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Yeah, I had a nice meeting with one today.

I was walking to the local bus stop to go to the gym when suddenly something tackled me from behind.
At first I thought for whatever reason that it might have been one of my friends, who wanted to surprise me. I do not have black, furry friends though, so: no.

It was a dog, rather big, black, quite beautiful one actually.
I had no idea where it came from, there was no potential owner anywhere in sight, I assume it ran away from a garden or through the open door of a flat in the neighborhood.
Anyways, it kept jumping on me, from all sides and snapped after my sleeves, backpack and jacket.
It took me a few moments to sort out whether it actually tried to attack me or just wanted to play. I came to the conclusion that it actually was not aggressive at all. It was not barking or anything, just waving its tail and probably thought I was an awesome friend to play with.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like dogs, even though I am a cat person after all, but I don’t really feel like playing when it approaches me in that kind of way.
As I have lived with a quite playful Finnish dog for a year (even though I highly doubt that Chili would ever randomly jump on strangers on the street!) I tried all kinds of Finnish dog commands that came to my mind. “NO!” “Stop.” “Sit!” “Don’t jump!” “Bad dog!” – It could not care less.

Finally a little girl came, maybe 8, and pulled the dog away on its collar.
The father of the girl came right after her, took her, dog and left to one of the houses.
No apology whatsoever!
I am quite tolerant, I know things like that can happen (even though they really, really shouldn’t!), but the least one can do when their dog jumps on a stranger is to say they are sorry!

Just imagining it would not have been me walking there, but a small child! The dog would have easily pushed it to the ground or even on the street.
Also if there would have been an old lady walking or someone who is really scared of dogs, as I was myself some years back. They would have gotten a heart attack, especially cause it really wasn’t obvious in the beginning what the dog was up to. For some seconds I was just waiting for it to bite.

It just makes me sad and angry at the same time, because it is like with children: if they are too wild, aggressive, don’t listen, don’t have respect it is never their fault, but always their parents or in that case owners!
Surely to some extend it is also the character, but even wild and playful dogs can be trained in the way that they do not immediately jump on people who walk past. I did not run or anything that could have signalized the dog I want to play.

Sometimes I think people should have to go through a test before they are allowed to have an animal or get children, just to make sure that they are able to take the responsibility!

Many dog holders will say “Don’t be like that, it just wants to play!” or something. Well, fair enough, but please take into consideration that some people might not like your little Bello, no matter how cute he seems to you.
Personally I have no problems with dogs walking free, also in domestic areas. As long as they are calm and listen to their owner! It happened a few times that some dog came to me and sniffed to check out who I am. That’s totally fine for me, but even that might be too much for other people.

I just don’t get why people get dogs without being able to handle them at all.
Think about it beforehand! Your daughters big blue eyes shouldn’t be the only reason to get one.

Well, I have a jeans and a shirt more to wash now, because they are pretty dirty of course.

Oh, well… no can do. :D

Now it would like to share some music for a change…
I heard this song already a while ago, but didn’t really pay attention.
Today at the gym the song played on TV while I was on the treadmill and I was somewhere between crying and falling off that thing…
It is really the most beautiful, touching and breathtaking song I have heard in a while.
And the discussions about the sexual orientation of the singer are annoying and senseless! It’s the voice that counts and that is awesome.
Here you go, including my own translation of it.

“Jesse Kaikuranta – Take Me Home

Come to buy me,
I am for sale.
Lots of good love
broken inside a pocket.
You get it for free.

Come to get me,
I am ready.
Memories in plastic bags,
the heart in a suitcase.
Ready to change.
Take me home.

Take me home again,
put my head and heart in their places.
Touch me in a way that will keep me from forgetting
who is the one that owns me.
Take me home.

For what price do you get me to your side?
I don’t ask for a lot.
I ask for a piece of heaven
and a few kisses.

I don’t give any guarantees, now just take the risk.
Love might hurt.
Remember, you aren’t allowed to change it
when it begins to cause remorse.
Take me home.

Take me home again,
put my head and heart in their places.
Touch me in a way that will keep me from forgetting
who is the one that owns me.

And I will do my best and more,
so you will never be disappointed,
I swear.
You fixed me again.

Take me home again,
put my head and heart in their places.
Touch me in a way that will keep me from forgetting
who is the one that owns me,
who is the one that owns me.
Take me home.”



Free weekends suck. Just for the record.
I am always happy to have them, but then I always realize it again.
Of course it’s good to wake up without 500 things in mind that you still need to do, but then in the end sitting there having nothing to do is just so boooooring.

Thaat’s what happened on Friday, so I spontaneously went to the center with Antti and Harri.
We had no idea where to go, so we just randomly went to 1bar for a beer. Then I texted Brian, cause he told me he would be in the center, too. We didn’t quite get his reply, we thought he was in Dog’s Home, even though in fact he was in the bar next to it.
Anyways I haven’t been to Dog’s Home in over one year and it used to be my favourite bar in Tampere, so we went there. And they still do have the best White Russian in town.

We met Brian afterwards and spent the rest of the night in Ruma with Long Island Ice Tea. :D It was the first time since I got back from Germany, that I didn’t leave between 12 and 1 du to tireness. Maybe because we met at 12? Or because I took a 4 hour nap in the afternoon after school. xD That might be it.

Yesterday was again a whole lot of doing nothing and in the evening I met up with Aurelie to watch the new Twilight movie. Yeah, laugh at me.
Actually it was suprisingly good, if not the best so far in my opinion. Probably that is because I didn’t read the 4th book at all, so I didn’t have any expectations. Or if so, then only quite low.
I am far enough that I manage to ignore that Robert Pattinson is just way too ugly to be the beautiful vampire Edward is described as in the book. I also manage to ignore that Kristen Steward is a horrible actress in my eyes and something is apparently seriously wrong with her mouth as she always runs around with this “D=”-expression. Even on her wedding.
But yeah, everyone how they like it.
Still I don’t get how they can choose Mackenzie Foy as their daughter for the next part… this girl is just incredible cute and pretty and her movie parents simply just aren’t. At all. :D
Anyways, as long as there is a loooooooot of Carlisle and Jake I am fine. :D I am actually fine with everyone except Pattinson and Steward.
Carlisle and Jake in the same scene… roar… torture, sweet torture.
Why couldn’t they choose a Carlisle-like actor for Edward, too? Would fit so much better. :D

Sooo, one more day of boredom ahead tomorrow. *sigh*
I have not the slightest clue what to do with it.

Oh and my flatmate has guests for the whole week. It’s 5 in total, 2 of them staying with us.
They better be quiet next week when I have school in the morning, or there might be some dead Italians. I have enough sleeping problems already.


I don’t exactly know where it is coming from, but it is here. :D
Or I’m just SO damn bored, that being unmotivated would make me even more bored…

Actually the day seemed to be a horrible one in the morning, as I once again didn’t manage to sleep more than 2 hours. x.x
Instead of normal school we had a company visit at IKEA.
We were worried about it, as they were apparently not too happy to have us over, but it turned out to be different. The two ladies who had the presentation were really nice and open and we even got free candy and buttons. :D
Luckily the afternoon class with Pirkko was cancelled, so of course – as we were already there – we used the time for some shopping.
I was walking around with Maja and later we met Anniina and Aurelie, too.
And it went as it always does in IKEA: you don’t need anything, but you will end up buying something. :D
I bought some deco stuff, awesome apple-cinnamon candles, two glass bowls and two little thingies which I thought are perfect for putting soy sauce in when having sushi or something. I was actually missing something like that.
And I bought some glasses with stars on them. I don’t know if they are supposed to be candle glasses or drink glasses, but I figured you can use them for both. :D
Here is a picture of my treasures:

After the shopping we had food at the IKEA restaurant: meatbaaaaalls. *.*

Back at home I was still motivated, so I did the stuff I had left to do for our Cross-cultural communication groupwork.

Then I figured that this motivation would probably not last forever and as I had planned on making an Advent wreath, like we used to have it when I was a child, I decided I could do that. Of course it is a bit early, but who knows if I would find motivation next year.
I found candles already some days ago at Lidl and now I bought some more deco and went to pick some fir branches.
I was attacked by several squirrels, but I survived. :D
Tiimari didn’t have wooden rings as we used for the basis of the wreath, so I improvised one from a 24 lonkero box. :D
I still remembered how to tie the wreath but it was still a bit more difficult, as the wire sucked and the Finnish twigs seem to be a lot spikier than the German ones. Ouch.
My next problem was how to fix the candles ON it, without the risk of them falling down. Daniela gave me the idea of using nails and it worked quite well.
Here the result:

Then I started to redecorate my shelf and my desk with the stuff I bought at IKEA.
The alcohol bottles which were on top of the shelf are a bit better hidden now and the top used for decoration.

And tadaaaa…


Looks a lot better now. At least in my opinion.

So. Now it is 7.30 and I am still bored. And motivated…
So up next: English homework. Yes. English homework. Me.
It was quite easy. =P (Surprise, surprise.)

8.30. Still bored.
I wanted to clean the flat tomorrow as I have a laundry shift then and could wash my bed sheets also.
But I decided to clean the rest of the flat already today and leave only the bed for tomorrow.

I’m scary, am I not? xD

But yeah, I feel very proud of myself and that gets me in a better mood right away, too. :D

Haaaah. Still bored and motivated.
Maybe I’ll play some Facebook games. xD


For the Germans…

…and all other non-Finns/not living in Finland/not studying in Finland.
Of course those who do are allowed to read it too, but it might be less interesting.
Because… it’s about the overalls again.

For those who didn’t read my blogentry about them and want to know what it is about, check it here.

On Thursday is Hämeenkadun Appro, as I already mentioned somewhen earlier, so I took some time today to polish op my overalls, sew some patches and so on.
And I thought… when I am always talking about my overalls, also to those who never really get to see them, it would be kind of a good idea to introduce them more closely.
No, they don’t have a name. Yet.
Actually it’s a good idea.
Any suggestions?? xD

Anyways… I took some pictures today, so they are very up to date…

To start with… THE FRONT!

1) It’s random glow sticks I hijacked from Markus. Or he rather gave them to me. Actually there is no sense in keeping them there, but this is just the point of overalls… so they stay. :D

2) Manchester United lanyard I got when I visited the Old Trafford stadium. It’s a must.

3) It’s Pasi! (Uniklubi’s guitarplayer) On a button.

4) Anti breast-cancer ribbon. Self explaining.

5) Finland.

6) Hämeenkadun Appro, Level 1. Approbatur. (5 drinks in 4 hours.) Level 2, Cum Laude (7 drinks in 4 hours) will follow on Thursday! =D

7) CLINT City Tour. The tour through Tampere that CLINT offers for exchange students provides patches for all exchange students and tutors attending. :D

8) Finland/Germany lanyard. Thank you Basti! :D

9) Red nose! We random got it for free at a shop on Vappu and I couldn’t be bothered to get rid of it. :D

10) “Never run for a bus! Especially not when it is driving upwards in a 90° angle!” – Spongebob. :D

11) Tuutori. It’s finnish for tutor. Obviously. And I am one. Plus I really like it. ;D It’s so cute with the traffic-sign style.

12) Union Jack. Because I lost my heart in Manchester.

13) Haalaribileet. One of the many parties dedicated to the overalls. :D

14) Tursajaiset. The festival for the 1st year students. Isn’t the octopus just über-cute?

15) The legpart I changed with Markus. :) Embroidered it with the Japanese version of his name (マルクス) and a heart lately. I’m so cute, am I not?

…lets go to the back now…

1) Tuhkalehto. It’s a band.

2) John Deere. Thank you, Markus. <3

3) Some random website for students. Why do I have it? I don’t know. It was for free. o.O

4) Anni. It’s my name.

5) Bubirundi, one club in our school that organizes awesome parteeeys.

6) Lithuania. I’ve been there.

Hah… so now I got explained some of the things.
I looove my overalls. :D

Yeah, so that’s more or less the only thing I managed to get done today. Except going to school.
We builded bridges with having nothing else than paper and scissors. No glue or anything. And it had to be strong enough to hold a toy car and one of your group had to be able to fit through under it. xD
We so managed. :D With more luck than anything else… but still :D
The class was Communication Skills. Quite obvious, isnt it? Welcome to the tourism programme. xD

Oh and today was the fourth day of my trial of dietary change, which includes to eat more regularily and smaller amounts at a time, instead of sometimes way too much and sometimes nothing at all like I did in the past months.
I mean it wasn’t anything bad, but I was kinda worried it might turn into something like a more serious eating disorder or whatever.
Additionally I try to eat more healthy, lots of fruits and salad and stuff like that. And no candies for a while at least.
I am succeeding quite well so far. =D

Sooo… enough boredom for today… :D

I don’t celebrate Thursdays…

I hate Thursdays. I always hated them.
I have no idea what’s about Thursdays, but already back in high school it was always the longest day with the stupidest subjects. Continued in Mäntyharju that on Thursdays everything went wrong and now in school again…
I’m definitely not a Thursday person.

Credits go to Jan Ammann, Lidl fruit cocktail and plain jogurt, that this blog entry is not completely full of hate.
Those three in combination kinda managed to calm me down. I’m greatful.

I mean, at least it’s weekend, I survived a superboring day at school… I should be happy about it.
Plus it’s the first weekend in like one month which is not completely full of things from the beginning to the end. Time for mememe and myself.
Means I will be horrible bored by tomorrow morning at the latest, but don’t tell me that. It could ruin my mood. Again.

I went to Sonera today to ask about changing the contract to unlimited internet. Wanted to do that some time ago already, but I was too lazy.
But now I heard that hightech-country Japan is not able to use simple SMS on their mobiles, but emails. So it might be about time to get the fucking unlimited shit.
Anyways, I went there and they told me I couldn’t change it, as the contract was not made by me.
Of course it wasn’t, Kukka made it. But it’s my phone, it (should) say my name, I pay the bill – what the heck?
Gotta love Sonera. Or phone services in general.

When I went home by bus I witnessed once again the most funniest thing (for Germans) ever.
Finns and traffic-jam(mies).
I call it traffic-jammy, cause it wasn’t a traffic-jam. It was not even a traffic-jammy. It was 1-2km stop and go on Hervannan Valtaväylä, the big street towards Hervanta, because they renew the street there or something, so there was one short point where the 3 lanes had to go into 1 lane.
I know the problem, it’s not like Germans would be dealing too well with that kind of problems when it comes to taking care of other cars…. but Finns…. it is indiscribable.
The cars from all three lanes try to get into that one lane in the middle at the same time. It seems they get blind for everything around them in that minute. “Close your eyes, push the gas through and hope to survive!”
And if one of the cars decides to stop and let others into the lane, it often enough happens that two drivers get this very idea on the same point. So they both/all three stop, then they see that the others stop, too and think “Oh, they stop! So I can drive!” and then they all three start to drive again just to brake sharply a second later because they would crash otherwise.
It’s better than cinema.
I have never seen it taking so much time to switch to one lane as here in Finland.

And that’s not the only funny thing. Even more entertaining is the reaction from the Finnish people in the bus! (And I bet also in the cars, if they are not the ones who are just fighting for the lane. xD)
There is the busdriver screaming through the bus “Yeah! This is why the bus was late at Keskustori! The street is completely blocked!!!”… yeah. This is always and the only reason that TKL busses are late. Sure. Never happens otherwise.
Then people on the phone “Hey, it’s me. I’ll be late, we’re in a huuuuge traffic jam.” or “Hi, I have no idea when I will be home, nothing is moving here, it could take a while!”… remember: it’s still the 1-2km stop and go. Nothing more. No 13-20km stop without go as we like to have in Germany sometimes.
The shy and not talkative finns, who need their private space (and a lot of it!) suddenly start to talk to the random stranger next to them, about the traffic jam of course, they fall onto the laps of the person next to them when trying to see through the aisle out of the front window of the bus.
They are TAKING PICTURES… of the traffic jam! Which isn’t one. I’m serious. I’m not kidding you.
It’s amazing!
I had such a hard time not to burst out in laughter. xD

But yeah… that was that.

I’m surprised to see that I apparently have some readers and not even that few. :D
I’m working on the “Worth a Visit” menu in the sidebar atm.
So if you think your blog is worth a visit, just let me know the address! :) No re-linking required. ;)


This is what Lousie would say and this is what I will say.
I’m kinda ashamed not having posted anything for so long, but I’ve been kinda busy with my practical training.
I’ve been working in Stuttgart in the Maritim Hotel for the past three months, for those who still don’t know.
It was awesome, a great experience and I met a bunch of great people, but it was also very stressful and brought me close to freakin’ out at points.
Anyways, I got back last Tuesday and since then I am rotating with my tutoring stuff.
New exchange students are here, they had to be picked up (by me with a VW Transporter – just to mention it again, I am still so proud xD), then they had the orientation and stuff and today also the new 1st year tourism students arrived and I have to take care of them.
I was spending more time at school, at TKL busses and my bf’s place than here in the past week… but yeah, it’s a lousy excuse. v.v
That’s why I never actually wanted a blog. Things to write about are happening, I am too lazy to write, then I wait, things are piling up and I want to write even less! Grah.

But I really try to change that and post sth at least every now and then… maybe it’d help if I wouldn’t always write 500 pages, if I decide to write. :D
So this is why I am keeping it short today, but at least it is a start! I wrote! Applause! Thanks.
This – and then the laundry waiting in the dryer. (I’m not managing to get that done, either.)

But yeah, when coming back to this page after like ages, I figured that there is this nice putapictureandwritesomeshit feature for the side bar.
So I got a very funny task for you:
Tell me key words that describe me, so I can put them there!! I already have a few, but I bet there are a lot more! :D

And yeah, I hope I manage to write again anytime soon. :P

-xxx, Anni

Still alive!

Believe it or not! Haha. xD

Yeah, I was gone for ages, or at least not posting. Sorry to all people interested and also to those chicks who need to write stupid comments about my life without knowing me, because they don’t have an own one. =P

In short form, what happened?

I have been to Germany for two weeks, even though I arrived there 73 hours too late.
The full report I made out of this will be posted soon, but in German, as I was not planning on posting it at first and therefore wrote it in German. xD
So here’s the shorter version.

We’ve been on the cruise on December 16th with Nora, Irina, Alisa, Jasmin and Saba and everything was still fine. My first flight was supposed to leave from Stockholm to Berlin on Friday, December 17th at 3pm.
Already at the check in they spoke about 3 hours delay. In the end it was 5 hours delayed – before they told us it was cancelled and the next available flight was on SUNDAY evening. I met another girl there, so we were at least not alone. And we got hotels paid by airberlin, but still. I tried to change my connecting flight to TXL-STR instead of TXL-FRA, because Frankfurt airport was completely closed due to “snow chaos” (which is hilarious, when you come from Finland, but yeah. Germany.). But they told me that as long as the flight to Frankfurt isn’t officially cancelled they can’t rebook me.
So, we flew to Berlin with a little delay, but at least we got to know the captain and the cabin crew, which was really cool. (Even though they told us, there WERE free places on the planes on Saturday, but it was cheaper for airberlin to put us in a hotel. Assholes.)

And – who would have guessed. My connecting flight to Frankfurt WAS cancelled. So I spent the night at Berlin airport to take the earliest flight to Stuttgart the next morning.
Everything seemed to go well, we got on the plane perfectly in time, we were already in the de-icing when suddenly nothing moved anymore.
So after standing on the field for 3 full hours they forced us to leave the plane cause the flight was cancelled. AAAAARGH!
My Mum and Frank drove all the way from Biebesheim to Berlin to get me, because the next flight would’ve been on Tuesday.

Germany itself was great. Cheap stuff, good food, friends and family.
And of course a visit to the best musical ever – THE DANCE OF THE VAMPIRES. <3
And the flight back was almost without any problems.

I already booked the next one – in February. :D With FINNAIR and NON-STOP. And cheaper as the whole airberlin-nightmare in December. =P Too bad the week is too short to visit Stuttgart AND Biebesheim, but I’ll be back in summer for a longer time anyways. I just recognized that Germany is still too important for me, as that I could stay away for one whole year again.

Yeah, Sunday after I got home the real stress began, as I had to pack ALL my stuff before Monday morning, because I was moving.
I was close to loose my nerves at many points but in the end it was done and with huge help of Alisa and Denise and a loooooong time waiting for the keys at TOAS I arrived in Mikontalo in Hervanta. It is HUGE, it is probably after Näsinneula the biggest building all over Tampere. At least it feels like it. xD
Here’s a screenshot my Dad made in Google Streetview.
The left one. 12 floors. Laundry room reachable WITHOUT leaving the house. PLUS an own gym. =D

Here are some pics of my room after hours of cleaning up and decorating:

The desk =D

<3 closet inc


View from the kitchen.

“Balcony” xD

A lake in 3 minutes walking-distance. =D

Well, as you can see yourself – relatively new furniture, prettier wallcolors and so on. I guess it really was the right decision to move. Even though Hervanta isn’t said to be the best part of Tampere – it’s anyways better than Lukonmäki. xD

Well, the rest of Monday I spent with Trent and our German exchange student Christina and whole Tuesday I have been on the first orientation day for the exchange-students.
We got awesome tutor-shirts. =D Darkred with Tamko-logo and our names on them. :D

Yesterday we had a sauna-evening, which shocked most of the female exchange students, because they are not used to see naked Finns running past them and jumping into the snow. XDDDDDD

Today I spent sleeping, doing my laundry, watching a movie (Remember Me – it’s with Robert  Pattinson but it’s still worth watching. He might be ugly but in that movie he is a really great actor. And the movie’s so touching.) and being in the gym. It’s awesome to have an own gym. It’s even really pretty.

Tomorrow I’ll meet Alisa to get the lense for my new camera I got from her – Canon EOS 450D – <3.
And now I’m gonna make something to eat. XD

Two weeks…

…until Germany. :)
And the shitload of stuff which was between me and the feeling of looking foward to it begins to decrease. Slowly.
I finished all the assignments already and we held our Chinese perentatio today. We got a 5, yay. :D

Then Annikki was making a lottery to choose two of the five applicants for Manchester, who are allowed to go there.
And yaaay, it’s me and Inka. <3
But it was damn unfair for Aurelie, Joonas and Liza. Because we all wrote this motivation letter and tried to convince them why they should take us… and then it’s a lottery. -.-”
But well, for once in my life luck was on my side.
Never been to the UK, so I’m really looking forward.
I could take my “I <3 UK” shirt with me and nobody would call me a fangirl. Omg, I’m so random. xD

Theeeeeen… I got an offer for an appartment in Hervanta, but it’s unfurnished, which sucks.
I guess I won’t spent the money for furniture, but try to apply for the two furnished buildings in Hervanta. Already wrote them an email, because you seemingly can’t apply for one certain building online. Gnarf.

What else?
I bought a Pikku Myy reflector. And I love -6 degrees, because after some days of -20 it feels SO warm. Honestly. I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true.

So, we will see how I manage to survive the next two weeks.

Friday, 3rd – sleeping in, doing nothing for at least one day in between & pikkujoulu at Jack the Rooser with Alisa in the evening… at least I’m most likely to go
Saturday, 4th – cleaning the flat, doing laundry, starting to read the marketing books
Sunday, 5th – laundry, marketing books, starting to study hygiene, probably Tourism pikkujoulut in the evening
Monday, 6th – hygiene, maybe some marketing, starting to study chinese, maybe Independence Day fireworks at Keskustori in the evening. Happy 93 birthday, Finland. xD
Tuesday, 7th – hygiene lecture & exam, having a look at the grammar sheets Mirja gave us
Wednesday, 8th – basic Finnish exam without having ever attended the course, Research presentation, advanced Finnish exam
Thursday, 9th – Marketing presentation, IT exam?, Chinese exam
Friday, 10th – doing NOTHINGNOTHINGNOTHING, in the evening 10STOURI pikkujoulu at Inka’s
Saturday, 11th – Marketing, Marketing, Marketing. in the evening maybe pikkujoulut at Dani’s n Nana’s if I didnt get sick of pikkujoulus before
Sunday, 12th – Maaaaaaarketing
Monday, 13th – ICC presentation
Tuesday, 14th – OE group presentation
Wednesday, 15th – nothing? o.O Marketing maybe. and maybe UK gig in the evening
Thursday, 16th – Marketing exam, a little trevor => OFF TO TURKUUUUUUUUU!!! :) Seeing Uniklubi, getting drunk & to Stockholm.
Friday, 17th – HOME.

Yeah. Quite a lot of Marketing, but its just because there is so much to read. The faster I get through the books, the less days with marketing might be there XD
And there’s a lot of partying in between :) xD


Yep, I’m still alive.
Barely. xD

I’m just always so laaaaaazy. XD I’m sorry. I feel so bad.
What happened so far:

– lotsa parties
– one more UK Video shoot
– visit in Mäntyharju
– lotsa essays for school
– Parkour every now and then
– first snow
–  lots of colds.

Well… that was it in a nutshell. xD
Next (longer) entry is coming on Thursday after the trip to Lithuania with Janne, Jaana and Aleksi!
I promise! Maybe.

But for now all I gotta say is…

I’m not that kind of a wine lover, but this stuff is actually REALLY good. Not to talk about the bottle. Meow.
And it does the trick.
I’m blowing UK songs on the empty bottle.
Oops. xD

4,5 weeks…

…in Tampere and I am already annoyed.
Not of the city or the life here, not at all. It’s this childish behaviour between all those people who have something to do with the local bands. No matter if they know them in person or are just normal fans…
It’s always like “You like her? OMG, she’s so stupid, if you like her, you have to be stupid, too.” – even if they have been friends with “you” for months. Now they will hate “you” because “you” is friends with “her” – a person they hate (no matter for what reason)!
Same thing if “you” starts not to like “her”, for what ever reason, but they are friends with “her”. “Why do you hate her, she’s my friend, now I hate you, too!”
[No, it’s not bad grammar “you” and “her” are seen as persons and you can put any name instead of “you” and “her”…]
Basically if you’re living in Tampere you have to exspect to be hated by people you don’t even know. Because you’re friends with the “wrong” people.
It’s like “Hey, you can’t be friends with him, he stole my shovel!”…
Don’t we all remember that?
No, actually I don’t think it is funny.
It’s rather sad.
Me personally… I don’t want to be hated for being friends with someone or for not liking someone or – also very popular in Tampere – for being German.
I want people to get to know me and when they know me and decide “OMG, this girl’s damn stupid!” THEN and just THEN they are allowed to hate me.
But well, I can write books about that, nothing will ever change, so…

Lets talk about more funny things…

Or rather yesterday…
What a day. I’m still stunned I survived! :D
My alarmclock rang at 6.30, as I wasn’t sure when Simone and Corinne have to leave the house, so I planned more time. 3 girls, 1 bathroom, ya know? :D
I also planned more time for getting to school, because the busses in Tampere love to be late. Of course then that I had lots of time, the busses were all exactly in time. Awesooome. XD

But okay, I had enough time to go to the students office again (which was opened for exactly 2 hours yesterday) and I got the school certificate. Yay.

After that – first Marketing lesson with Annikki.
In a room full of computers with internet access. Big fault. :D
Well, even if Annikki was talking about stuff we knew already concerning the school, etc, we didn’t yet dare to be in Facebook, etc. all the time. It was like “*check facebook quickly**close window*” every now and then.
And then we didn’t have time for that anymore because we got the first project!
Planning and carrying out a trip to a national park for us, some teachers, tutors and exchange students. That’s SO exciting. xD Because it’s the first task…
We’ll see how it works.

Short lunch break and then next lesson – IT with Heikki.
He was talking about aaaaaall the stuff we already knew, we were in Facebook – ALL the time. XD I wonder if he didn’t recognize everyone’s typing.
But I could imagine he did but didn’t care. I mean, why should he? It’s our fault if we miss something, we’re old enough… so…
After IT I went to the TAMKO office, to get the tickets for Alkumetri and Tursajaiset and after that to the center. I put the letter with the certificate to the post office and got the book for the finnish lesson.
Then I rushed home. Well, I didn’t because the bus left right in front of my nose. But still… xD
I had 45 minutes at home before I left to school again
Chinese lesson.
It was fun actually, but I’m scared though. There are 190 of these so called “radicals” which are the basis for the over 80.000 different symbols… like an alphabet…. and Yan said she’ll teach us at least 100 of them. O_O We will see…

After Chinese we went right to Trent’s place to have a little “party” before Alkumetri.
It was really nice. :) Thanks to Trent. :D

Alkumetri was fun, too. :D
Even without getting drunk. xD
Just dancing, partying and having an awesome time with the great people from my class.
Even if Janne got in a “fight” with some drunken idiot who broke his glasses then. -.-” But apart from that it was a great evening.
I still want that sitting-corner in Love Hotel with posters of Negative, Flinch and Uniklubi and guitars on the walls. :DDD
I was at home at half past 4 and awake again at 11.
Did the laundry, cleaned the bathroom & toilet and went to the center to search and not find the chinese book we need. v.v
Well, whatever…
By the way I had some nice chat with Kati about the things going on in Tampere (see top) while writing this.
Nice to see that somebody shares my opinion! :)
Thanks to you. <3

And now… I’m soon off to bed. :D

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