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Pretty Klutz!

I somehow feel I haven’t posted anything in like… weeks? Maybe because I simply really didn’t.
Didn’t have any motivation to get anything done in the past weeks, but what would be a better reason to finally wite something, than a concert of the best liveband ever? Apocalyptica! <3

I’m very happy I got rid of my flu well enough to at least be able to go there.
Even though eventually it was good that we had seats. Never ever think a rock concert is less awesome when you are not able to stand, it’s bullshit. Or it’s just Apocalyptica – they simply always work.

The support band wasn’t too bad, but still senseless. Supportbands always are. Except when they are Nightwish’s support band and called Apocalyptica. O.o

I am quite happy I bought the new album yesterday before the concert. Because it’s awesome, like Eicca said. xD And he is right. (And “what the fuck is wrong with you people”, who don’t have it yet? xDD)
Perttu-Klutz was quite talkative, too, once more. In German. xD “Stuttgart, du bist schön!! … … … … Ich auch.” (“Stuttgart, you are beautiful! … Me too.” xD)

Picture taken with my new canon-Baby.
There was a special offer on those cameras yesterday, so I needed to buy one, as I only have those huge cameras.
I’m quite satisfied with the quality, if you compare it to price and conditions.

Now it’s half past 10 and I have been awake for almost 5 hours, because of the stupid dentist appointment at 7.15 (!!!)!
The second one. The actual one was yesterday, but yeah. My teeth + 1,5 years no dentist = bad.


But now I am finally free, the last remains of my flu slowly but surely vanish and maybe I can start to enjoy the holidays. Not thinking of that I should study for Finnish Law. Wellwell, so much stuff would be left undone, if there wasn’t the last minute.