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…I see myself falling in my old scheme again… but I have excuseeees.
The past days I was struggling with studying for my upcoming Intro to Research exam.
Our lovely school library decided to close due to moving, right now when people start having exams…
They said one could pick up books that were ordered from other schools, though.
So I did that, received an email on Friday that I could pick it up, went all the way to school just to hear: “Oh, this book actually comes from Ikaalinen. That’s not a different school, just a different campus. You can get the book on Monday.” AYFKM? I don’t need it anymore on Monday, the exam IS on Monday.
So I will pick up the book tomorrow, have it lying around for a while and then return it, cause if I don’t pick it up I will have to pay a fee, cause they ordered it there for me. -.-”
Anyways, I got the book from Aurelie. I HAAAATE reading books for exams. It is impossible. I read two pages and forget what was written on the first of them. :(
So, yeah, very much looking forward to that exam tomorrow.

Today I went voting.
For the first time in my life ever.
In Finland.
Funny, somehow.
I had thousands of discussions with people about how I can dare to not vote in Germany.
The answer is simple:
I have no idea about politics in Germany.
Frankly, I don’t live there at the moment, so what do I care about what changes or not?
And before I vote for someone, just to have voted, without knowing what I am doing, I just don’t do it at all.
But probably would not vote in the “big” elections in Finland either, but luckily I am not allowed to anyways.
Only the municipal elections, once I lived here for one year.

Also, I carved a pumpkin.
I don’t remember when was the last time I did that, but it is at least 11 or 12 years ago, I would say.

Ugh, that’s it.
Already too much written considering how unmotivated I am.
Wish me luck for that stupid exam. -.-

Ruby Sparks

And just as my motivation is giving up on me again – there comes a movie that is so worth telling about. :)

Ruby Sparks
I just saw it with my boyfriend and I was absolutely amazed.
It seems pretty weird, chaotic and unrealistic and well, it is to some extend.
But it is also so deep.

It’s about a young famous writer, who is a bit socially awkward and barely has any friends.
He dreams about a girl and starts writing about her. He gives her a name and personality… and somehow falls in love with this girl that is actually just a product of his imagination.
And well… one day he wakes up and finds exactly that girl in his kitchen, telling him she is his girlfriend.
Now what would you do?
And where are the limits when you have the power to completely control a human being just by what you write?
I won’t tell more, you should just definitely watch it!

Here’s the trailer:
Ruby Sparks


Yeah, I had a nice meeting with one today.

I was walking to the local bus stop to go to the gym when suddenly something tackled me from behind.
At first I thought for whatever reason that it might have been one of my friends, who wanted to surprise me. I do not have black, furry friends though, so: no.

It was a dog, rather big, black, quite beautiful one actually.
I had no idea where it came from, there was no potential owner anywhere in sight, I assume it ran away from a garden or through the open door of a flat in the neighborhood.
Anyways, it kept jumping on me, from all sides and snapped after my sleeves, backpack and jacket.
It took me a few moments to sort out whether it actually tried to attack me or just wanted to play. I came to the conclusion that it actually was not aggressive at all. It was not barking or anything, just waving its tail and probably thought I was an awesome friend to play with.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like dogs, even though I am a cat person after all, but I don’t really feel like playing when it approaches me in that kind of way.
As I have lived with a quite playful Finnish dog for a year (even though I highly doubt that Chili would ever randomly jump on strangers on the street!) I tried all kinds of Finnish dog commands that came to my mind. “NO!” “Stop.” “Sit!” “Don’t jump!” “Bad dog!” – It could not care less.

Finally a little girl came, maybe 8, and pulled the dog away on its collar.
The father of the girl came right after her, took her, dog and left to one of the houses.
No apology whatsoever!
I am quite tolerant, I know things like that can happen (even though they really, really shouldn’t!), but the least one can do when their dog jumps on a stranger is to say they are sorry!

Just imagining it would not have been me walking there, but a small child! The dog would have easily pushed it to the ground or even on the street.
Also if there would have been an old lady walking or someone who is really scared of dogs, as I was myself some years back. They would have gotten a heart attack, especially cause it really wasn’t obvious in the beginning what the dog was up to. For some seconds I was just waiting for it to bite.

It just makes me sad and angry at the same time, because it is like with children: if they are too wild, aggressive, don’t listen, don’t have respect it is never their fault, but always their parents or in that case owners!
Surely to some extend it is also the character, but even wild and playful dogs can be trained in the way that they do not immediately jump on people who walk past. I did not run or anything that could have signalized the dog I want to play.

Sometimes I think people should have to go through a test before they are allowed to have an animal or get children, just to make sure that they are able to take the responsibility!

Many dog holders will say “Don’t be like that, it just wants to play!” or something. Well, fair enough, but please take into consideration that some people might not like your little Bello, no matter how cute he seems to you.
Personally I have no problems with dogs walking free, also in domestic areas. As long as they are calm and listen to their owner! It happened a few times that some dog came to me and sniffed to check out who I am. That’s totally fine for me, but even that might be too much for other people.

I just don’t get why people get dogs without being able to handle them at all.
Think about it beforehand! Your daughters big blue eyes shouldn’t be the only reason to get one.

Well, I have a jeans and a shirt more to wash now, because they are pretty dirty of course.

Oh, well… no can do. :D

Now it would like to share some music for a change…
I heard this song already a while ago, but didn’t really pay attention.
Today at the gym the song played on TV while I was on the treadmill and I was somewhere between crying and falling off that thing…
It is really the most beautiful, touching and breathtaking song I have heard in a while.
And the discussions about the sexual orientation of the singer are annoying and senseless! It’s the voice that counts and that is awesome.
Here you go, including my own translation of it.

“Jesse Kaikuranta – Take Me Home

Come to buy me,
I am for sale.
Lots of good love
broken inside a pocket.
You get it for free.

Come to get me,
I am ready.
Memories in plastic bags,
the heart in a suitcase.
Ready to change.
Take me home.

Take me home again,
put my head and heart in their places.
Touch me in a way that will keep me from forgetting
who is the one that owns me.
Take me home.

For what price do you get me to your side?
I don’t ask for a lot.
I ask for a piece of heaven
and a few kisses.

I don’t give any guarantees, now just take the risk.
Love might hurt.
Remember, you aren’t allowed to change it
when it begins to cause remorse.
Take me home.

Take me home again,
put my head and heart in their places.
Touch me in a way that will keep me from forgetting
who is the one that owns me.

And I will do my best and more,
so you will never be disappointed,
I swear.
You fixed me again.

Take me home again,
put my head and heart in their places.
Touch me in a way that will keep me from forgetting
who is the one that owns me,
who is the one that owns me.
Take me home.”

Hello, mineturtle!

– Helloooo!

*random off*

Yes, as a matter of fact I have been quite addicted to asdfmovie lately.
You don’t know it? Better go and check it out.
It’s basically a bunch of very minimalistic drawn figures, who are just totally random. Not even trying to be funny, just very senseless, but that is just what makes them so hilarious.
My absolute favorite character is mineturtle. As the name already tells it is a little turtle, which is a mine. So it has a button on is back and if you press it/step on it/etc, it would explode.
The cutest thing about it, that mineturtle greets everyone always before it explodes.
But it is not possible to put it into words anyways. Just watch it!

So, today I dragged myself to the gym again. I kinda found out those classes they offer are better than I thought. I went to quite a few in the past weeks.
Worst of all was BodyPump. I’ve never been in so much pain. xD But I might go there again, because I think it is quite effective. :D

My favourite and probably the most popular class all over GoGo is Bollywood. :D
The name explains – just Bollywood dance moves, with the most awesome and hilarious teacher ever. He is Indian, of course, speaks only English, at least 10 girls/women in the class have a crush on him and he just makes everyone laugh all the time. :D We danced Gangnam style with him. xD
You can by the way see him on Talent Suomi, he is there with his dance group. They just made it to the semi finals.
Check Facebook for “Danny’s Bollywood Dance Crew”, you will find the Talent Suomi videos there as well.

Now I should try to get the first real post for the travel blog done, though. Yaay.


This is so going to my blog!

…or not.
I won’t make any comments about how long this blog was dead and I’d appreciate if you didn’t either. xD

But now I have decided I will start a new trial for a comeback, which will probably fail horribly. ^.^

It would take me several years to start talking about the millions of things that happened since my last post. In a nutshell: more gym, Belgium, Baby back, Germany, road trip back to Finland, new awesome exchange students, Särkänniemi, new flat, cat plan, Appro, Mäntyharju… yes, that was about it.

Today was spider day and I have this nerve-eating fear that it might not be over yet. O.o
It started with a very tiny, but very fat one on the living room wall. We hoovered it away, even though I didn’t want to anymore, after Markus put this image in my head of the revenge-seeking spider crawling back out of the vacuum cleaner. o.o

Later I cleaned the whole flat. Not because of the spider, but because it was necessary.
Two hours after that, Markus was at a friends place and I alone and helpless, I spot that harvestman (I avoid the term “daddy longlegs” since I saw that youtube video about the awkward German freaking out about that name, but back to topic) right in the middle of the bedroom floor.
So I take Markus’ shoe and flatten it.

The amount of spiders (and 2 is an amount considering I rarely have had any in my flats here in Tampere) was already surprising me, but I thought 2 is still okay. So I was just hiking my shoulders and wanted to leave the bedroom, sarcastically thinking “Oh, I bet I will stumble right over the next one.” when – I did. Another one of the same kind, but much bigger on the wall between kitchen and living room door. It made a sound when I killed it, because the body was so thick. It was like “PLOPP”. UAGH.
I bet it was the husband of the other one. I bet they have millions of children waiting in some corner of our flat.

I keep scratching myself and look around the room every 2 minutes since that incident.
I feel threatened.

But lets get to more funny topics, yay, I has a new blog! Again.
I had an uncountable number of them during the past years and all are forgotten under a thick layer of dust by now – including this one, but now I decided to have a theme blog as well.
It’s about traveling.
I got the idea when discussing with my friend about differences between airlines, services and prices.
So… yaaay, lets see where that leads. :D

Take care!