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This is so going to my blog!

…or not.
I won’t make any comments about how long this blog was dead and I’d appreciate if you didn’t either. xD

But now I have decided I will start a new trial for a comeback, which will probably fail horribly. ^.^

It would take me several years to start talking about the millions of things that happened since my last post. In a nutshell: more gym, Belgium, Baby back, Germany, road trip back to Finland, new awesome exchange students, Särkänniemi, new flat, cat plan, Appro, Mäntyharju… yes, that was about it.

Today was spider day and I have this nerve-eating fear that it might not be over yet. O.o
It started with a very tiny, but very fat one on the living room wall. We hoovered it away, even though I didn’t want to anymore, after Markus put this image in my head of the revenge-seeking spider crawling back out of the vacuum cleaner. o.o

Later I cleaned the whole flat. Not because of the spider, but because it was necessary.
Two hours after that, Markus was at a friends place and I alone and helpless, I spot that harvestman (I avoid the term “daddy longlegs” since I saw that youtube video about the awkward German freaking out about that name, but back to topic) right in the middle of the bedroom floor.
So I take Markus’ shoe and flatten it.

The amount of spiders (and 2 is an amount considering I rarely have had any in my flats here in Tampere) was already surprising me, but I thought 2 is still okay. So I was just hiking my shoulders and wanted to leave the bedroom, sarcastically thinking “Oh, I bet I will stumble right over the next one.” when – I did. Another one of the same kind, but much bigger on the wall between kitchen and living room door. It made a sound when I killed it, because the body was so thick. It was like “PLOPP”. UAGH.
I bet it was the husband of the other one. I bet they have millions of children waiting in some corner of our flat.

I keep scratching myself and look around the room every 2 minutes since that incident.
I feel threatened.

But lets get to more funny topics, yay, I has a new blog! Again.
I had an uncountable number of them during the past years and all are forgotten under a thick layer of dust by now – including this one, but now I decided to have a theme blog as well.
It’s about traveling.
I got the idea when discussing with my friend about differences between airlines, services and prices.
So… yaaay, lets see where that leads. :D

Take care!