Recipe: Geschnetzeltes!

Lately it seems to be “in” to write about food and recipes in the blog.
It’s useful and interesting and as I didn’t do anything else than cooking lunch today, I thought I could do the same!!

Very typical German, very yummy, very easy to cook and one of my favorites! :D

What you need…

– mushrooms
– onion (optional)
– meat strips
– cream
– Spätzle! (eggnoodles) Buy them from Lidl or use other pasta or rice or potatoes instead…. ;)
– Spices (salt, pepper, bouillon, herbs, … whatever else you like… :D)


How to do it…

– Cut the mushrooms and onions.

– Put some oil in a pan and roast the onions until they get a little brownish.

– Add the meat and stir-fry it together with the onions.

– Add the mushrooms to the pan.

– Put water in a pot and add some salt.

– Add the noodles.

– When the mushrooms are done, add cream to the pan and season it with spices, until you think it’s good. xD

– Sieve the noodles.

– Enjoy!!


Soooo…. now have fun cooking everyone. :D



  1. mustaenkeli Said:

    Nom nom nom
    Thanks for this I guess I will cook that during the next days :D

    • iidavnus Said:

      :D hihi, no problem…
      i found out that a little piece of lihaliemi was what i always missed in my sauces without knowing it ;D
      i recommed it :D

  2. mOm Said:

    where’s the wine? ;-)

  3. Fhina Said:

    Nommy :D

  4. Dad Said:

    Use Noeilly Prat instead of white wine.
    Your guests will love you for it!

    Dad :-)

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