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“Sut matkalle yön siivillä vien…”

“I take you to a journey on the wings of the night…” / “Ich geb dir was dir fehlt: eine Reise auf den Flügeln der Nacht…”

Soooo…. today was “the” day! I finally went to Seinäjoki to see the Dance of the Vampires musical!
I will – especially for the German people and even more especially for the German “Tanz der Vampire” fans – tell about the experience and compare it as far as possible.

WARNING: this is my own and private opinion about this musical and also about the German version. Feel free to disagree with me, but accept the way I see it or just don’t read it at all. ;)

I want to quote Jan Ammann first…
He, the German count “von Krolock”, my all time favorite, said once in an interview, that “who ever compares, didn’t get the sense of it”… because each and everyone is working so hard to play his role and the other roles. I agree with him, but still there are lots of differences I want to point out, because they were interesting/scaring/fascinating, etc.

All in all I have to say: I loved it!!! It was really, really good. I don’t think it can compeed with the German one, but I think that’s mostly a matter of money and not of talent.

The whole set was a lot less elaborated, of course, but it wasn’t bad. It was kinda strange that between the scenes they had pictures of like garlic and stuff like that on the curtain. I personally didn’t like it too much, but well.
There were some quite cool things, for example in the dream scene there turned out to be a hole in the bed, which was hidden perfectly, and in the end of Alfred’s “dream”, the Vampires “vanish” through this hole. But it was made so well, that it actually looked as if they were being sucked into the bed, like ghosts without a real body or something like that. The same happened with the count in one scene, where a hole was in the ground, hidden in fog.
But the thing which so threw everything else over and which I was soooo super impressed by was the crypt!
Actually the whole stage was lifted up with Alfred and Abronsius on it and under it the crypt appeared. Really well made with stones, sceletons and spider webs…
It was funny, cause Alfred got spider webs in his face and screamed in panic. :D
You could also actually see the coffins and Krolock and Herbert lying in them.
There was also one of the biggest differences in this scene, because Abronsius doesn’t actually get stuck while climing down, he just simply refuses to climb down. XD I need to mention here, that Abronsius, played by Esa Ahonen, was my favorite in the finnish version. He was super funny, had a great voice and even though his costume was a lot more simple than the German one it looked really authentic! And I guess he got the biggest applause of the whole play after the “logic” song, where he is singing supersuper fast, which is already too hard for me in German. But Finnish itself is often quite a fast language, so I even for finns singing THIS fast in Finnish is suuuperhard. Funniest part was actually in the end when the actual ball is taking place. He is wearing one of this old-fashioned, huuuge black velvet dresses. XD And walks down the stairs with Alfred, trying to act like a lady.
And then when they are dancing and in front of the mirrors the real vampires recognize their reflection, he is actually counting to the beat in German “eins, zwei, drei. eins, zwei, drei.” and when all vampires look at him he’s like “… … vier???” xDDD I cracked up.

Professor Abronsius and Alfred

Sooo, I kinda slipped into telling about the characters, so I’ll continue with Alfred.
Abronius’ student/assistent Alfred (Ville Salonen) is definitely not as attractive as the German one (when played by Krisha Dalke) xD, but he has one hell of a voice!! The song “For Sarah” actually gave me goosebumps. <3
But all in all he is quite similar to the German Alfred, so not much more to say.

Lets get to the most important character, the count, (in Finnish “Kreivi von Krolock“, played by Jyri Lahtinen). Like mentioned before the costume and especially the make up is a lot less impressive than in the German one, but it is actually not needed. He indeed does have a lot of charisma which is the most important thing in the role. He also has a very, very awesome voice, still he didn’t convince me 100%. =/ The most disappointing was the way that he first showed up. Who has seen the German one knows the way the count slooowly walks through the aisle towards the stage, leaving no doubt that HE is the main character, even for those who don’t know the musical. You just see it and you are already then stunned by him, when he didn’t even open his mouth yet.
Well, the Finnish one just *plopp* appeared on stage behind a half see-through curtain and started to sing. One can guess it’s the count (or know by seeing the pics before), but it’s still different. It makes it harder for Jyri to actually show the mightiness of the role. He managed quite well and especially the second half and the  song “Unquenchable Greed” (Unstillbare Gier) hit the spot. He was nearly as good as Jan in that one, I mean it. You could really see this superdesperate vampire.

Theeeen Sarah. Second best after the professor in my opinion! She really has a great voice, plus she is superpretty! I had a hard time finding any German Sarah I liked, from the 4 different ones that I saw. Sabrina Auer was my favorite, but Raili Raitala, who plays the Sarah in Seinäjoki, was really better than every other one so far. I loved how she was totally annoyed by Alfred when he surprises her in the bathtub in the castle, while in the German one she is rather surprised.

Sarah and Kreivi von Krolock

Continuing with vampires and sadly one of the biggest diappointments: Herbert, the gay son of the count, played by Jouko Enkelnotko. It’s no secret that I’m really in love with Florian Fetterle’s interpretation of Herbert, but still. Flo plays really “too much” in a way, too much cliché, too much gay, almost in a ridiculous way, but still at a point where it is superfunny and not disrespective for gay people! The Finnish one: too much in a too much way. It was just… I didn’t think it was very funny anymore. That’s the saddest thing about it. In the first scene where you see Herbert he was wearing a pig-pink coat with white fur over the shoulders. OUCH. Then later he was wearing a pig pink satin shirt and a white corset over it.
What rescued it were the scenes of the ball, where he is wearing white with a cream-coloured/golden coat. You can see he’s supposed to be gay, but not in a “too much” way. And then the last  scene, which is anyway my favorite of the play, which almost made me forget my disappointment. Black leather pants, a dark red satin shirt and red steel-cap leather boots. <3 It was PERFECT! And nothing against his voice, either, he really knows how to sing. Actually there was nobody whose voice I didn’t like.
What was cute too was when Afred runs away from him and he starts crying xD or at least snobbing. XD
But then again the “too much” when Alfred is in the crypt and doesn’t listen to Abronsius saying “three” and Abronsius starts screaming. In that scene both Krolock and Herbert actually “wake up” or at least sit up in the coffins, which would be kinda cool, but then Herbert turns around and sticks his ass out. And that’s just the way of “too much” that I didn’t like at all. Maybe it’s finnish humour, cause lots of the people in the audience cracked up, but I didn’t like it. In my opinion it was almost a bit despising towards gays. Thumbs down.


Theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen Chagal, played by Heikki Vainionpää. He was really good and funny, too, even though I don’t like the character itself too much. The only really annoying thing about him was actually that in the scene when he bites Magda and also later on when they are in the coffin together he was always like “nomnomnomnomnom”. Graah. After the third “nom” I was like “Yeah, we KNOW it’s nom, now stop it already!” -.- That was really stupid. Otherwise I liked him more than the German version.
Rebecca (Leena Rousti) was pretty cool, too. Almost cute in a way. xD And the goose she has in the scene in front of the house was awesome. XD It was like made of cloth, but very poorly and the head was always hanging down. xD

Chagal and Rebecca

Magda (Anne Vihelä) was equally great as the German one. Her looks was different, she was that typical blond chick with big boobs, but funny and also with an awesome voice. And her costumes after she turned into a vampire were sooooo pretty. <3 Loveloveloved them!!

Last but not least: the biggest difference of the whole musical concerning the characters: Koukol (Antti Railio) and OF COURSE there is no picture of him in any of the videos ARGH! His whole character is interpreted in a different way. He is not the crippled creature as in the German one, but a vampire as well and kind of an evil version of Harry Potter’s Hagrid. HUGE (in both directions xD), with very long (no wig ;D) brown hair and a fur coat. In the scene with the dream he has a whip and is even singing some parts there! That was really a big surprise.

Then one more picture, just for Dana, Pati and Sandy:

Their beloved black vampire, whom I like to call “ballet bitch”. I don’t really like him in the German version. TOO much muscles, too much drawn muscles, to ewww dancing. Nah. I really liked the Finnish version of him tho. <3 Sexäy! and a better dancer in my opinion.

But yeah, like mentioned before, I really liked the musical and it was worth the money spent on train ticket and entry.
I didn’t get lost in Seinäjoki (aka. shithole – they don’t even have working traffic lights!) and came back happy but exhausted.

So, for all Finnish people or people living here: go and see it if you have the chance. And I guess if you don’t know the German one to compare it will be even more awesome. So DO IT!!!

Oh yeah, one thing still, almost forgot. Very disappointing/strange. They used fake blood only once, when Krolock bites Sarah and then only Krolock has it on his chin after the bite, Sarah’s neck is completely clean. And all the other bites – no  blood at all. Whaaaat? O.o Well… :D
Aaaand… be  jealous on my awesome Finnish fanshirt which I needed to buy:

It says “Excuse me, your teeth are in my neck!” xDDDDD Gotta love it.
On the front there’s the logo. <3

Huh. That took me almost 2 hours now. xD And I bet I forgot some important details. But still, I hope you got some idea… :D

Ultimate Boredom…

It is also known as holidays.
We have them right now, one week, and I should be happy about it. But I am not. I mean, not that I would spend too much time at school when there are no holidays, but still. I am just sitting at home and have no idea what to do.
Well, I probably should clean, but then again that’s not the kind of activity I wanted to fight my boredom with. Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow. Maybe not.
On Thursday there’s at least a party going on, but that is again just one evening.

Anyways, I do have plans for Saturday. Today I finallyfinally bought tickets for Dance of the Vampires in Seinäjoki. Because I just can’t hear all the awesome stories from the German DotV derniere anymore and because I saw some trailers of the Finnish one now and it looks really promising.
Okay, what one could recognize after those trailers is that the Finnish make-up artists are definitely not as good as the German ones. Especially when it comes to Krolock, who is just undeniably the most important character. Jyri Lahtinen seems to have a good voice, but he also seems to wear like NO make up? Or just a little. Which is definitely not enough, if you are used to the Krolock make-up you get to see in Germany. Plus he has always that kinda “O.o” face from what I saw… hard to take him serious if he is always like that. But I will see and I’ll keep you informed. At least there is finally something to look forward to.

Last week was nothing special but Hämeenkadun Appro, which I told about already earlier. It was pretty cool. We went with Jaana, Harri, Marjut, Aleksi, Sanna, AK and one friend of hers. Oh, and Johan joined, for the pictures of course. Later we met Aurelie and Joonas, too.
We got in quite a hurry, because a) we were sitting too long in each of the bars and b) when we wanted to “just stop by for a shot” there was the typical appro-problem: huuuuge queues at the counter.
Anyways, after 7 bars and McDonald’s I finally got my cum laude patch. Next year’s goal: laudatur. 10 drinks needed for that. I will make it. xD
The afterparty at Senssi was rather lame. It was only me, Harri, Allie, Joonas and Marjut there and like…50 other people. The biggest party was at Areena and I guess people who had tickets for Senssi just went for the patches and then left home. The band “Blake” should play in Senssi, but at the doors we saw signs that they changed and it’s Matthau Mikojan now. At least that was something I know and kinda like.
But still it was strange to see a club THAT empty. Even Senssi is fuller normally. xD
Well, we had fun and that is the most important thing.

On Friday I met Sanna and Karolina for Tortillas, chocolate, lots of talking and a movie. We ended up watching Remember Me. I hate Robert Pattinson, but in that movie he is simply great, can’t deny that.
I just really love the movie. <3 It’s super sad but awesome. Worth watching.

So, yeah, I will let you know if I managed to clean my hole and how worth watching the Finnish Dance of the Vampires is. ;)
If you are curious (no matter if you understand Finnish or not) you can have a look on the trailer, here:

For the Germans…

…and all other non-Finns/not living in Finland/not studying in Finland.
Of course those who do are allowed to read it too, but it might be less interesting.
Because… it’s about the overalls again.

For those who didn’t read my blogentry about them and want to know what it is about, check it here.

On Thursday is Hämeenkadun Appro, as I already mentioned somewhen earlier, so I took some time today to polish op my overalls, sew some patches and so on.
And I thought… when I am always talking about my overalls, also to those who never really get to see them, it would be kind of a good idea to introduce them more closely.
No, they don’t have a name. Yet.
Actually it’s a good idea.
Any suggestions?? xD

Anyways… I took some pictures today, so they are very up to date…

To start with… THE FRONT!

1) It’s random glow sticks I hijacked from Markus. Or he rather gave them to me. Actually there is no sense in keeping them there, but this is just the point of overalls… so they stay. :D

2) Manchester United lanyard I got when I visited the Old Trafford stadium. It’s a must.

3) It’s Pasi! (Uniklubi’s guitarplayer) On a button.

4) Anti breast-cancer ribbon. Self explaining.

5) Finland.

6) Hämeenkadun Appro, Level 1. Approbatur. (5 drinks in 4 hours.) Level 2, Cum Laude (7 drinks in 4 hours) will follow on Thursday! =D

7) CLINT City Tour. The tour through Tampere that CLINT offers for exchange students provides patches for all exchange students and tutors attending. :D

8) Finland/Germany lanyard. Thank you Basti! :D

9) Red nose! We random got it for free at a shop on Vappu and I couldn’t be bothered to get rid of it. :D

10) “Never run for a bus! Especially not when it is driving upwards in a 90° angle!” – Spongebob. :D

11) Tuutori. It’s finnish for tutor. Obviously. And I am one. Plus I really like it. ;D It’s so cute with the traffic-sign style.

12) Union Jack. Because I lost my heart in Manchester.

13) Haalaribileet. One of the many parties dedicated to the overalls. :D

14) Tursajaiset. The festival for the 1st year students. Isn’t the octopus just über-cute?

15) The legpart I changed with Markus. :) Embroidered it with the Japanese version of his name (マルクス) and a heart lately. I’m so cute, am I not?

…lets go to the back now…

1) Tuhkalehto. It’s a band.

2) John Deere. Thank you, Markus. <3

3) Some random website for students. Why do I have it? I don’t know. It was for free. o.O

4) Anni. It’s my name.

5) Bubirundi, one club in our school that organizes awesome parteeeys.

6) Lithuania. I’ve been there.

Hah… so now I got explained some of the things.
I looove my overalls. :D

Yeah, so that’s more or less the only thing I managed to get done today. Except going to school.
We builded bridges with having nothing else than paper and scissors. No glue or anything. And it had to be strong enough to hold a toy car and one of your group had to be able to fit through under it. xD
We so managed. :D With more luck than anything else… but still :D
The class was Communication Skills. Quite obvious, isnt it? Welcome to the tourism programme. xD

Oh and today was the fourth day of my trial of dietary change, which includes to eat more regularily and smaller amounts at a time, instead of sometimes way too much and sometimes nothing at all like I did in the past months.
I mean it wasn’t anything bad, but I was kinda worried it might turn into something like a more serious eating disorder or whatever.
Additionally I try to eat more healthy, lots of fruits and salad and stuff like that. And no candies for a while at least.
I am succeeding quite well so far. =D

Sooo… enough boredom for today… :D

It’s time…

…to leave the country.
For finns.

I saw the first snowflakes in the rain yesterday. Just for a short while, but still. Even that is way too much. Autumn has just began, winter can’t come yet!

On Thursday we went to see JadaJada’s show in O’Connell’s. It was awesome as last time.
Afterwards I went to Fat Lady with Joonas, Elli and Pasi for the overall party.
When Joonas, Anniina and me left O’Connell’s it was raining as hell and Joonas and me were completely wet when we reached Fat Lady.
But it was still nice, after we dried.
Especially to see Elli again after such a long time.
Later also Antti came… it was pretty cool.

Yesterday I didn’t do anything except trying to get rid of my hangover. XD Which basically took all day. Thank god I was fine again in the evening to go to Aurelie’s place for karaoke. :D We had a lot of fun there, as always. ;D

Oh, and I found out why everyone is so hyped about Chai Latte.
The reason is simple: it is fucking GOOOOOOD. xD
I want more. Actually I am gonna make another cup in a second. ;D
I don’t plan on moving anymore for the whole weekend anyways. xD

Autumn Sun

Sometimes it seems to help to complain.
Yesterday I was annoyed about the weather, because it was rainy, way too cold, windy and simply disgusting. All Finland fans in Germany would love that, of course. But in fact, 90% of the Finns and people who live here for longer than 6-12 months simply want to run away.
Today it was at least sunny, so it didn’t feel that cold, even tho it actually was. :D

I went for a trip to the other side today. Or better – to TTY, the technical university, which is here in Hervanta.
The reason was simple: they still sold tickets for the overall party tomorrow, which were already sold out in our school. :D Of course we could have gone there without tickets, it’s only 2 Euros more at the door and last time at that kind of party there wasn’t a big queue when it wasn’t that late yet.
The thing is that with the presale ticket we will get a patch for the overall, which we don’t get if we buy the ticket at the door. :D
But yeah, thank god for TTY, now we have tickets.
I might need some party for a change. :D ;D

Plus there is JadaJada’s show again tomorrow. An american friend of mine has this impro-comedy group. They had a show already last month and it was totally awesome.
So if you happen to live in Tampere:
Tomorrow, 8pm,
Irish Bar O’Connells!!
:D It is definitely worth a visit! I haven’t laughed so hard ever before. :D

Then on Friday we have a Karaoke party with our class. I hope there are a lot of people coming, also those who left the class. :D

So, the weekend will be full of parteeeey! :D

Yeah, and I wasn’t completely lazy today.
I actually went to the gym for one whole hour today!
Probably my whole body is hurting tomorrow, but it was worth it. xD

Recipe: Geschnetzeltes!

Lately it seems to be “in” to write about food and recipes in the blog.
It’s useful and interesting and as I didn’t do anything else than cooking lunch today, I thought I could do the same!!

Very typical German, very yummy, very easy to cook and one of my favorites! :D

What you need…

– mushrooms
– onion (optional)
– meat strips
– cream
– Spätzle! (eggnoodles) Buy them from Lidl or use other pasta or rice or potatoes instead…. ;)
– Spices (salt, pepper, bouillon, herbs, … whatever else you like… :D)


How to do it…

– Cut the mushrooms and onions.

– Put some oil in a pan and roast the onions until they get a little brownish.

– Add the meat and stir-fry it together with the onions.

– Add the mushrooms to the pan.

– Put water in a pot and add some salt.

– Add the noodles.

– When the mushrooms are done, add cream to the pan and season it with spices, until you think it’s good. xD

– Sieve the noodles.

– Enjoy!!


Soooo…. now have fun cooking everyone. :D

Autumn cleaning…

I was bored today so I cleaned the appartment. Finally.
I’m just way too lazy for that way too often.

But once in a while it’s necessary. Including flooding the bathroom floor, as it’s the best way to clean it. :D And it’s fun…
So at least today I don’t feel as senseless as other weekends. I got something done.

Yeah, it’s the first of October and the weather seems like it wants to prove that.
It has 2°C outside at the moment.
Okay, it’s night, but still. Pretty freaking cold. Brr.

Thank good I have a warm bed with fresh sheets.
Did I mention I love the feeling of a freshly made bed after a looong shower? :D I loved it already as a child. There’s nothing better. :D

Otherwise I am still enjoying the time off. :D Even tho I am a little bored at times. Except cleaning I was doing nothing but lying in my bed and watching Paris Hilton’s BFF on MTV. Yes, I was VERY bored. xDDD
Anyways, have a great October everyone! Especially you, who are lucky enough to have a reasonable temperature. X.x

And to end it… I fell in love with this song (especially cause it fits my current feeling quite well), so I need to share it with you.


Loveless Nights They Seem So Long
I Know That I’ll Hold You Someday
Until You Come Back Where You Belong
It’s Just Another Lonely Sunday