It’s time…

…to leave the country.
For finns.

I saw the first snowflakes in the rain yesterday. Just for a short while, but still. Even that is way too much. Autumn has just began, winter can’t come yet!

On Thursday we went to see JadaJada’s show in O’Connell’s. It was awesome as last time.
Afterwards I went to Fat Lady with Joonas, Elli and Pasi for the overall party.
When Joonas, Anniina and me left O’Connell’s it was raining as hell and Joonas and me were completely wet when we reached Fat Lady.
But it was still nice, after we dried.
Especially to see Elli again after such a long time.
Later also Antti came… it was pretty cool.

Yesterday I didn’t do anything except trying to get rid of my hangover. XD Which basically took all day. Thank god I was fine again in the evening to go to Aurelie’s place for karaoke. :D We had a lot of fun there, as always. ;D

Oh, and I found out why everyone is so hyped about Chai Latte.
The reason is simple: it is fucking GOOOOOOD. xD
I want more. Actually I am gonna make another cup in a second. ;D
I don’t plan on moving anymore for the whole weekend anyways. xD


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  1. Fhina Said:

    Hahahahahahaha XD
    Das mit dem Kater kenne ich…die Kopfschmerzen heute morgen waren ja auch nicht ohne…
    Und jaaa, Chai Latte <3

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