Autumn cleaning…

I was bored today so I cleaned the appartment. Finally.
I’m just way too lazy for that way too often.

But once in a while it’s necessary. Including flooding the bathroom floor, as it’s the best way to clean it. :D And it’s fun…
So at least today I don’t feel as senseless as other weekends. I got something done.

Yeah, it’s the first of October and the weather seems like it wants to prove that.
It has 2°C outside at the moment.
Okay, it’s night, but still. Pretty freaking cold. Brr.

Thank good I have a warm bed with fresh sheets.
Did I mention I love the feeling of a freshly made bed after a looong shower? :D I loved it already as a child. There’s nothing better. :D

Otherwise I am still enjoying the time off. :D Even tho I am a little bored at times. Except cleaning I was doing nothing but lying in my bed and watching Paris Hilton’s BFF on MTV. Yes, I was VERY bored. xDDD
Anyways, have a great October everyone! Especially you, who are lucky enough to have a reasonable temperature. X.x

And to end it… I fell in love with this song (especially cause it fits my current feeling quite well), so I need to share it with you.


Loveless Nights They Seem So Long
I Know That I’ll Hold You Someday
Until You Come Back Where You Belong
It’s Just Another Lonely Sunday


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