I’m still alive, even though I don’t really feel like it, cause I haven’t slept in the past nights almost at all and the food doesn’t stay in, no matter what I ate. Oh, beloved stress. -.- Uagh.

Anyways, I survived the survival weekend once more. It was really nice again, even though there were less people and no snow this time. :)
But sauna, campfire and co. are still just priceless. And the salmon of course. It’s a ritual on the survival weekend that one evening we have this huge salmon filet which is nailed on a wooden board and cooked next to the fire for several hours. It’s awesome. Due to lack of Kristian and Santtu it was me and Juho doing it this time and we succeeded perfectly. :D It tasted great. :D

Oh well and then new nerd news. :D
There is yet another intensive programme next semester. This time it will be in Antwerp, Belgium and about Advertisement and Marketing. Hmmm… so I thought okay, everyone else is going on exchange or to the DA intensive programme where I have been last year, so why not apply?
So I did. And tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa – I got in. :D I get everything I want. *insane laugh* ;PP
It’s 2 weeks again, 80€ for me to pay and the programme for the course as well as for evenings/afternoons looks absolutely fantastic. :)

Yeah…that’s already about it.
Me = too lazy and clueless to write more.




Free weekends suck. Just for the record.
I am always happy to have them, but then I always realize it again.
Of course it’s good to wake up without 500 things in mind that you still need to do, but then in the end sitting there having nothing to do is just so boooooring.

Thaat’s what happened on Friday, so I spontaneously went to the center with Antti and Harri.
We had no idea where to go, so we just randomly went to 1bar for a beer. Then I texted Brian, cause he told me he would be in the center, too. We didn’t quite get his reply, we thought he was in Dog’s Home, even though in fact he was in the bar next to it.
Anyways I haven’t been to Dog’s Home in over one year and it used to be my favourite bar in Tampere, so we went there. And they still do have the best White Russian in town.

We met Brian afterwards and spent the rest of the night in Ruma with Long Island Ice Tea. :D It was the first time since I got back from Germany, that I didn’t leave between 12 and 1 du to tireness. Maybe because we met at 12? Or because I took a 4 hour nap in the afternoon after school. xD That might be it.

Yesterday was again a whole lot of doing nothing and in the evening I met up with Aurelie to watch the new Twilight movie. Yeah, laugh at me.
Actually it was suprisingly good, if not the best so far in my opinion. Probably that is because I didn’t read the 4th book at all, so I didn’t have any expectations. Or if so, then only quite low.
I am far enough that I manage to ignore that Robert Pattinson is just way too ugly to be the beautiful vampire Edward is described as in the book. I also manage to ignore that Kristen Steward is a horrible actress in my eyes and something is apparently seriously wrong with her mouth as she always runs around with this “D=”-expression. Even on her wedding.
But yeah, everyone how they like it.
Still I don’t get how they can choose Mackenzie Foy as their daughter for the next part… this girl is just incredible cute and pretty and her movie parents simply just aren’t. At all. :D
Anyways, as long as there is a loooooooot of Carlisle and Jake I am fine. :D I am actually fine with everyone except Pattinson and Steward.
Carlisle and Jake in the same scene… roar… torture, sweet torture.
Why couldn’t they choose a Carlisle-like actor for Edward, too? Would fit so much better. :D

Sooo, one more day of boredom ahead tomorrow. *sigh*
I have not the slightest clue what to do with it.

Oh and my flatmate has guests for the whole week. It’s 5 in total, 2 of them staying with us.
They better be quiet next week when I have school in the morning, or there might be some dead Italians. I have enough sleeping problems already.


I don’t exactly know where it is coming from, but it is here. :D
Or I’m just SO damn bored, that being unmotivated would make me even more bored…

Actually the day seemed to be a horrible one in the morning, as I once again didn’t manage to sleep more than 2 hours. x.x
Instead of normal school we had a company visit at IKEA.
We were worried about it, as they were apparently not too happy to have us over, but it turned out to be different. The two ladies who had the presentation were really nice and open and we even got free candy and buttons. :D
Luckily the afternoon class with Pirkko was cancelled, so of course – as we were already there – we used the time for some shopping.
I was walking around with Maja and later we met Anniina and Aurelie, too.
And it went as it always does in IKEA: you don’t need anything, but you will end up buying something. :D
I bought some deco stuff, awesome apple-cinnamon candles, two glass bowls and two little thingies which I thought are perfect for putting soy sauce in when having sushi or something. I was actually missing something like that.
And I bought some glasses with stars on them. I don’t know if they are supposed to be candle glasses or drink glasses, but I figured you can use them for both. :D
Here is a picture of my treasures:

After the shopping we had food at the IKEA restaurant: meatbaaaaalls. *.*

Back at home I was still motivated, so I did the stuff I had left to do for our Cross-cultural communication groupwork.

Then I figured that this motivation would probably not last forever and as I had planned on making an Advent wreath, like we used to have it when I was a child, I decided I could do that. Of course it is a bit early, but who knows if I would find motivation next year.
I found candles already some days ago at Lidl and now I bought some more deco and went to pick some fir branches.
I was attacked by several squirrels, but I survived. :D
Tiimari didn’t have wooden rings as we used for the basis of the wreath, so I improvised one from a 24 lonkero box. :D
I still remembered how to tie the wreath but it was still a bit more difficult, as the wire sucked and the Finnish twigs seem to be a lot spikier than the German ones. Ouch.
My next problem was how to fix the candles ON it, without the risk of them falling down. Daniela gave me the idea of using nails and it worked quite well.
Here the result:

Then I started to redecorate my shelf and my desk with the stuff I bought at IKEA.
The alcohol bottles which were on top of the shelf are a bit better hidden now and the top used for decoration.

And tadaaaa…


Looks a lot better now. At least in my opinion.

So. Now it is 7.30 and I am still bored. And motivated…
So up next: English homework. Yes. English homework. Me.
It was quite easy. =P (Surprise, surprise.)

8.30. Still bored.
I wanted to clean the flat tomorrow as I have a laundry shift then and could wash my bed sheets also.
But I decided to clean the rest of the flat already today and leave only the bed for tomorrow.

I’m scary, am I not? xD

But yeah, I feel very proud of myself and that gets me in a better mood right away, too. :D

Haaaah. Still bored and motivated.
Maybe I’ll play some Facebook games. xD


10 months. 10 years? Eternity.



Forest Weekend.

And again it has been almost a week since the last blogentry and again I wonder how it is possible that blog-post-time and life-time go in a different speed!?!?
Strange indeed.

I could start writing again what I had already written on Tuesday before wordpress decided to eat it. But I won’t. Seriously can’t be bothered right now. :P Wasn’t too crucial anyways. :D

Two hours ago I came back from a visit in Mäntyharju at my former host family’s place. I like to call it tenderly “the forest” or “the hole”. Because there is nothing…
But it is awesome to be there, I recognized it once more. When I am in Tampere I don’t really think about it. I have no time to go there, because there is something on most of the weekends and I happen to not really care. Not that I wouldn’t miss them a lot, but there’s so much to do here, that I don’t feel the urgent need of going there.
And when I’m there I wonder how I managed to be away for so long.
It’s like being in another world.

I recognized it yesterday. We watched a movie with Kukka, Tanja, Piia and Tomi and afterwards I was sitting upstairs in the living room, only with candle light and a cup of glögi and it just felt as it did when I still lived there.
I love the friends and party I have here, what I missed in Mäntyharju, but there I have the “family”.

And then there is still the phenomenon with the Finnish.
I mean I am able to speak Finnish also in Tampere, I just don’t do it, I’m too lazy, I feel stupid and lacking tons of words when I speak it. But as soon as I come to Mäntyharju my knowledge of Finnish seems to double or even more.
I’m serious. I don’t have a clue how but it is possible.
I know I could use Finnish with my finnish friends here, too, but then I am always too lazy or when I speak with them in Finnish and I would have something to tell, then I recognize that there are words missing that I would have to look up or explain or ask for or say in English and then I would have to think about how to put all the words to a sentence that makes sense and then – I decide it is actually not THAT important, so I don’t say anything at all. And then again people are annoyed or confused or wonder if they did something wrong or think I don’t speak enough Finnish or… something.
It is annyoing. And I don’t mean the reaction of the people, I can understand that. I mean the fact that it is like that.

Especially cause I recognized again how different it is in Mäntyharju. I was for a walk with Kukka and the dogs and blahblahblahing so much that I am scared her ears started to hurt. XD And I did blahblah in Finnish, not caring about missing words or possible mistakes I would make. It is just so normal, I am used to it. Mäntyharju is not a place I am supposed to speak English, at least that is how it is in my head.
I wonder if it will ever change in Tampere, but I’m afraid it won’t.

We have been in Heinola at Jitta’s volleyball match on Saturday. They won, of course. ;D
Afterwards we visited Kukka’s sister and her family. Was nice to see them again, too. :)

Now I am back home and I think I need to go to Mäntyharju soooooon again. But probably it’s like with the blogentries. Whooooooops – and it’s half a year that I haven’t been there. :/

Aynways, the upcoming week looks promising.
Polish party.
Dinner at Anniina’s.
No Marketing.
IKEA visit with the school and NO afternoon classes = shopping.


I’ll keep you posted.

So made my day…

…in the last minute…

Morning meow…



Dear readers,

here used to be a blog entry.
wordpress decided to delete it.
Isn’t this a nice thing to do?
I am gonna kick their fucking asses!!

Russia and more…

So, now I finally make it. Time seems to fly when it comes to blog posts, but not in every other sense. That’s quite weird. I don’t like it.
Anyways, I have overcome my autumn depression, I guess. No, it wasn’t an autumn depression… it’s just… there’s a lot of stuff  going on in my mind at the moment and I really don’t know where to put it, how to handle it and who I can talk to about it. So sometimes it needs just little things and everything gets too much. That happened in the last 2 days. But now there’s again so much coming up, that I probably won’t have time for it, so all stupid worries and fears are put to exile to a very small corner of my mind. Maybe I’ll give them some vodka and they can have fun on their own.

I came back from St. Petersburg on Monday and I survived “the Russia” once more. And this time even better than before. :D I remember everything and I wasn’t really wasted even once. Proud of myself. ;D
At first I was kinda sad, because I was the only tutor going and I didn’t know many of the exchange students at that point. But still it turned out to be a blast. I made lots of new friends and we really had a great time, even though it was really different from last time.
I was disappointed by the Russian dinner this time, but then there was the canal cruise instead and it was just super awesome. :)
Also the limousine tour was great again.

On Tuesday after school I went for some 2nd hand shopping with Alisa, mostly for her birthday and Halloween party, because we needed costumes.
Oh yeah. Very important at this point: I do know that Halloween was already on the 31st of October, I am not stupid, even though lots of people seem to think that.
Yes, I get bitchy about it.
Same shit last year, when we had our Halloween party a day before, because in Finland there happens to be a normal workday on the 1st, so 31st is a bad day for having parties. “But it isn’t Halloween yet!”
Now the same the other way around. Are you really thinking I am / we are stupid, or do you just need to annoy me?
Do me a favor and give me a break!
Thank you.
Back to topic…
I planned on being a vampire, even though after Twilight its just super embarrassing and cliché.
But while shopping with Alisa I got another idea. Still vampire, but without being super cliché “I dress gothic black, draw myself evil panda eyes and put blood all over my mouth”…. no…
Sarah from Dance of the Vampires it’s gonna be.
Too be more exact, Sarah after she was bitten an turned into a vampire. In case the teeth don’t stay where they are supposed to be only bitten and not yet turned. XDD

Today we had a company visit with the school which turned out to be a lot more interesting and informative than our lectures normally are. xD
After that we went for some coffee with Olli, Anniina, Aurelie, Jaana and Jari.
Aaaaaand in the evening there was again the improv show of JadaJada and it was again superfunny… I am a fan. xD

So yeah, actually it’s Thursday so it’s supposed to be weekend. But someone really hates us, so they decided to let us have English on Friday mornings this term. Seriously?
I mean, one good thing about it: there might be some blog posts coming up every Friday morning from now on. xDDD
Haaah, yeah… xD

Ohhhh, by the way, one very important thing! ihmepensas wrote this comment on my Dance of the Vampires review, in case you didn’t see, and added a link for more pictures!!! There you can also have a look at the very differen Koukol and the awesome dresses of the vampire ensemble – check it out: HERE!

Last but not least, I want to share a picture I took when we arrived with the boat to Helsinki on Monday morning. I am sure the beauty of this moment wasn’t possible to capture in a picture, but I tried my best and I was suprised about my camera. No after-photoshopping needed…

Just to let you know…

…I have no power, no will and no motivation to write anything right now, even though there would be lots of things to tell, but…
I’m [still alive].

“Sut matkalle yön siivillä vien…”

“I take you to a journey on the wings of the night…” / “Ich geb dir was dir fehlt: eine Reise auf den Flügeln der Nacht…”

Soooo…. today was “the” day! I finally went to Seinäjoki to see the Dance of the Vampires musical!
I will – especially for the German people and even more especially for the German “Tanz der Vampire” fans – tell about the experience and compare it as far as possible.

WARNING: this is my own and private opinion about this musical and also about the German version. Feel free to disagree with me, but accept the way I see it or just don’t read it at all. ;)

I want to quote Jan Ammann first…
He, the German count “von Krolock”, my all time favorite, said once in an interview, that “who ever compares, didn’t get the sense of it”… because each and everyone is working so hard to play his role and the other roles. I agree with him, but still there are lots of differences I want to point out, because they were interesting/scaring/fascinating, etc.

All in all I have to say: I loved it!!! It was really, really good. I don’t think it can compeed with the German one, but I think that’s mostly a matter of money and not of talent.

The whole set was a lot less elaborated, of course, but it wasn’t bad. It was kinda strange that between the scenes they had pictures of like garlic and stuff like that on the curtain. I personally didn’t like it too much, but well.
There were some quite cool things, for example in the dream scene there turned out to be a hole in the bed, which was hidden perfectly, and in the end of Alfred’s “dream”, the Vampires “vanish” through this hole. But it was made so well, that it actually looked as if they were being sucked into the bed, like ghosts without a real body or something like that. The same happened with the count in one scene, where a hole was in the ground, hidden in fog.
But the thing which so threw everything else over and which I was soooo super impressed by was the crypt!
Actually the whole stage was lifted up with Alfred and Abronsius on it and under it the crypt appeared. Really well made with stones, sceletons and spider webs…
It was funny, cause Alfred got spider webs in his face and screamed in panic. :D
You could also actually see the coffins and Krolock and Herbert lying in them.
There was also one of the biggest differences in this scene, because Abronsius doesn’t actually get stuck while climing down, he just simply refuses to climb down. XD I need to mention here, that Abronsius, played by Esa Ahonen, was my favorite in the finnish version. He was super funny, had a great voice and even though his costume was a lot more simple than the German one it looked really authentic! And I guess he got the biggest applause of the whole play after the “logic” song, where he is singing supersuper fast, which is already too hard for me in German. But Finnish itself is often quite a fast language, so I even for finns singing THIS fast in Finnish is suuuperhard. Funniest part was actually in the end when the actual ball is taking place. He is wearing one of this old-fashioned, huuuge black velvet dresses. XD And walks down the stairs with Alfred, trying to act like a lady.
And then when they are dancing and in front of the mirrors the real vampires recognize their reflection, he is actually counting to the beat in German “eins, zwei, drei. eins, zwei, drei.” and when all vampires look at him he’s like “… … vier???” xDDD I cracked up.

Professor Abronsius and Alfred

Sooo, I kinda slipped into telling about the characters, so I’ll continue with Alfred.
Abronius’ student/assistent Alfred (Ville Salonen) is definitely not as attractive as the German one (when played by Krisha Dalke) xD, but he has one hell of a voice!! The song “For Sarah” actually gave me goosebumps. <3
But all in all he is quite similar to the German Alfred, so not much more to say.

Lets get to the most important character, the count, (in Finnish “Kreivi von Krolock“, played by Jyri Lahtinen). Like mentioned before the costume and especially the make up is a lot less impressive than in the German one, but it is actually not needed. He indeed does have a lot of charisma which is the most important thing in the role. He also has a very, very awesome voice, still he didn’t convince me 100%. =/ The most disappointing was the way that he first showed up. Who has seen the German one knows the way the count slooowly walks through the aisle towards the stage, leaving no doubt that HE is the main character, even for those who don’t know the musical. You just see it and you are already then stunned by him, when he didn’t even open his mouth yet.
Well, the Finnish one just *plopp* appeared on stage behind a half see-through curtain and started to sing. One can guess it’s the count (or know by seeing the pics before), but it’s still different. It makes it harder for Jyri to actually show the mightiness of the role. He managed quite well and especially the second half and the  song “Unquenchable Greed” (Unstillbare Gier) hit the spot. He was nearly as good as Jan in that one, I mean it. You could really see this superdesperate vampire.

Theeeen Sarah. Second best after the professor in my opinion! She really has a great voice, plus she is superpretty! I had a hard time finding any German Sarah I liked, from the 4 different ones that I saw. Sabrina Auer was my favorite, but Raili Raitala, who plays the Sarah in Seinäjoki, was really better than every other one so far. I loved how she was totally annoyed by Alfred when he surprises her in the bathtub in the castle, while in the German one she is rather surprised.

Sarah and Kreivi von Krolock

Continuing with vampires and sadly one of the biggest diappointments: Herbert, the gay son of the count, played by Jouko Enkelnotko. It’s no secret that I’m really in love with Florian Fetterle’s interpretation of Herbert, but still. Flo plays really “too much” in a way, too much cliché, too much gay, almost in a ridiculous way, but still at a point where it is superfunny and not disrespective for gay people! The Finnish one: too much in a too much way. It was just… I didn’t think it was very funny anymore. That’s the saddest thing about it. In the first scene where you see Herbert he was wearing a pig-pink coat with white fur over the shoulders. OUCH. Then later he was wearing a pig pink satin shirt and a white corset over it.
What rescued it were the scenes of the ball, where he is wearing white with a cream-coloured/golden coat. You can see he’s supposed to be gay, but not in a “too much” way. And then the last  scene, which is anyway my favorite of the play, which almost made me forget my disappointment. Black leather pants, a dark red satin shirt and red steel-cap leather boots. <3 It was PERFECT! And nothing against his voice, either, he really knows how to sing. Actually there was nobody whose voice I didn’t like.
What was cute too was when Afred runs away from him and he starts crying xD or at least snobbing. XD
But then again the “too much” when Alfred is in the crypt and doesn’t listen to Abronsius saying “three” and Abronsius starts screaming. In that scene both Krolock and Herbert actually “wake up” or at least sit up in the coffins, which would be kinda cool, but then Herbert turns around and sticks his ass out. And that’s just the way of “too much” that I didn’t like at all. Maybe it’s finnish humour, cause lots of the people in the audience cracked up, but I didn’t like it. In my opinion it was almost a bit despising towards gays. Thumbs down.


Theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen Chagal, played by Heikki Vainionpää. He was really good and funny, too, even though I don’t like the character itself too much. The only really annoying thing about him was actually that in the scene when he bites Magda and also later on when they are in the coffin together he was always like “nomnomnomnomnom”. Graah. After the third “nom” I was like “Yeah, we KNOW it’s nom, now stop it already!” -.- That was really stupid. Otherwise I liked him more than the German version.
Rebecca (Leena Rousti) was pretty cool, too. Almost cute in a way. xD And the goose she has in the scene in front of the house was awesome. XD It was like made of cloth, but very poorly and the head was always hanging down. xD

Chagal and Rebecca

Magda (Anne Vihelä) was equally great as the German one. Her looks was different, she was that typical blond chick with big boobs, but funny and also with an awesome voice. And her costumes after she turned into a vampire were sooooo pretty. <3 Loveloveloved them!!

Last but not least: the biggest difference of the whole musical concerning the characters: Koukol (Antti Railio) and OF COURSE there is no picture of him in any of the videos ARGH! His whole character is interpreted in a different way. He is not the crippled creature as in the German one, but a vampire as well and kind of an evil version of Harry Potter’s Hagrid. HUGE (in both directions xD), with very long (no wig ;D) brown hair and a fur coat. In the scene with the dream he has a whip and is even singing some parts there! That was really a big surprise.

Then one more picture, just for Dana, Pati and Sandy:

Their beloved black vampire, whom I like to call “ballet bitch”. I don’t really like him in the German version. TOO much muscles, too much drawn muscles, to ewww dancing. Nah. I really liked the Finnish version of him tho. <3 Sexäy! and a better dancer in my opinion.

But yeah, like mentioned before, I really liked the musical and it was worth the money spent on train ticket and entry.
I didn’t get lost in Seinäjoki (aka. shithole – they don’t even have working traffic lights!) and came back happy but exhausted.

So, for all Finnish people or people living here: go and see it if you have the chance. And I guess if you don’t know the German one to compare it will be even more awesome. So DO IT!!!

Oh yeah, one thing still, almost forgot. Very disappointing/strange. They used fake blood only once, when Krolock bites Sarah and then only Krolock has it on his chin after the bite, Sarah’s neck is completely clean. And all the other bites – no  blood at all. Whaaaat? O.o Well… :D
Aaaand… be  jealous on my awesome Finnish fanshirt which I needed to buy:

It says “Excuse me, your teeth are in my neck!” xDDDDD Gotta love it.
On the front there’s the logo. <3

Huh. That took me almost 2 hours now. xD And I bet I forgot some important details. But still, I hope you got some idea… :D

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