Dance of the Vampires in Seinäjoki. What is awesome in German cant be bad in Finnish either :D Even tho I doubt the Finnish Krolock-actor can be better than Jan Ammann. :D But as you might know for me theres noone better than Jan Ammann. xD

Yeah, thats for it, and sooo soon after the last one. I’m proud.

Oh… and some poll, just for my info.
If it stays empty it tells enough, too. ;)

(I hope “No.” wont be chosen… simply because it wouldnt make sense. XD)

Ja yksin taas…

To start with a question: Could you, dear wordpress, stop changing things? It’s hard enough for me to post something here every now and then (as everyone can see) and it doesn’t make anything easier that you decided to hide the “New Post” button somewhere…

I’ve been quite everywhere the last weeks, so I might try to get it through as the explanation why I haven’t been writing anything in a – again – quite long time.

I’ve been to Hungary with my boyfriend earlier this month. We visited one of the former exchange students. :)
It was fuuuun. I especially enjoyed our daytrip to Vienna, where we met another friend.
I wanted to go to Vienna for a loooong time already and I’m happy I managed. It is definitely one of the most gorgeous cities I have ever seen and so worth a visit.

Then we went to Heinävesi and Kajaani to store Markus’ car at the cottage while he is in Japan.
We spent the weekend with his father and stepmother and I also got to know his brother and sister + their families. It was really nice, even tho I was horribly panicking before, because his father and stepmum don’t speak English so I knew I would have to speak Finnish. Which itself wouldn’t have been a big issue, but I had this phobia of speaking Finnish to Markus, wherever it came from, no idea.
But it turned out to work well. We started to speak Finnish already on the way there and it’s easier than I thought.
Even though after all the bunch of Finnish gave me headaches during the whole weekend.
Still it is hard if you have to give others (especially your boyfriend’s family) a good first impression about you, when you are not able to picture yourself like you would in your mothertongue or at least English, as the language skills just still aren’t enough (English neither, I was about to write “the language skills don’t riitä” -.-)… I just feel like sounding kinda retarded at points. But yeah, I hope they don’t think so. ;)

Last weekend we spent in Helsinki, where I met his other 2 brothers. So now it’s only his mother who I don’t know yet.
But for the first time of real “meeting your bf’s family” and then even in Finnish it went really well. At least I liked all of them a lot and felt comfortable around them. :)
We went to see some car fair in Helsinki with another friend on Saturday. It was actually really cool (no Markus, I don’t write that to impress you, I’m just not AS uninterested in cars as you think ;P), there was a lot of tuned shit and awesome paintworks and so on… different kind of cars, trucks and motorbikes.
Made me miss going to see a Ralli though… especially cause two days before I saw Aris name on TV during Ralli SM and awww it made me miss Mäntyharju even more. But I might go there soon. :) Probably in two or three weeks.

Yeah, today was doomsday then, Markus left to Japan. Or – to be more exact – he is still somewhere over Russia in this very moment. But yeah, think positively – the 6 months have started to go over today. ;D And in 85 days I’m flying there myself to see him. :D
As I was quite down I met a friend whos on a visit in Finland and we went for Kebab.
Turned out to be a bad idea, as the kebabguy started to chat with us, asked our names, age and so one and my dear Aino started to tell him everything. Paranoid me panicks. I mean, she is right, he probably does that with every girl, but still. I don’t like it in general, especially from guys like that, but after too little sleep and having to say goodbye to Markus it was just too much. Especially cause the guy wanted our numbers in the end and didnt stop being annoying until we gave them to him – even tho of course mine was made up by myself and not my real number… xD
Still… I was SO happy to get out of there and according to my friend I was white as a wall. And my hunger was gone, too. Bah. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to eat Kebab again. Scaryscaryfuckingscary.

Then of course Facebook started to fuck around once more, to make sure to ruin the last nerves I had left. Great.
And when I wanted to make myself a hot chocolate to calm down I recognized that the milk had turned bad. v_v
Life hates me. xD

Anyways… the news of my life in brief.
And now I’m going to search for a replacement for the missing hot chocolate. Meh.