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Winter. Big time.

What happens if the winter recognizes it has been late for over one month already? Exactly, it hurries up as much as it can to get all the stuff done that it missed in the past weeks.
We had some poor single snowflakes in the end of last week already, but Monday it really started. Yesterday the world looked already quite white and after it was sunny here the whole morning today, now it started again. And it doesn’t stop. There’s so much snow at one time falling down, that you can barely see through it. This is gonna be so much fun, cause even though Finns are (of course) a million times better in dealing with it than for example Germans, it will still cause a slight chaos including delayed busses in the first days.

But at least it is not that slippery anymore.
It was earlier today, so I decided to buy new winter boots – in which I can walk without falling. I found quite nice, warm and water-proof ones for a reasonable price. The problem occurred when I went to K-Market with them and the alarm of the scanners went off. Great. :D Apparently there is some metal thing inside them, unremovable, which causes this.
The cashier and shop detective tried together to get it out, but they didn’t. :D Well, at least they deactivated it at the cashier, but I am not sure if this problem is solved for good now. It’s fun when everyone stares at you as if you are a criminal. Except the cashier and shop detective, because they seemed to know the problem already and apologized many times that I had to wait and everything. :D Anyways, there was no problem at Lidl, so I might just go there for the rest of the winter. X’D

Yesterday there was the Finnish Independence Day, it’s 94th birthday to be more exact. And to quote my classmate Janne: “She looks good for her age.” XD True.
I went to see the speech at the city hall, where they also played the national anthem and some other national songs and finished with a great firework.

I still think it’s a bit sad that Germany has problems in showing national pride due to its past, because everyone would call Germans Nazis if they did something like that.
I think it’s nice to show a bit of “love” to your father’s land as long as it is not too much. And I kinda felt like a part of the Finnish people, even though I am not Finnish and all “true Finns” would kill me for even thinking this. ;D

But now I will go back to my assignment. I managed already quite a lot of the stuff actually, even tho the deadline is next week. I’m very advanced. This is so not me. But I just really need to get it out of my head.

Little Luxuries

After half a year of living in a flat with a window which was not officially allowed to be opened and could be opened only with huge efforts and only a little side-window which you could open but which was too small for real air to come in, I realized lately how awesome it is to have a balcony-door which you can just OPEN. And not just some centimetres.
Fresh air as much as you want and whenever you want. <3
Especially now, that it got strangely “warm”.
We have had +1°C today and yesterday, which is not normal for Finland in January (last January we had under -10 basically the whole time).
The air is awesome and you can just keep the window open for a while without freezing to death. :D

Still I don’t think ut’s good that it’s that warm, because the snow is getting wet and muddy, so the street conditions worsen, like they did in March last year. The problem is, that it will get really cold again and everything freezes then.
It’s already now horrible slippery, worse than it usually is. But when it freezes it will get even worse. :/

Well, I went to school today only for the Basics of German class.
I decided to talk to the teacher before the class, as I thought it’s fairer that way.

Also Allie, Aleksi and some others talked to her and she seemed to be… well… scared of us.
She was like “Oh. Is it compulsory? Are you sure? You should go and talk to Heikki. Yeah, talk to Heikki. NOW!” O.o Ooooukay.
Heikki was – as always – not helpful at all, so I’m gonna see what I am doing.
I might not be able to transfer the credits, as I didn’t take a “Basics of German” course at the unicersity.
Hilarious, isn’t it? Yes it is. But that’s TAMK. “Sorry, we can’t transfer your credits as you are not able to proof that you know the basics of German” or sth like that. WHAAAAT?

We talked to Annikki because of the Marketing grades. which was weird.
Because I was really scared of Marketing, I was so overtired in the exam and didn’t remember anything. And she told the others who asked all the different grades they got and what the final grade is and to me she was just like “fiiiive.”
HÄ? That’s somehow not possible, so I might just wait until she puts them on winha and then see again. =P
Not being happy to early. Because honestly – it is NOT possible. Only if I had 5 in the CRM AND the exam and I simply don’t. I know that. Oo

Tomorrow first class of “Finnish law”. Not looking forward to. At all.
Because law is incredible boring, at least I assume so. And then the class starts at 5pm. Whole day of being lazy and doing nothing, sleeping in and then going to school at 5? Horrible. Bah.

Oh, by the way.
I dared to change my earrings. I was scared as hell, especially because it hurt or like prickled when changing them.
But they are perfectly fine, not hurting, not red and I don’t seem to be allergic to the material. :D Jee.
Little stars in my ears now.

Yeah and I finally got the lense for my new camera. :D I only tried it inside so far, but it looks reeeeally promising. :)
Probably I’m gonna go to a gig on Thursday with Alisa and Nora and then I try it there. :D *.*

Still alive!

Believe it or not! Haha. xD

Yeah, I was gone for ages, or at least not posting. Sorry to all people interested and also to those chicks who need to write stupid comments about my life without knowing me, because they don’t have an own one. =P

In short form, what happened?

I have been to Germany for two weeks, even though I arrived there 73 hours too late.
The full report I made out of this will be posted soon, but in German, as I was not planning on posting it at first and therefore wrote it in German. xD
So here’s the shorter version.

We’ve been on the cruise on December 16th with Nora, Irina, Alisa, Jasmin and Saba and everything was still fine. My first flight was supposed to leave from Stockholm to Berlin on Friday, December 17th at 3pm.
Already at the check in they spoke about 3 hours delay. In the end it was 5 hours delayed – before they told us it was cancelled and the next available flight was on SUNDAY evening. I met another girl there, so we were at least not alone. And we got hotels paid by airberlin, but still. I tried to change my connecting flight to TXL-STR instead of TXL-FRA, because Frankfurt airport was completely closed due to “snow chaos” (which is hilarious, when you come from Finland, but yeah. Germany.). But they told me that as long as the flight to Frankfurt isn’t officially cancelled they can’t rebook me.
So, we flew to Berlin with a little delay, but at least we got to know the captain and the cabin crew, which was really cool. (Even though they told us, there WERE free places on the planes on Saturday, but it was cheaper for airberlin to put us in a hotel. Assholes.)

And – who would have guessed. My connecting flight to Frankfurt WAS cancelled. So I spent the night at Berlin airport to take the earliest flight to Stuttgart the next morning.
Everything seemed to go well, we got on the plane perfectly in time, we were already in the de-icing when suddenly nothing moved anymore.
So after standing on the field for 3 full hours they forced us to leave the plane cause the flight was cancelled. AAAAARGH!
My Mum and Frank drove all the way from Biebesheim to Berlin to get me, because the next flight would’ve been on Tuesday.

Germany itself was great. Cheap stuff, good food, friends and family.
And of course a visit to the best musical ever – THE DANCE OF THE VAMPIRES. <3
And the flight back was almost without any problems.

I already booked the next one – in February. :D With FINNAIR and NON-STOP. And cheaper as the whole airberlin-nightmare in December. =P Too bad the week is too short to visit Stuttgart AND Biebesheim, but I’ll be back in summer for a longer time anyways. I just recognized that Germany is still too important for me, as that I could stay away for one whole year again.

Yeah, Sunday after I got home the real stress began, as I had to pack ALL my stuff before Monday morning, because I was moving.
I was close to loose my nerves at many points but in the end it was done and with huge help of Alisa and Denise and a loooooong time waiting for the keys at TOAS I arrived in Mikontalo in Hervanta. It is HUGE, it is probably after Näsinneula the biggest building all over Tampere. At least it feels like it. xD
Here’s a screenshot my Dad made in Google Streetview.
The left one. 12 floors. Laundry room reachable WITHOUT leaving the house. PLUS an own gym. =D

Here are some pics of my room after hours of cleaning up and decorating:

The desk =D

<3 closet inc


View from the kitchen.

“Balcony” xD

A lake in 3 minutes walking-distance. =D

Well, as you can see yourself – relatively new furniture, prettier wallcolors and so on. I guess it really was the right decision to move. Even though Hervanta isn’t said to be the best part of Tampere – it’s anyways better than Lukonmäki. xD

Well, the rest of Monday I spent with Trent and our German exchange student Christina and whole Tuesday I have been on the first orientation day for the exchange-students.
We got awesome tutor-shirts. =D Darkred with Tamko-logo and our names on them. :D

Yesterday we had a sauna-evening, which shocked most of the female exchange students, because they are not used to see naked Finns running past them and jumping into the snow. XDDDDDD

Today I spent sleeping, doing my laundry, watching a movie (Remember Me – it’s with Robert  Pattinson but it’s still worth watching. He might be ugly but in that movie he is a really great actor. And the movie’s so touching.) and being in the gym. It’s awesome to have an own gym. It’s even really pretty.

Tomorrow I’ll meet Alisa to get the lense for my new camera I got from her – Canon EOS 450D – <3.
And now I’m gonna make something to eat. XD