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Hello, mineturtle!

– Helloooo!

*random off*

Yes, as a matter of fact I have been quite addicted to asdfmovie lately.
You don’t know it? Better go and check it out.
It’s basically a bunch of very minimalistic drawn figures, who are just totally random. Not even trying to be funny, just very senseless, but that is just what makes them so hilarious.
My absolute favorite character is mineturtle. As the name already tells it is a little turtle, which is a mine. So it has a button on is back and if you press it/step on it/etc, it would explode.
The cutest thing about it, that mineturtle greets everyone always before it explodes.
But it is not possible to put it into words anyways. Just watch it!

So, today I dragged myself to the gym again. I kinda found out those classes they offer are better than I thought. I went to quite a few in the past weeks.
Worst of all was BodyPump. I’ve never been in so much pain. xD But I might go there again, because I think it is quite effective. :D

My favourite and probably the most popular class all over GoGo is Bollywood. :D
The name explains – just Bollywood dance moves, with the most awesome and hilarious teacher ever. He is Indian, of course, speaks only English, at least 10 girls/women in the class have a crush on him and he just makes everyone laugh all the time. :D We danced Gangnam style with him. xD
You can by the way see him on Talent Suomi, he is there with his dance group. They just made it to the semi finals.
Check Facebook for “Danny’s Bollywood Dance Crew”, you will find the Talent Suomi videos there as well.

Now I should try to get the first real post for the travel blog done, though. Yaay.