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Forest Weekend.

And again it has been almost a week since the last blogentry and again I wonder how it is possible that blog-post-time and life-time go in a different speed!?!?
Strange indeed.

I could start writing again what I had already written on Tuesday before wordpress decided to eat it. But I won’t. Seriously can’t be bothered right now. :P Wasn’t too crucial anyways. :D

Two hours ago I came back from a visit in Mäntyharju at my former host family’s place. I like to call it tenderly “the forest” or “the hole”. Because there is nothing…
But it is awesome to be there, I recognized it once more. When I am in Tampere I don’t really think about it. I have no time to go there, because there is something on most of the weekends and I happen to not really care. Not that I wouldn’t miss them a lot, but there’s so much to do here, that I don’t feel the urgent need of going there.
And when I’m there I wonder how I managed to be away for so long.
It’s like being in another world.

I recognized it yesterday. We watched a movie with Kukka, Tanja, Piia and Tomi and afterwards I was sitting upstairs in the living room, only with candle light and a cup of glögi and it just felt as it did when I still lived there.
I love the friends and party I have here, what I missed in Mäntyharju, but there I have the “family”.

And then there is still the phenomenon with the Finnish.
I mean I am able to speak Finnish also in Tampere, I just don’t do it, I’m too lazy, I feel stupid and lacking tons of words when I speak it. But as soon as I come to Mäntyharju my knowledge of Finnish seems to double or even more.
I’m serious. I don’t have a clue how but it is possible.
I know I could use Finnish with my finnish friends here, too, but then I am always too lazy or when I speak with them in Finnish and I would have something to tell, then I recognize that there are words missing that I would have to look up or explain or ask for or say in English and then I would have to think about how to put all the words to a sentence that makes sense and then – I decide it is actually not THAT important, so I don’t say anything at all. And then again people are annoyed or confused or wonder if they did something wrong or think I don’t speak enough Finnish or… something.
It is annyoing. And I don’t mean the reaction of the people, I can understand that. I mean the fact that it is like that.

Especially cause I recognized again how different it is in Mäntyharju. I was for a walk with Kukka and the dogs and blahblahblahing so much that I am scared her ears started to hurt. XD And I did blahblah in Finnish, not caring about missing words or possible mistakes I would make. It is just so normal, I am used to it. Mäntyharju is not a place I am supposed to speak English, at least that is how it is in my head.
I wonder if it will ever change in Tampere, but I’m afraid it won’t.

We have been in Heinola at Jitta’s volleyball match on Saturday. They won, of course. ;D
Afterwards we visited Kukka’s sister and her family. Was nice to see them again, too. :)

Now I am back home and I think I need to go to Mäntyharju soooooon again. But probably it’s like with the blogentries. Whooooooops – and it’s half a year that I haven’t been there. :/

Aynways, the upcoming week looks promising.
Polish party.
Dinner at Anniina’s.
No Marketing.
IKEA visit with the school and NO afternoon classes = shopping.


I’ll keep you posted.