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New layout for the blog, yay.
No, it is not done by myself. I would love to be able to make one and I would be technically. The problem is wordpress where you have to be premium member to use own layouts. BLAH.
Anyways I hope you like it…

I was wondering lately if anyone is reading this crap here at all? I know I write very rarely, but my motivation might be bigger if I know that people are interested. O.o

Anyways, I need to say that I love Lidl. If I didn’t yet.
Yesterday I went there for groceries and when I saw the corner where they have the German food if there’s German food week I thought how nice it would be if that week would be sometime again… soonish.
So I walked on and in another corner I suddenly saw Bread Dumplings, German Sausages (Landjäger & Debreciner, similar to salami) aaaand – MAULTASCHEN!! As if Lidl could read my mind. I was missing the fresh egg noodles (Spätzle) though. :/

Today after school I went there again, to get some more Maultaschen for the freezer. I also took some dry Spätzle (at least they can be stored ages) and soup pearls and stuff like that. I was still missing the fresh Spätzle, Schupfnudeln and the bavarian Obazter-cheese.
I went again in the later afternoon because I forgot something aaaand – tada – in a completely different corner I found the rest of the stuff. :D I also found pickled herring… I need to try it some time, becausits said to be a good hangover-cure-food. I never had the chance to try, the last time I ate it I was 8 or sth. xD

But yeah, now I have food for the rest of my life … almost. :D

Yesterday I bought tickets for Hämeenkadun Appro, the biggest student event all over Finland, which is here in Tampere. Students from all over the country are coming there and its frikkin hard to get tickets. The online sale opened yesterday and it was the last opportunity. I was fast enough, thank god, the tickets were all gone in 5 minutes. o.O

Talking about tickets, I’m seriously planning to see Dance of the Vampires in Seinäjoki. What is awesome in German cant be bad in Finnish either :D Even tho I doubt the Finnish Krolock-actor can be better than Jan Ammann. :D But as you might know for me theres noone better than Jan Ammann. xD

Yeah, thats for it, and sooo soon after the last one. I’m proud.

Oh… and some poll, just for my info.
If it stays empty it tells enough, too. ;)

(I hope “No.” wont be chosen… simply because it wouldnt make sense. XD)