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I don’t celebrate Thursdays…

I hate Thursdays. I always hated them.
I have no idea what’s about Thursdays, but already back in high school it was always the longest day with the stupidest subjects. Continued in Mäntyharju that on Thursdays everything went wrong and now in school again…
I’m definitely not a Thursday person.

Credits go to Jan Ammann, Lidl fruit cocktail and plain jogurt, that this blog entry is not completely full of hate.
Those three in combination kinda managed to calm me down. I’m greatful.

I mean, at least it’s weekend, I survived a superboring day at school… I should be happy about it.
Plus it’s the first weekend in like one month which is not completely full of things from the beginning to the end. Time for mememe and myself.
Means I will be horrible bored by tomorrow morning at the latest, but don’t tell me that. It could ruin my mood. Again.

I went to Sonera today to ask about changing the contract to unlimited internet. Wanted to do that some time ago already, but I was too lazy.
But now I heard that hightech-country Japan is not able to use simple SMS on their mobiles, but emails. So it might be about time to get the fucking unlimited shit.
Anyways, I went there and they told me I couldn’t change it, as the contract was not made by me.
Of course it wasn’t, Kukka made it. But it’s my phone, it (should) say my name, I pay the bill – what the heck?
Gotta love Sonera. Or phone services in general.

When I went home by bus I witnessed once again the most funniest thing (for Germans) ever.
Finns and traffic-jam(mies).
I call it traffic-jammy, cause it wasn’t a traffic-jam. It was not even a traffic-jammy. It was 1-2km stop and go on Hervannan Valtaväylä, the big street towards Hervanta, because they renew the street there or something, so there was one short point where the 3 lanes had to go into 1 lane.
I know the problem, it’s not like Germans would be dealing too well with that kind of problems when it comes to taking care of other cars…. but Finns…. it is indiscribable.
The cars from all three lanes try to get into that one lane in the middle at the same time. It seems they get blind for everything around them in that minute. “Close your eyes, push the gas through and hope to survive!”
And if one of the cars decides to stop and let others into the lane, it often enough happens that two drivers get this very idea on the same point. So they both/all three stop, then they see that the others stop, too and think “Oh, they stop! So I can drive!” and then they all three start to drive again just to brake sharply a second later because they would crash otherwise.
It’s better than cinema.
I have never seen it taking so much time to switch to one lane as here in Finland.

And that’s not the only funny thing. Even more entertaining is the reaction from the Finnish people in the bus! (And I bet also in the cars, if they are not the ones who are just fighting for the lane. xD)
There is the busdriver screaming through the bus “Yeah! This is why the bus was late at Keskustori! The street is completely blocked!!!”… yeah. This is always and the only reason that TKL busses are late. Sure. Never happens otherwise.
Then people on the phone “Hey, it’s me. I’ll be late, we’re in a huuuuge traffic jam.” or “Hi, I have no idea when I will be home, nothing is moving here, it could take a while!”… remember: it’s still the 1-2km stop and go. Nothing more. No 13-20km stop without go as we like to have in Germany sometimes.
The shy and not talkative finns, who need their private space (and a lot of it!) suddenly start to talk to the random stranger next to them, about the traffic jam of course, they fall onto the laps of the person next to them when trying to see through the aisle out of the front window of the bus.
They are TAKING PICTURES… of the traffic jam! Which isn’t one. I’m serious. I’m not kidding you.
It’s amazing!
I had such a hard time not to burst out in laughter. xD

But yeah… that was that.

I’m surprised to see that I apparently have some readers and not even that few. :D
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